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"What do you want? Leave me alone!"

Real Name
Nicky Blake
Stunt Actress

Nicky's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Atk. speed
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Glove) 0% -4% -6%
Damage Received (Glove) 0% 0% 0%

Nicky is a playable character in Eternal Return.


"What?! Leave me alone! .... phew okay. What's up?" - Nicky

Nicky is a stunt actress who possesses immense strength despite her small stature and cute looks. Just don't call her cute, she hates that.

She's always acting tough - even if she's embarrassed, but her facial expressions always give her away. (There's a reason she's a STUNT actress, after all)

Nicky seems a little rough around the edges, but she's always there to care those in need of help.
She also never forgets a face, but isn't so good with names, often putting her in awkward situations or causing her to call a lot of people "buddy" or "dude".


Short Tempered (Passive)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Nicky P.png

Skill damage
10/30/50(+40% AP)

Nicky converts damage taken by other characters into Rage, up to 100. Rage can be stacked up to Max 500. When her rage meter is full, she becomes Enraged.

When Enraged, her normal attacks deal extra 10%/15%/20% normal attack damage and skill damage in an area around her target.

Fury Jab!!(E) and Pure Rage Uppercut!!(R) can be used while Enraged. When her rage meter is depleted, Nicky becomes Calm for 1.5 seconds, and will not convert damage taken into Rage.

Rage Depletion Amount: Out of Combat 5 per second / Enraged: 5 per second

Slugfest / Body Blow(Q)

Dash / Attack

Icon Stats Ability Description
Nicky Q.png
Nicky Q2.png

Skill damage
30/55/80/105/130(+AP 40%) to 60/110/160/210/260(+80% AP)
25/50/75/100/125(+100% AP)
2m ~ 6m,
Body Blow Effect Radius: Cone shape 3m
50/60/70/80/90 SP

Nicky puts her full strength into a punch, slowing her. Reactivate the skill to let loose, knocking back the first enemy hit and dealing damage. Hitting an enemy decreases the cooldown of Slugfest(Q) by 50%. Distance and damage dealt increase based on how long she charges. After the punch, Nicky can land a Body Blow within 3 seconds.

Deals skill damage, and gains 100 Rage for each enemy hit.

Guard & Reverse (W)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Nicky W.png

Skill damage
50/75/100/125/150 (+25% AP)
Reverse Dash: 3.3m,
Width: 2m
100 SP

Dash / Attack Nicky guards in the direction of the mouse cursor, reducing damage taken by 60/65/70/75/80% for 0.75 seconds, and becomes immune to debuffs and crowd control. Successful Guards reduce the cooldown of Guard & Reverse by 30%, Enrages Nicky, and allows her to Reverse.

Reverse : Nicky rushes forward, dealing damage to enemies and roots them for 1 second. Reverse will not activate if Nicky is in an immovable state.

  • Can queue skill during Slugfest (Q) dash.

Knockout Punch / Fury Jab!!(E)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Nicky E.png
Nicky E2.png

Skill damage
60/110/160/210/260(+40% AP),
Enhanced: 100/160/220/280/340 (+40% AP)
Straight Line 5m * 2m
100 SP

Knockout Punch : Nicky throws a knockout punch in front of her, dealing damage and slowing enemies for 2 seconds.

Fury Jab!!(Enhanced): While Enraged, Nicky can use Fury Jab!!, dealing damage, slowing enemies for 2 seconds and stunning them for 1 second. Fury Jab!! does not have a cooldown and does not share a cooldown with Knockout Punch. Using Fury Jab!! will Calm Nicky.
Knockout Punch(E) and Fury Jab!!(Enhanced) can be used consecutively.

  • Can be queued while using Pure Rage Uppercut!! (R).

Pure Rage Uppercut!! (R)

Targeted Ultimate

Icon Stats Ability Description
Nicky R.png

Skill damage
200/300/400 (+70% AP),
100/150/200 (+35% AP)
120/100/80 SP

Nicky can only use Pure Rage Uppercut!! when Enraged. Using Pure Rage Uppercut!! will Calm Nicky. Nicky dashes to the targeted enemy player, becoming unstoppable, and uppercuts them, dealing damage and knocking them airborne for 1.1 seconds. Nicky knocks back other enemies in the way, dealing damage.




