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"Ah, now it's my turn"

Real Name
Sato Yuki
High school student

Yuki's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Bonus atk. speed
Bonus crit rate
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Two-handed Sword) 0% -8% -12%
Damage Received (Two-handed Sword) 0% +4% 0%
Damage Dealt (Dual Swords) +3% 0% 0%
Damage Received (Dual Swords) -3% -3% -3%

Yuki is a playable character in Eternal Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Is there anything I can do for you?" - Yuki

A sharp high school student, Yuki is a member of the kendo club with flawless demeanor and decorum.

He never loses his composure and takes on new challenges with the confidence of a seasoned vet.

His perfectionism is sturdy, yet fragile, like a fortress of ice and glass.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Perfect Fit (Passive)

Passive (Resource)

Icon Stats Ability Description
Yuki Passive.png

Skill damage
Casting time

Yuki stores cufflinks as a resource. Upon damaging an enemy, he consumes a stored cufflink, dealing additional true damage. Yuki recovers 1 cufflink every 4 seconds while out of combat. Activating Button Up will refill all of his cufflinks.

  • Attacking cameras/traps does not consume cufflinks

From Head to Toe (Q)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Yuki Q.png

Skill damage
20/50/80/110/140 (+100% AP)
Skill duration
(movement speed reduction: 1s)
Casting time
70 SP

Yuki's next normal attack deals damage and reduces the movement speed of enemies by 50% for 1 second.

Consuming a cufflink stuns enemies for 0.5 seconds.

Button Up (W)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Yuki W.png

Skill duration
Casting time
instant (effect) / Cufflink refill: 1s
90 SP
18/16/14/12/10 Seconds

Passive: reduces cooldown of Button Up by 0.5 seconds each time Yuki deals damage.

Yuki straightens up his outfit and reduces the cooldown for Dashing Gentleman 5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5s. While using Button Up, his defense is increased by 50%. When Button Up is complete, he refills his cufflinks.

Dashing Gentleman (E)

Move Attack

Icon Stats Ability Description
Yuki E.png

Skill damage
70/120/170/220/270(+40% AP)
Skill duration
Casting time
90/100/110/120/130 SP

Yuki dashes in the targeted direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. Enemies hit are disarmed, disabling their normal attacks.

Coup de Grace (R)

Attack (Ultimate)

Icon Stats Ability Description
Yuki R.png

Skill damage
250/375/500(+150% AP) initial / 15/20/25% of enemy's max HP
Skill duration
Casting time
120/150/180 SP

Yuki unsheaths his sword and slashes an area in front of him, dealing damage to enemies and leaving a mark, reducing movement speed of enemies by 70% for 1 second. The mark explodes after Yuki sheathes his sword, dealing true damage based on the enemy's max HP.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Two-Handed Sword
WSkillIcon 004.png
Dual Swords

Videos[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yuki was released in the closed beta test of Eternal Return
  • Yuki's birthday is January 9th

Voice[edit | edit source]

English Korean
▶️ "Ah, now it's my turn." ▶️ "이번엔, 제 차례로군요."

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "I'll hold my sword, then." ▶️ "그럼, 검을 들도록 하겠습니다. "
▶️ "I can only hope I've made the right choice." ▶️ "제 선택이 틀리지 않기를 바라겠습니다. "
▶️ "This won't take long." ▶️ "오래 걸리지는 않을 겁니다."

