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"I look forward to working with everyone."

Real Name
Azuma Shoichi
Stock broker

Shoichi's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Atk. speed
Attack Range
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Dagger) 0% 0% +4%
Damage Received (Dagger) 0% 0% -3%

Shoichi is a playable character in Eternal Return.


"So, how much is this job worth?" - Shoichi

Shoichi was just your regular everyday salaryman in Japan, watching the days pass by from his office chair.

However, his life took a turn after the unexpected death of his wife from a congenital heart disease. Due to a lack of funds, Shoichi was unable to get her proper treatment and blames himself for her untimely death. Determined to protect his daughter, who inherited the disease from her mother, Shoichi decided that he would do absolutely anything to afford her preventive care.

He has a smooth tongue and can discuss high-class matters with ease. He prefer to drink tea rather than coffee, but believes that drinking tea is seen as... kinda lame.


Phony Deal (Passive)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Shoichi T.png

Skill damage
10/35/60 (+30% AP)
Skill duration

Shoichi earns a stack of Phony Deal each time he hits an enemy with a skill, increasing his critical strike chance by 3/6/9% for 6 seconds. Upon reaching 5 stacks, his normal attack damage is increased by 10/15/20%. If Shoichi picks a dagger up off the ground, he throws it at the nearest enemy within 5m, dealing damage.

Good Faith (Q)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Shoichi Q.png

Skill damage
10/60/110/160/210 (+45% AP)
3m (width: 1.5m)
Casting time
50/55/60/65/70 SP

Shoichi lunges his blade in the targeted direction, dealing damage. Hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown by 2 seconds and enables him to use Bad Faith within 8 seconds.

Bad Faith (Q)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Shoichi Q2.png

3.5m (100-degree cone)

Bad Faith: increased range and Shoichi will leave a dagger on the ground.

Bottom Line (W)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Shoichi W.png

Skill damage
10/40/70/100/130 (+30% AP)
Casting time
instant (dash) / 0.15s (damage)
80 SP

Shoichi dashes to a targeted enemy or dagger, dealing damage to all enemies in his path. If he picks up a dagger, the cooldown of Bottom Line is reset.

Risky Business (E)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Shoichi E.png

Skill damage
20/60/100/140/180 (+30% AP)
Move speed
- 20/27.5/35/42.5/50%
5m (dagger) / 2m (step back)
Casting time
90 SP

Shoichi takes a step back and throws a dagger forward, dealing damage to the first enemy hit and reducing their movement speed for 1 second. Upon hitting an enemy, a dagger will fall behind the enemy.

Ruthless (R)

Attack/Debuff (Ultimate)

Icon Stats Ability Description
Shoichi R.png

Skill damage
50/150/250 (+30% AP) (briefcase) / 10/45/80 (+30% AP) (daggers)
2.5m (slow) / 3.5m (landing dagger)
Casting time
150 SP

Shoichi swings his deadly briefcase, dealing damage to enemies around him, slowing them for 1 second and tossing 4 daggers to the ground in a square. Daggers pierce enemies, dealing damage.






  • Shoichi was the 17th character to be added to Eternal Return
  • Shoichi's birthday is December 9th


English Korean
▶️ "I look forward to working with everyone." ▶️ "잘 부탁드립니다. 평범한 회사원입니다."

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "Haha, thank you for your cooperation." ▶️ "하하, 잘 부탁드립니다."
▶️ "Oh, already time to clock in?" ▶️ "어라, 벌써 업무시간이군요?"
▶️ "I won't cause any trouble." ▶️ "손해보는 일은 없을 겁니다."

