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Rozzi's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Bonus atk. speed
Bonus crit rate
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Pistol) 0% -5% -8%
Damage Received (Pistol) 0% 0% 0%

Rozzi is a playable character in Eternal Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

"You've done well." - Rozzi

Rozzi trained as a mercenary from a very young age by a militant group.

She has grown an integral member of the mercenary organization known as Corda D’arco (Bowstring).

Shrouded in secrecy, she's led national intelligence operations and exclusive requests from multinational corporations.

Rozzi gained a reputation of excelling at commanding and has an unparalled ability to stay calm and devise the best tactics in unanticipated situations.

Her icy facial expressions and personality make her unapproachable - to her benefit. She has no interest in forming close relationships with anyone; there is no permanence in her operations.

Rumors swirl around the enigmatic Rozzi, some say she is seeking information about a cooperative from her former organization.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dual Wield (Passive)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Rozzi T.png

Skill damage
60% & 60/70/80%
Skill duration

After Rozzi uses a skill, her next normal attack within a few seconds triggers twice consecutively, dealing damage. Rozzi gains SP equal to a ratio of her HP recovery when she eats food made from chocolate. She gains HP equal to a ratio of her SP recovery when she drinks something made from chocolate.

Easy Shot (Q)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Rozzi Q.png

Skill damage
30/70/110/150/190 (+AP 25%)
Skill duration
5.5m, width 1m
Casting time
70/80/90/100/110 SP

Rozzi fires her pistols in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit. If she hits an enemy, her next movement command within a few seconds will be a dash and the cooldown of Easy Shot is reduced.

Flutter (W)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Rozzi W.png

Skill damage
85/125/165/205/245(+AP 35%)
Move speed
Skill duration
0.75s/ debuff 2.5s/ movespeed 0.4s
Casting time

Rozzi unloads a barrage of bullets in an area around her, dealing damage to enemies in range, decreasing their defense by 12/14/16/18/20% for a few seconds and stopping their HP regen and recovery from food.

While Rozzi is shooting, her movement speed is increased and she reloads her gun.

Gun Vault (E)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Rozzi E.png

Skill damage
50/70/90/110/130(+AP 40%)& 50/70/90/110/130(+AP 40%)
Skill duration
Casting time
70/80/90/100/110 SP

Rozzi vaults over her target and shoots them, dealing damage. While jumping, Rozzi is untargetable and cannot take damage. Rozzi can use Gun Vault again within a few seconds of an enemy being hit, knocking them back, dealing damage, and stunning them if they hit a wall.

Semtex Bomb Mk II (R)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Rozzi R.png

Skill damage
100/175/250 (+AP 35%) / Extra damage: 3/6/9% of Enemy Max HP
Casting time
90 SP

Rozzi launches a semtex bomb that explodes a few seconds after attaching to an enemy or the ground, dealing damage. Enemies with the bomb attached have their movement speed decreased. Normal attacks on the target a few times will cause it to explode immediately, dealing additional damage equal to a ratio of the target's Max HP, reducing its cooldown, and increasing Rozzi's movement speed. Attacking enemies with a skill while the bomb is attached counts as a few normal attacks.

Weapons[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rozzi was the 21st character to be added to Eternal Return.

Voice[edit | edit source]

English Korean
▶️ "Ready." ▶️ "...준비 완료."

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "Begin the operation." ▶️ "작전 시작이군. "
▶️ "Secretly. Efficiently." ▶️ "은밀하고, 깔끔하게."
▶️ "Operation start." ▶️ "작전을 수행해볼까."