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "This alley is filthy." ▶️ "그렇게 깨끗한 길은 아니네요."
▶️ "I'd better not let down my guard." ▶️ "긴장을 늦추면 안 되는 지형이군요."
▶️ "If you have something to say, show yourself!" ▶️ "저에게 볼 일이 있으시다면, 그곳에서 나오세요."
▶️ "If I hadn't learned how to use a sword, I might've learned archery." ▶️ "검을 안 배웠다면, 활을 배웠을지도 모르겠습니다."
▶️ "I have no intention of becoming a target." ▶️ "여기서 과녘이 될 생각은 아직 없습니다."
▶️ "It takes disicpline to become a master swordsman or archer." ▶️ "마음을 다스려야 검도, 활도 제대로 잡을 수 있는 거겠죠. "
▶️ "I suddently feel..colder... It's all in my head." ▶️ "조금 추워진 것 같은데 착각이겠죠."
▶️ "Don't make a scene in a place like this." ▶️ "소란을 피울만한 곳은 아닌 듯합니다."
▶️ "Stay respectful to the deceased." ▶️ "망자에 대한 예의를 지키도록 하죠."
▶️ "Is it okay to swing my sword here?" ▶️ "여기서 칼을 휘둘러도 되는 걸까요?"
▶️ "I don't practice religion, yet I feel a bit more at peace here." ▶️ "딱히 종교를 가지진 않았지만, 뭔가 마음이 편안해지는 곳이네요."
▶️ "Should I..say a prayer?" ▶️ "기도라도 해야할까요?"
▶️ "A busy city.. but today, it's empty." ▶️ "번화가라고 써있지만 사람은 없군요."
▶️ "It must've been busy here." ▶️ "한 때는 많은 사람들이 지나다니던 곳이었을텐데 말이에요."
▶️ "...anything I need around here?" ▶️ "제게 필요한 물건이 있을까요?"
▶️ "If these machines start running all of a sudden.." ▶️ "기계들이 갑자기 작동한다면 꽤 당황할 것 같아요."
▶️ "I hear strange noises." ▶️ "이상한 소리가 들리네요."
▶️ "I'd better be careful where I step." ▶️ "발 밑을 조심해야겠습니다."
▶️ "Forests can be dangerous at night." ▶️ "밤이 되면 위험할지도 모르겠네요."
▶️ "Hmm... was that an animal sound..?" ▶️ "흠...동물이 내는 소리였을까요?"
▶️ "Watch for branches. Be completely silent." ▶️ "나뭇가지를 밟지 않도록 조심해야겠어요."
▶️ "Can we eat the fish we catch?" ▶️ "여기서 잡은 물고기는 먹을 수 있을까요?"
▶️ "I don't think any boats'll stop here." ▶️ "배가 들어올 일은 없겠네요. "
▶️ "I tend to get a bit seasick." ▶️ "배멀미는 좀 있는 편입니다."
▶️ "Lucky. I needed some medicine." ▶️ "마침 약품이 필요했는데, 잘 되었네요."
▶️ "I wonder... can the facilities be used?" ▶️ "의료설비는 제대로 갖춰져 있을 지 모르겠네요."
▶️ "No doctors around." ▶️ "의사 선생님은 없을 것 같네요."
▶️ "A nap would be.. refreshing." ▶️ "잠깐 눈 좀 붙이고 싶긴 하네요."
▶️ "Hello? Where do I check-in?" ▶️ "저... 체크인은 누구한테 부탁해야하죠?"
▶️ "There must've been a few tourists at some point." ▶️ "관광객이 있긴 했나봐요."
▶️ "Should I grab some water?" ▶️ "물을 좀 떠갈까요?"
▶️ "I just hope the water is clean." ▶️ "깨끗한 물이길 바랄 뿐입니다."
▶️ "Look! I can see the fish!" ▶️ "물고기가 보이는 것 같은데..."
▶️ "I don't want sand in my shoes. It's coarse and irritating." ▶️ "여기서 싸우면 신발에 모래가 들어가겠군요."
▶️ "If there were some beach umbrellas, it'd be a nice vacation spot!" ▶️ "파라솔만 있으면 꼭 휴양지같겠어요."
▶️ "It's been a while since I went for a swim." ▶️ "수영을 해본지도 오래 된 것 같아요."
▶️ "I've locked away memories of school." ▶️ "잠깐 추억에 잠겨버렸네요."
▶️ "The familiar landscape of school is.. comforting" ▶️ "익숙한 풍경이라 마음이 편하네요."
▶️ "Will the breaktime bell ring?" ▶️ "쉬는 시간이 되면 종소리도 날까요?"
▶️ "I don't feel like fighting here." ▶️ "여기선 싸우고 싶지 않네요."
▶️ "Good place to gather my thoughts." ▶️ "마음을 다스리기 좋은 장소죠."
▶️ "I will not disgrace this place." ▶️ "몸가짐을 신경쓰게 되네요. "
▶️ "Oh, I'd bet there's food or useful things here." ▶️ "먹을 것도, 쓸만한 것도 많아 보입니다."
▶️ "...do I have to take my shoes off inside?" ▶️ "신발 신고 들어가도 되는 걸까요?"
▶️ "At least there are still some nice houses." ▶️ "그나마 멀쩡한 집들이 있는 곳이네요."


English Korean
▶️ "When I open my eyes... i'll be in a totally different place." ▶️ "눈을 뜨면... 전혀 다른 곳이겠죠."
▶️ "Take a deep breath." ▶️ "심호흡을 좀 하고 타는 게 좋더군요."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "I better search elsewhere." ▶️ "필요한 게 있다면, 다른 곳에서 찾아야겠어요."
▶️ "I cannot stay longer." ▶️ "더 이상 지체할 수 없어요."
▶️ "This place is not safe." ▶️ "여기는 안전하지 않습니다."