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "This neighborhood is not very clean." ▶️ "별로 깔끔한 동네는 아니군요."
▶️ "Nothing special about the alley. Just like me." ▶️ "서민적인 곳이군요. 친숙하네요."
▶️ "I don't want to come face to face with any danger." ▶️ "예측 안 되는 위험은 사양입니다."
▶️ "Archery is a surprisingly expensive sport." ▶️ "의외로 양궁은 비싼 스포츠입니다."
▶️ "Haha, I refuse to be a target." ▶️ "하하, 과녁이 되는 건 사양하겠습니다. "
▶️ "I've never tried using bows before." ▶️ "활을 다뤄본 적은 없는데 말이죠..."
▶️ "Unfortunately, you can't cut a deal with death" ▶️ "생명은 거래 대상이 아니죠. 유감스럽게도."
▶️ "Funerals are very expensive." ▶️ "장례식에 들어가는 비용도 만만치 않죠."
▶️ "I wonder what my tombstone will say.." ▶️ "묘비를 늘릴 준비를 해야겠군요."
▶️ "I don't believe in God, but I feel strangely relaxed here." ▶️ "신은 믿지 않지만, 마음이 편해지네요."
▶️ "I know.. I don't belong in this place." ▶️ "압니다. 저와는 어울리지 않는 곳이죠."
▶️ "I don't have the time to believe in anything." ▶️ "신앙을 갖기에, 인생은 너무 바쁩니다."
▶️ "Seems like a good location to open a business." ▶️ "영업하기 좋은 곳이었겠습니다."
▶️ "I think I can feel the presence of people." ▶️ "인기척이 난 것 같은데 말입니다..."
▶️ "A city with no people? Ironic." ▶️ "사람 없는 번화가, 모순이네요."
▶️ "This factory is getting run-down... It's gonna be a hard sell." ▶️ "시설이 전부 녹슬었군요. 감가상각 하려면 골치 아프겠어요."
▶️ "I have no idea what they could have made in this factory." ▶️ "뭘 만드는 공장이었는지 감이 안 잡히네요."
▶️ "Is there any way to know the cost of these parts?" ▶️ "여기 부품들 원가는 건질까요?"
▶️ "Such a calm forest." ▶️ "넓고 조용한 숲이네요."
▶️ "The trees are thick here." ▶️ "시야가 좁아지네요. 조심해야죠."
▶️ "Forests aren't cheap to take care of. Believe me." ▶️ "숲은 의외로 돈이 됩니다. 진짜로요."
▶️ "Kids like boats." ▶️ "아이들은 배 타는 걸 좋아하더군요."
▶️ "I hate false hopes. Money is the best." ▶️ "헛된 희망은 싫어요. 돈이 최곱니다."
▶️ "If I grab the scrap iron off the boats, how much could I sell it for?" ▶️ "고철 배를 모아 팔면, 얼마나 벌까요?"
▶️ "Heh, modern medicine has its limits." ▶️ "현대 의학은 한계가 많습니다. 후후."
▶️ "I'm not often sick... but I've grown accustomed to hospitals." ▶️ "잘 아프진 않지만... 누구 보다 병원은 익숙하죠."
▶️ "Life is not all about money, but medicine is" ▶️ "인생은 돈이 아니지만, 치료는 돈이죠."
▶️ "Hotels remind me of business trips." ▶️ "호텔이라, 꼭 출장 온 기분이군요."
▶️ "A hotel on this kind of island... did it make a profit?" ▶️ "이런 섬에서 호텔이라... 수지가 맞았을까요?"
▶️ "More expensive hotel, better service." ▶️ "호텔 서비스는 돈에 비례하죠."
▶️ "I could go for some tea... no, coffee." ▶️ "차... 아니 커피 한 잔 하면 좋겠어요."
▶️ "Who's in charge of quality control for the water?" ▶️ "수질관리는 누가 하는 걸까요?"
▶️ "I think she would have liked this kind of place." ▶️ "이런 곳, 좋아했을 것 같아요."
▶️ "Why are there land animals on the beach?" ▶️ "바닷가에 육지 동물들은 왜 있는 걸까요?"
▶️ "I'd like to have as much money as the sand on this beach." ▶️ "모래만큼 돈이 있으면 좋을 텐데요."
▶️ "I probably won't have a chance to go for a swim." ▶️ "바다가 있지만 수영할 일은 없을 것 같네요."
▶️ "There are things you can only learn outside of school." ▶️ "학교 밖에서만 배울 수 있는 것들도 있더군요."
▶️ "School days were... nothing special." ▶️ "학창시절이라... 특별할 건 없었죠."
▶️ "It's easier for parents than students to get involved." ▶️ "학생 보다는 학부모 쪽에 이입이 쉽군요."
▶️ "There's no better place for a cup of tea." ▶️ "차 한잔하기에는 더 없이 좋은 곳이네요."
▶️ "How much is it for peace of mind?" ▶️ "마음의 평화를 얼마면 살 수 있을까요?"
▶️ "This isn't the place to start trouble" ▶️ "소란을 떨고 싶은 곳은 아니네요."
▶️ "If I could live in a cozy house with my family... Life would be perfect." ▶️ "가족들과 아늑한 집에 살수 있다면.. 다른 무엇도 필요가 없었겠죠."
▶️ "You run into rich people wherever you go. Poor people too." ▶️ "어딜 가든 부자는 있죠. 반대도 그렇고요."
▶️ "Being uptown makes me think of the past. Lots of good customers." ▶️ "옛날 생각 나네요. 좋은 고객들이 많았는데."