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Entering the alley." ▶️ "골목길, 진입한다."
▶️ "Into the shadows" ▶️ "그늘로 이동해야겠어."
▶️ "Good place to hide." ▶️ "엄폐하기 좋은 장소네."
▶️ "Guns are more precise than bows." ▶️ "활보다는 총이 확실한 무기야."
▶️ "Real targets don't stay still." ▶️ "과녁이라... 실제 타겟은 멈춰있지 않지."
▶️ "Precision requires constant practice." ▶️ "정밀한 사격에는 끝없는 연습이 필요한 법이지."
▶️ "Headstones.. Mourning is a luxury." ▶️ "묘비라... 애도는 사치야."
▶️ "I can't let my guard down. A threat may be hidden in the cemetery." ▶️ "방심은 금물. 묘지에서 적이 튀어나올 수도 있으니."
▶️ "The dead aren't scary, it's the living who you should fear." ▶️ "죽은 자는 무섭지 않아. 오직 산 자만이 위협적이지."
▶️ "Killing or showing mercy is the work of humans, not God" ▶️ "사람을 죽이고 살리는 건, 신이 아니라 인간이지."
▶️ "Good place to catch targets off guard." ▶️ "이런 곳은 목표물이 방심하기 좋은 장소지."
▶️ "I'll let you rest in the lap of God. " ▶️ "신의 품에서 안식을 취하게 만들어주지."
▶️ "Mindless fools roam these streets endlessly." ▶️ "생각없는 멍청이들이 돌아다닐 것 같은 장소야."
▶️ "Urban operations. No problem. " ▶️ "도심지에서의 작전도 익숙해. 문제 없어."
▶️ "I don't like busy places." ▶️ "번잡한 곳을 좋아하지는 않아."
▶️ "...the machines might mask the noise." ▶️ "...기계들이 소음을 가려줄 수도."
▶️ "This place is dangerous. For anyone." ▶️ "이런 공간은 위험하지. 누구에게나."
▶️ "There's a lot of.. broken equipment " ▶️ "정신차리지 않으면, 기계때문에 죽을지도."
▶️ "It's almost /too/ quiet here." ▶️ "조용해보이지만, 여러 기척이 느껴지는 곳이야."
▶️ "Narrow forest path. Easy to run into others." ▶️ "길이 좁아서 누군가를 마주치기 쉽겠어."
▶️ "It's insane to start a fire in a place like this." ▶️ "이런 곳에서 불을 피우는 건 미친 짓이지."
▶️ "If we're against the ocean, our retreat is restricted." ▶️ "한 쪽이 바다라는 건, 퇴로가 제한된다는 뜻이지."
▶️ "Fools might gather here for an escape attempt" ▶️ "여길 탈출하고 싶은 멍청이들이 모여들겠군."
▶️ "The breeze might clear the gunpowder smell from the air." ▶️ "바닷바람이 화약냄새를 지워주면 좋겠네"
▶️ "The hospital is helpful in multiple ways." ▶️ "병원은 유용한 곳이지. 여러모로."
▶️ "What I need is usually also what the others need. " ▶️ "내게 필요한 건 보통 다른 이에게도 필요한 법이야."
▶️ "No patients survive this hospital.." ▶️ "환자는 살아남을 수 없는 병원이로군."
▶️ "Let your guard down and it's not a rest, it's the end of you." ▶️ "방심하는 순간, 숙면이 아니라 안식이 찾아올 거야."
▶️ "Don't let comfort blur your senses." ▶️ "호텔... 안락함은 분별력을 흐리게 만들지."
▶️ "Sleeping can put your life at risk." ▶️ "잠을 이길 수 없다면, 목숨을 걸어야해."
▶️ "People always end up meeting where there's water." ▶️ "물이 있는 곳에는 사람이 모이기 마련이지."
▶️ "I have no interest in knowing what lives in the pond." ▶️ "연못에 뭐가 사는지는 관심 없어."
▶️ "I need to keep my gun dry." ▶️ "총이 젖으면 안 되니 주의해야겠어."
▶️ "I do not like beaches." ▶️ "이런 장소는 그다지 좋아하지 않아."
▶️ "There's nothing to conceal myself with." ▶️ "엄폐가 쉽지 않은 지형이야."
▶️ "A hiding place.. under the sand?" ▶️ "숨을 곳이라고는... 모래 속 정도?"
▶️ "What does school teach? Survival? Assassination?" ▶️ "학교에서 뭘 배울 수 있지? 생존? 암살?"
▶️ "Everyone knows how important it is to learn outside school walls. " ▶️ "학교 밖 교육이 얼마나 중요한지, 다들 알까?"
▶️ "Operations and homework are.. very different. " ▶️ "임무랑 숙제는 많이 다르지."
▶️ "It quiet. Quiet places are often dangerous." ▶️ "조용하네. 조용한 건 위험하단 뜻이기도 해."
▶️ "Tranquilty doesn't equate to safety." ▶️ "한적하다고 해서 안전한 건 아니지."
▶️ "There's a building with an interesting style." ▶️ "양식이 독특한 건물이 있네."
▶️ "Decorative places. Useless." ▶️ "쓸 데 없이 화려한 곳이야."
▶️ "The rich have more to fear than the poor." ▶️ "가난한 사람보다 부자들이 더 겁이 많더군."
▶️ "Being indoors doesn't ensure your safety." ▶️ "집 안에 있다고 절대로 안전한 게 아니야."