English Korean
▶️ "I've assembled something useful." ▶️ "그럭저럭 구색은 갖춘 것 같아요."
▶️ "I can make something better." ▶️ "조금 더 노력해봐야겠어요."
▶️ "This'll be useful... probably." ▶️ "쓸만하다...고 말해도 될지 모르겠네요."
▶️ "I think it's okay for a beginner." ▶️ "초보자 치고는 괜찮지 않나요?"
▶️ "Well, I improved a bit, at least." ▶️ "그래도 좀 발전한 것 같습니다."
▶️ "Not totally awful." ▶️ "영 못봐줄 정도는 아니죠?"
▶️ "I don't think I'm particularly talented, but I might've made something good here." ▶️ "보잘 것 없는 재주지만 그래도 쓸만한 것을 만들었네요. "
▶️ "I'll be really disappointed if this goes poorly." ▶️ "망가지면 정말 아까울 것 같아요."
▶️ "A gift no one will refuse!" ▶️ "이 정도면 누구에게 선물해도 나쁜 소리는 안 들을 것 같습니다."
▶️ "I'm impressed with myself." ▶️ "스스로에게 놀랄 것 같습니다."
▶️ "I've always liked making things , but I had no idea I was this good." ▶️ "뭘 만드는 걸 좋아하기는 했지만 제 능력이 이 정도일 줄 몰랐네요."
▶️ "I'll keep this in mint condition." ▶️ "매일매일 닦아줘야겠어요."


English Korean
▶️ "With precision" ▶️ "정확하게 베어드리겠습니다."
▶️ "It's a privilege." ▶️ "제 검을 받아주세요."


English Korean
▶️ "Let's hope your blood wasn't spilled unecessarily." ▶️ "헛된 피가 아니었기를 바랍니다."
▶️ "I tried to make it painless." ▶️ "최대한 고통없이 보내드렸습니다."
▶️ "Now I can't make any excuses." ▶️ "이제는 변명도 할 수 없겠네요."
▶️ "Rest in peace..." ▶️ "명복을 빌겠습니다."
▶️ "I'll keep on going." ▶️ "베고, 또 벨 뿐입니다."
▶️ "Already five down?" ▶️ "벌써 다섯명 째인가요?"
▶️ "It's meaningless to keep track now..." ▶️ "이제와서 숫자를 세는 건 의미 없을 것 같습니다."
▶️ "Sending you off with only one swing of my sword is merciful." ▶️ "단칼에 보내드리는 게, 제 자비입니다."
▶️ "We might be down to half, now." ▶️ "이제 절반 정도 남았을까요?"
▶️ "I'm not tired yet." ▶️ "아직 지치지 않았습니다."
▶️ "At this point, I can only devote myself to my blade." ▶️ "이렇게 된 이상, 모조리 벨 수 밖에요."
▶️ "My sword is tinted with blood." ▶️ "검이 핏빛으로 물들었네요."
▶️ "Are there any left to kill?" ▶️ "더 죽일 사람이 남아있었던가요?"
▶️ "I hope this will all be over soon." ▶️ "어서 마무리하고 싶네요."
▶️ "What if I told you that the smell of blood makes me dizzy?" ▶️ "피냄새 때문에 어지럽다고 하면 너무 뻔뻔한 걸까요?"
▶️ "No hard feelings." ▶️ "개인적인 감정은 없습니다."
▶️ "...I don't feel any better." ▶️ "마음이 편하진 않네요. "
▶️ "I shouldn't need to do this often." ▶️ "자주 할 일은 못 되는 것 같네요."


English Korean
▶️ "Just set the trap like this.?" ▶️ "제대로 설치되었겠죠?"
▶️ "This might hurt just a lot. " ▶️ "조금 많이 따끔할 거에요."


English Korean
▶️ "Better catch my breath." ▶️ "숨을 고르는 편이 좋겠네요."