English Korean
▶️ "Who made this thing? I'd like to invest." ▶️ "이거 어디서 만들었죠? 관련주 사고 싶은데요."
▶️ "Principles are useless, I prefer value." ▶️ "원리는 관심 없지만, 가치에는 관심이 있습니다."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Sometimes you need to know when to step out." ▶️ "물러날 때를 알아야 합니다."
▶️ "Alright, let's clear this area and go." ▶️ "자, 털고 나가죠."
▶️ "Market exit." ▶️ "그야말로 엑시트네요."

English Korean
▶️ "You couldn't even pawn this." ▶️ "돈 주고 살 정도는 아니네요."
▶️ "I'll use it for a bit and exchange it for something better." ▶️ "적당히 쓰다가 다른 걸로 바꿔야겠네요."
▶️ "This has to be good for something." ▶️ "만들었다는 것에 의의를 둬야 겠네요."
▶️ "It looks quite useful." ▶️ "제법 쓸만해 보이는군요."
▶️ "A great return on investment" ▶️ "투자 대비 괜찮은 결과입니다."
▶️ "I could sell this." ▶️ "팔 수는 있겠습니다."
▶️ "This might be worth it's weight in gold." ▶️ "흥정도 해 볼 만 한 상품입니다."
▶️ "What kind of profit could I get from this?" ▶️ "이걸로 어떤 이익을 볼 수 있을까요?"
▶️ "I'd better not lose this." ▶️ "잃어버리면 꽤 손해겠습니다."
▶️ "Can I just sell this and retire?" ▶️ "이거... 그냥 고가에 팔아 넘기면 안되려나요?"
▶️ "I'd like to see how this does in auction." ▶️ "경매 붙여 보고 싶은 물건이네요."
▶️ "This really is.. a masterpiece." ▶️ "드디어 원하는 바를 이룰 수 있겠네요."


English Korean
/ ▶️ "진짜 업무의 시작이군요."
▶️ "I have no grudge with you." ▶️ "사적인 원한은 없습니다."


English Korean
▶️ "Off to a good start." ▶️ "좋은 출발입니다."
▶️ "Let's begin." ▶️ "개시합니다."
▶️ "It's still a fair trade." ▶️ "아직은 공정 거래죠."
▶️ "I can probably pick up the pace." ▶️ "더 빨리 진행해도 되겠어요."
▶️ "Ugh, I got blood on my suit." ▶️ "이런, 피가 좀 튀겼군요."
▶️ "It was nice doing business with you." ▶️ "좋은 거래였습니다."
▶️ "I don't particularly enjoy this." ▶️ "즐기는 건 아닙니다."
▶️ "I'm just going with the flow." ▶️ "흐름을 타야 합니다."
▶️ "I'll have more chances." ▶️ "기회는 더 있을 겁니다."
▶️ "No more emotions." ▶️ "별 감정은 없어요."
▶️ "There's no progress without desire." ▶️ "욕망 없이는 발전도 없죠."
▶️ "How many left?" ▶️ "얼마나 남았죠?"
▶️ "See, you should've hid better." ▶️ "저런, 잘 숨었어야죠."
▶️ "I'm getting a bit tired." ▶️ "좀 지치는군요."
▶️ "I hope we can get this over with soon." ▶️ "빨리 이 짓을 끝내야 할 텐데."
▶️ "I'll remove any trace." ▶️ "흔적을 지워야겠습니다."
▶️ "It was just annoying." ▶️ "싫다기보단, 귀찮습니다."
▶️ "I've done what was necessary" ▶️ "필요한 희생이었습니다."


English Korean
▶️ "It's a kind of investment, right?" ▶️ "일종의 투자라고 봐야겠죠?"
▶️ "If you think you're caught, it's too late." ▶️ "걸렸다고 생각되면, 이미 늦은 겁니다."


English Korean
▶️ "Proper rest improves performance." ▶️ "적절한 휴식은 성과 증진에 도움이 된답니다."