  • Nicky was the 33rd character to be added to Eternal Return.


English Korean
▶️ "What do you want? Leave me alone!" ▶️ "귀찮게 하지 마! 그래서... 무슨 일인데?"

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "I can use my full strength?! Hahah, Awesome" ▶️ "힘을 마음껏 써도 된다고? 그건 편하네!"
▶️ "Watch yourself, you'll find out how strong I really am." ▶️ "진짜 내 힘을 보여줄거니까, 알아서 조심해!"
▶️ "Ready to fight! [Phew] Why am I nervous?" ▶️ "싸울 준비는 끝났어! ...후, 왜 긴장되는거지?"

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "I've seen roads like this before. It's not like I spend time there though!" ▶️ "익숙한 길이네... 뭐, 나쁜짓 했던 적은 없어!"
▶️ "Any freaks try and follow me, I can hide here. " ▶️ "누군가 쫓아오면 이런 길로 빠지는 게 유리할 때가 있어."
▶️ "Get outta my way, or I'll move you myself!" ▶️ "내 길을 막으면 날려버리겠어! 적당히, 말이야."
▶️ "I can catch arrows with my teeth! " ▶️ "화살 정도는 잡을 수 있지. 진짜라니까?"
▶️ "The past is like an arrow. Once it's gone, there's no going back," ▶️ "과거나 화살이나 비슷하지. 못 되돌려."
▶️ "Action movies with arrows are tough to make. People like explosions! " ▶️ "활 액션은 힘들어. 쓰는 작품도 별로 없고."
▶️ "I... I don't have anything to say." ▶️ "뭐야, 여긴... 뭐라고 해야 할지 모르겠어."
▶️ "It feels.. creepy." ▶️ "답답하다고, 이런 곳은."
▶️ "Keep quiet in the cemetery." ▶️ "여기선... 조용히 있어야겠지?"
▶️ "Fulfill your own destiny first. Pray after. " ▶️ "자기 길은 자기가 여는 거야! 기도 같은 건 다음이고."
▶️ "I'll walk lightly.." ▶️ "왠지 조용히 다녀야 할 것 같아..."
▶️ "I went to church when I was younger! Once!" ▶️ "성당은 어렸을 때 한번 가본 적이 있지. "
▶️ "Looks like a nice place." ▶️ "꽤 봐 줄 만한 거리였겠네."
▶️ "I used to practice on streets like this." ▶️ "우리 아카데미도 이런 거리에 있었지."
▶️ "I sincerely hate crowded places." ▶️ "사람 많은 거, 딱 질색이야. 이건 진심이라고."
▶️ "A snack factory maybe??" ▶️ "통조림이나 과자 공장이었으면 좋았을텐데 말이야."
▶️ "What'd they make on an island like this?" ▶️ "이런 섬에서 뭘 만들 게 있었을까."
▶️ "I'm not great with machines. They always end up broken." ▶️ "기계랑은 별로 친하지 않아. 자꾸 부숴먹었으니까."
▶️ "Clear all the branches out of the way before the forest chase scene. " ▶️ "숲 액션은 준비가 힘들어. 돌 주워야지, 나뭇가지 치워야지..."
▶️ "Ziplines are fun! A little scary for some, but I'm fine with em." ▶️ "숲에서 와이어 해 봤어? 눈이 돌아간다니까. 물론 내겐 별 것 아니지만!"
▶️ "I could go for a nice stroll through the forest. " ▶️ "그냥 걷기엔 좋은 곳이네."
▶️ "There's always something going down at the dock in movies." ▶️ "영화에서 나오는 항구는, 거의 싸움터지."
▶️ "When was the last time I saw a real boat..?" ▶️ "진짜 배는 오랜만에 보는 것 같네."
▶️ "This is pretty small for a harbor." ▶️ "작은 항구네. 배도 안 오고..."