English Korean
▶️ "Anything useful?" ▶️ "쓸만한 게 있으려나요."
▶️ "...Dusty in there" ▶️ "먼지가 좀 쌓여있네요..."
▶️ "Almost passed this up." ▶️ "지나칠 뻔 했네요."
▶️ "I hope it isn't broken from the fall.." ▶️ "뭐가 들어있을 지..."
▶️ "Something quite valuable." ▶️ "제법 값진 물건이 있을 것 같은데요."
▶️ "I'm looking forward to seeing what's insinde." ▶️ "어떤 물건이 나올 지 조금 기대가 되네요."
▶️ "I could find a use for this." ▶️ "주워두면 쓸 데가 있겠죠."
▶️ "I've never gone fishing." ▶️ "낚시는 해본 적이 없어서요."
▶️ "Can you also catch.. sharks?" ▶️ "상어... 같은 것도 잡힐까요?"
▶️ "Raw potatoes are a bit too dry for me." ▶️ "그냥 먹으면 조금 퍽퍽하겠네요."
▶️ "Surprisingly heavy." ▶️ "제법 무게가 있네요."
▶️ "Careful to not get water on my shirt." ▶️ "발이 젖지 않게 조심해야겠어요."
▶️ "That's too bad.." ▶️ "안타깝네요."
▶️ "Hmm...I'll use it well." ▶️ "음... 잘 쓰겠습니다."
▶️ "You saved me!" ▶️ "덕분에 살았습니다..."
▶️ "I don't like this, it feels like cheating." ▶️ "훔쳐보는 기분이라서 내키지는 않아요."
▶️ "I'll remember this place." ▶️ "위치를 잘 기억해두어야겠네요."


English Korean
▶️ "Head!" ▶️ "머리!"
▶️ "Attack sound 1" ▶️ "하아아압!"
▶️ "Attack sound 2" ▶️ "타아아압!"


English Korean
▶️ "Focus." ▶️ "잠시, 집중을."
▶️ "I won't let it get messy." ▶️ "흐트러지지 않겠어요."
▶️ "I only need a few minutes." ▶️ "잠깐이면, 충분합니다."


English Korean
▶️ "This way!" ▶️ "이쪽입니다."
▶️ "I'll take my chances." ▶️ "빈틈 투성이에요."


English Korean
▶️ "Last one." ▶️ "마지막입니다."
▶️ "Ok, enough." ▶️ "여기까지, 입니다"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "They'll witness eight blades at the same time." ▶️ "8개의 검날이 동시에 나아갈 것입니다."
▶️ "My swords moves with a purpose." ▶️ "모든 검초가 실초입니다."
▶️ "I can sense their movements." ▶️ "상대의 흐름이 보입니다."
▶️ "I will ease your mind." ▶️ "의념조차 베어버리겠습니다."

English Korean
▶️ "I've been told that I look sharp... or did they mean my sword?" ▶️ "검으로 총알도 쳐낸 적이... 아, 정말 믿는 건 아니시죠?"
▶️ "Hands can move quicker than the eyes." ▶️ "저도 검을 들면 번개가 치고 파도가 흔들릴 지도 모릅니다. "
▶️ "You ever see someone slice a bullet right outta the air?" ▶️ "손은 눈보다 빠를 수 있죠."

English Korean
▶️ "I don't even need a sword." ▶️ "죄송합니다. 그렇게 겁내실 줄은 몰랐어요."
▶️ "Even the handle of my sword is deadly." ▶️ "검은 필요없을지도 모르겠네요."
▶️ "Sorry. I didn't know you'd be such a coward." ▶️ "죽도로 상대해드릴까요?"
▶️ "I can't go easy on you forever." ▶️ "언제까지 봐드릴 수는 없으니까요."


English Korean
▶️ "My sword won't be covered in any more blood today." ▶️ "오늘 더 이상 검에 피를 묻힐 일은 없겠네요."
▶️ "Ah, so this is how it ends!" ▶️ "이렇게 마무리로군요."

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "It's ok, I can't always win." ▶️ "괜찮아요, 늘 이길 수는 없으니까요."
▶️ "I couldn't focus today." ▶️ "오늘따라 집중이 잘 되지 않았어요."


English Korean
▶️ "I've brought shame upon my masters." ▶️ "검도부로써 조금은 부끄러운 기분이 드네요."
▶️ "I was weaker than I thought." ▶️ "저는 생각보다 유약했군요."


English Korean
▶️ "I'll put down my sword." ▶️ "검을 내려놓겠습니다."
▶️ "I've lost." ▶️ "제 패배입니다."
▶️ "An inexcusable defeat." ▶️ "변명의 여지가 없는 패배입니다."
▶️ "I've reached my limit." ▶️ "제 한계가 온 것 같습니다."


English Korean
/ ▶️ Dying sound 1


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️ Laugh 1