English Korean
▶️ "What could be inside?" ▶️ "자, 뭐가 들었을까요."
▶️ "The smaller it is, the closer you have to inspect it." ▶️ "사소한 것일수록 잘 살펴야죠."
▶️ "Be grateful even for the smallest gains." ▶️ "작은 이익에도 감사해야 합니다."
▶️ "Open stock, open boxes." ▶️ "주식도 상자도, 열어 봐야 알죠."
▶️ "I hope it's good news." ▶️ "호재였으면 좋겠네요."
▶️ "Goods from the sky." ▶️ "외부 효과는 하늘에서 온다죠."
▶️ "Don't underestimate the versitility of branches." ▶️ "나뭇가지라고 무시하면 안 돼요."
▶️ "I'm not very good at fishing." ▶️ "낚시는 약간 서투릅니다."
▶️ "This feels different from fishing in a river.." ▶️ "확실히 민물낚시와는 다른 기분입니다."
▶️ "Food is always important." ▶️ "식량 확보는 늘 중요합니다."
▶️ "Stones must be useful in a place like this." ▶️ "이런 곳에선 돌멩이도 쓸모가 많을 겁니다."
▶️ "I just happened to be thirsty." ▶️ "마침 목이 말랐어요."
▶️ "Oof, rough night for this one." ▶️ "저런, 실패하셨군요."
▶️ "The living must live. Wouldn't you agree?" ▶️ "산 사람은 살아야죠. 안 그렇습니까?"
▶️ "Resources must go to the one that can use it best." ▶️ "자원은 더 잘 쓸 수 있는 사람에게 가야죠."
▶️ "What is everyone else doing?" ▶️ "사람들이 뭘 하고 있을까요?"
▶️ "It's always important to inspect trends carefully." ▶️ "동향은 늘 꼼꼼히 살펴봐야죠."


English Korean
▶️ "Ha ha! Business" /
/ /
/ /


English Korean
▶️ "Let me take care of it." /
▶️ "Ah, it's now!" /
▶️ "Ah, that was a good deal." /


English Korean
▶️ "Please, take it." /
▶️ "Here's the bill." /
▶️ "It'll be fine." /


English Korean
▶️ "Transaction complete." /
▶️ "That's it." /
▶️ "Ahah, just die please." /

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "Haha... it's just the beginning." /
▶️ "You need to know when it's just enough so that you don't suffer any losses." /
▶️ "Experts are always efficient." /
▶️ "You cannot make money if you're not fast and don't have wits." /

English Korean
▶️ "The solution for problems that cannot be solved with money is usually more money." /
▶️ "At this rate, I'm gonna run out of business cards here.." /
▶️ "Phony Deal? I dont think so, we agreed on this." ▶️ "감수할 만한 손해는 고객의 손해 뿐입니다."
▶️ "My kid knows the stock market about as much as some "experts" these days" ▶️ "아이와 놀아주는 건 생각보다 어렵지 않습니다. 애들도 손익 개념은 알거든요."

English Korean
▶️ "Can you repeat using an actual language? All I hear are animal sounds.." ▶️ "사람 말로 해 주시겠습니까? 동물 회화 자격증은 없어서요."
▶️ "At least your pet loves you. That's great." ▶️ "어딘가에 당신을 필요로 하는 곳이 있지 않을까요? 지구 말고 말이죠."
▶️ "Isn't there someplace you need to be?" ▶️ "모든 게 잘 되겠죠. 다음 생에는요."
▶️ "Everything will be alright... In your next life." ▶️ "최소한 당신 애완동물은 당신을 아껴 줄 겁니다. 잘됐네요."


English Korean
▶️ "I'll use anyone whenever and however I please. " ▶️ "여러분의 목숨은, 제가 필요한 곳에 활용하겠습니다."
▶️ "I always aim for a fair deal. Just like today." ▶️ "저는 언제나 공정한 거래를 지향합니다. 이번처럼요."

Highly Placed

English Korean
/ ▶️ "거의 다 왔는데 말이죠..."
/ ▶️ "실수를 복기해 봐야겠어요."


English Korean
▶️ "I'm outta touch." ▶️ "감이 떨어진 모양입니다..."
▶️ "I don't know how to fix this." ▶️ "어떻게 수습할지 모르겠습니다."


English Korean
▶️ "How about we each go our separate ways?" ▶️ "이건 무리네요. 제가 졌습니다."
▶️ "This is all too much. I lost." ▶️ "하하, 혹시 봐주시겠습니까?"
▶️ "haaa.. would you be kind enough to show me mercy?" ▶️ "서로 갈 길 가는 게 어떨까요."
▶️ "haaa.. would you be kind enough to show me mercy?" ▶️ "두 손 두 발 다 들었습니다."



English Korean
▶️ Dying sound 1 /
▶️ Dying sound 2 /
▶️ Dying sound 3 /
▶️ Dying sound 4 /
▶️ Dying sound 5 /


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 /