English Korean
▶️ "Getting what you need is basic knowledge." ▶️ "필요한 물건을 직접 조달하는 건, 기본 소양이지."
▶️ "If you can't find it, you'd better make it yourself." ▶️ "다른 데서 구할 수 없다면, 직접 수급하는 게 나아."
▶️ "..this isn't my specialty but there's nothing I can't do." ▶️ "...이쪽이 전공은 아니지만, 못할 것도 없지."
▶️ "Huh. It doesn't look bad." ▶️ "나쁘지 않은 것 같은데?"
▶️ "Pretty good. For sure. " ▶️ "제법이야. 확실히."
▶️ "Better than scraps." ▶️ "전장의 보급품보다 낫네."
▶️ "This looks well crafted. " ▶️ "꼭 장인이 만든 것 같군."
▶️ "Complex and.. solid." ▶️ "정교하고... 튼튼한 걸."
▶️ "Useful for engagement." ▶️ "분명히 전투에 도움이 될 거야."
▶️ "Incredible performance." ▶️ "...대단한 성능이야."
▶️ "I'm surprised that I'm not even surprised." ▶️ "왠만해서는 놀라지 않는데... 이건 좀 놀라운 걸."
▶️ "I've never been armed with such.. luxury." ▶️ "이렇게 호화로운 무장을 해본 적이 있었나?"


English Korean
▶️ "This should be the right place. " ▶️ "적절한 위치가 맞겠지?"
▶️ "Traps are peak efficiency" ▶️ "트랩은 효율적인 공격수단이야."


English Korean
▶️ "Goodbye." ▶️ "잘 가."
▶️ "Target in sight." ▶️ "목표물 조준 완료."


English Korean
▶️ "Confirmed kill." ▶️ "확인사살은 필수지."
▶️ "It's not that exciting." ▶️ "별 감흥은 없어."
▶️ "Target dispatched." ▶️ "타겟 사망 확인."
▶️ "Just think of yourself as unlucky." ▶️ "운이 없었다고 생각하렴."
▶️ "4 targets eliminated." ▶️ "네 번째 타겟, 제거 완료."
▶️ "Leave no evidence behind." ▶️ "슬슬 흔적을 지워야겠네."
▶️ "I'm used to this, but it's tiring." ▶️ "이 정도는 익숙해. 조금 피로하지만."
▶️ "I'll preserve my strength. " ▶️ "체력 분배를 잘 해야겠어."
▶️ "I've lost count of my eliminated targets." ▶️ "벌써 몇 번째 타겟이지?"
▶️ "I must still remain alert." ▶️ "아직 방심할 수는 없지."
▶️ "I cannot afford to complain." ▶️ "투정 부릴 여유는 없지. "
▶️ "Unexpected, but not irregular. " ▶️ "예상 밖의 숫자지만... 이상은 없어."
▶️ "..I'm stained with blood." ▶️ "...피를 많이 묻히긴 했네."
▶️ "Not many left now." ▶️ "이제 정말 얼마 남지 않았군."
▶️ "I didn't think I'd make it this far." ▶️ "이 정도까지 가능할 거라고 생각하진 않았는데."
▶️ "Weak points in animals and humans are similar." ▶️ "동물과 인간의 급소는 크게 다르지 않지."
▶️ "Others may have heard the sound." ▶️ "소음이 주변에 들렸을지도 몰라."
▶️ "Killing as needed." ▶️ "필요한 만큼만 죽일 뿐이야."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "I think it's best to move on" ▶️ "이동하는 게 옳은 판단이야."
▶️ "Time's running out." ▶️ "버틸 수 있는 시간이 한정되어있군."
▶️ "Change of plans." ▶️ "작전지를 바꿀 필요가 있어."

English Korean
▶️ "If you want something, you better be prepared to search for it." ▶️ "탐나는 물건일수록, 주변을 한 번 더 살펴야해."
▶️ "These supplies remind me of the battlefield." ▶️ "보급품이라... 전장 생각이 나네."
▶️ "They sent it so I'll try and use it well." ▶️ "잘 써주지. 그러라고 보낸 것 같으니."
▶️ "Search and go." ▶️ "빠르게 습득하고 이동해야겠어."
▶️ "Collecting materials." ▶️ "재료 수집도 기본 중 기본이지."
▶️ "The more the better." ▶️ "기회는, 다다익선이지."
▶️ "They let their guard down." ▶️ "저런, 조심했어야지."
▶️ "They might've left something behind." ▶️ "아직 남아있는 물건이 있을 수 있어."
▶️ "Thanks. " ▶️ "잘 쓸게."
▶️ "Not too heavy. I'll take them." ▶️ "너무 무겁지 않을 정도로만 챙겨야겠네."
▶️ "Everything has a use on the battlefield." ▶️ "전장에선 뭐든지 귀하지. 챙길 수 있을때 챙겨둬야 해."
▶️ "Keep rations safe." ▶️ "식량확보는 중요하지."
▶️ "Back to basics. Secure drinking water." ▶️ "식수 확보는 기본 중 기본이야."
▶️ "Quickly and then back to being alert." ▶️ "최대한 빨리 잡고 가야겠어."
▶️ "Huh. Less boring than expected." ▶️ "재미가... 없지는 않네."


English Korean
▶️ "I'm dizzy but I need to stay focused." ▶️ "조금 어지럽지만, 빨리 다스려야해."
▶️ "Excellent tactical equipment." ▶️ "전략적으로 대단한 가치가 있는 설비야."
▶️ "Intel wins wars." ▶️ "전장에서 정보는 언제나 중요하지. "
/ ▶️ "좋아, 많은 도움이 되겠는데."


English Korean
▶️ "Rest but keep your eyes open." ▶️ "경계를 늦추지는 말아야해."


English Korean
▶️ "This is the end." ▶️ "마지막이다."
▶️ "Goodbye." ▶️ "아디오스."
▶️ "It's over." ▶️ "이걸로 끝이군."

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "Tracing target." ▶️ "목표를 추적한다."
▶️ "One shot is all it takes." ▶️ "한 발이면 충분하지."
▶️ "More than enough." ▶️ "잔탄은 충분해."
▶️ "Full firepower." ▶️ "전 화력 투사."
▶️ "Speed up." ▶️ "속도를 올릴까."
▶️ "Can they keep up?" ▶️ "내 움직임을 따라 올 수 있을까?"

English Korean
▶️ "Chocolate is efficient. Sugar supplements calories and caffeine improves concentration. It also contains Theobromine, which... wait. I think I'm getting sidetracked." ▶️ "초콜릿은 좋아. 당분은 열량을 보충하고 카페인은 집중력을 높여 주지. 그리고 테오브로민이라는 성분이 있는데... 이런, 너무 떠들었네."
▶️ "People fall into one of two categories: useful.. or not." ▶️ "사람에 대한 평가는 두 가지로 충분해. 쓸모 있던가, 없던가."

English Korean
▶️ "First time, eh? " ▶️ "전장은 처음인가봐?"
▶️ "I might let you live if I'm in a good mood. " ▶️ "항복하면, 살려줄 지도 모르지."


English Korean
▶️ "All targets eliminated." ▶️ "...모든 타겟 사망 확인. "
▶️ "Every target has been taken care of. There are no survivors." ▶️ "목표물 제거 완료. 생존자 없음."

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "... The operation was nearly complete." ▶️ "...작전은 완벽하다고 여겼는데."
▶️ "There was a variable unaccounted for." ▶️ "...거의 다 왔는데, 변수가 있었네."


English Korean
▶️ "I wasn't capable of completing the mission. Embarassing. " ▶️ "역량부족이라니... 부끄러워."
▶️ "Mission failed. " ▶️ "완전히 임무 실패네."


English Korean
▶️ "Could you let me live?" ▶️ "살려주겠어?"


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️ Laugh 1