▶️ "When I was working, the people at the hospital knew my name." ▶️ "스턴트 하다 보면... 많이들 다치지."
▶️ "Pros take good care of their bodies." ▶️ "프로라면 자기 몸은 스스로 관리할 줄 알아야 해."
▶️ "If you get hurt, it's your loss!" ▶️ "다치면 자기 손해야! 그러니까... 몸 조심하라고."
▶️ "I never really got to rest at hotels." ▶️ "호텔이라, 놀러온 적은 별로 없었어."
▶️ "Man.. I used to have a nice comfy bed at home." ▶️ "푹신한 침대가 그립긴 하네... 뭐, 나도 뒹굴거리고 싶을 때가 있으니까!"
▶️ "Think I can go snag a quick shower?" ▶️ "몸 정도는 씻고 싶긴 한데... 에이, 됐어!"
▶️ "This water better be clean. " ▶️ "물... 깨끗할까?"
▶️ "Stuff lives in the pond, right?" ▶️ "연못엔 뭐가 살았더라...?"
▶️ "It'd be nice to hide just like the fish do." ▶️ "물고기처럼 숨는 것도, 가끔은 필요하더라구..."
▶️ "Sand on sets is made out of... sand." ▶️ "해변가 로케는 점점 줄어들고 있지. 씬이 너무 뻔하거든."
▶️ "I've done a couple scenes on the beach. Sand was everywhere..." ▶️ "바다에서 컷 한 번 잡고 나면, 모래 터는 게 문제야..."
▶️ "I love that beach air. " ▶️ "파도 소리... 시원하네."
▶️ "After high school I went straight to a training academy." ▶️ "학교냐. 학교 끝나고 스턴트 아카데미 가던 때가... 좋았어."
▶️ "This guy used to sit next to me and always annoy me about doing my homework. Heh, I guess I appreciate it now." ▶️ "옆에서 들들 볶는 녀석이 있어서 숙제는 빼먹지 않고 했어. 뭐, 아주 조금은 고마웠다고 생각해."
▶️ "I learned a few things when I was in school. I'm surprised I still use them today." ▶️ "초등학교때 운동을 배웠어. 그게 지금까지 이어질 줄은 몰랐지만."
▶️ "What is this place...? Interesting." ▶️ "여긴 뭐 하는 곳이지? 신기하네..."
▶️ "Nice and quiet." ▶️ "조용한 분위기가 나쁘진 않네. "
▶️ "I've only seen places like this in movies." ▶️ "뭔가 영화에서 본 것 같은데..."
▶️ "Woah, cool houses!" ▶️ "뭐야, 좋은 집이잖아."
▶️ "The people who used to live here... gone?" ▶️ "원래 살던 사람들은 다 어디간걸까...?"
▶️ "Even if I didn't grow up in a place like this, I was still raised well!" ▶️ "우리 집은 이 정도로 좋진 않았지. 뭐, 상관 없어. 나 잘 컸다구."

English Korean
▶️ "Hmm.. I guess I don't know my own strength." ▶️ "흥... 힘조절이 안되네."
▶️ "Almost there." ▶️ "겨우 만들긴 했는데..."
▶️ "This is tricky... I'm just not used to it, okay!" ▶️ "생각보다 쉽지 않네... 뭐, 익숙하지 않으니까!"
▶️ "This looks.. a little better." ▶️ "이건... 조금 나은 것도 같고."
▶️ "It ain't garbage! " ▶️ "그렇게까지 잡동사니는 아니라고!"
▶️ "This is kinda fun." ▶️ "조금 재미있는 것 같네..."
▶️ "Something looks different about this!" ▶️ "확실히... 뭔가 달라 보이나?"
▶️ "Not half bad!" ▶️ "괜찮은데? 내가 봐도 쓸만 해 보여."
▶️ "I made this? Heh, I guess I did." ▶️ "내가 이런 것도 만들 수 있구나..."
▶️ "They won't believe their eyes!" ▶️ "이거... 그 사람에게 보여주고 싶을 정도인데."
▶️ "I made this? I mean... of course I made this!!" ▶️ "이걸 내가 만들었다는 거지? 그, 그렇게 신난 거 아니야. 착각하지 마!"
▶️ "Will this be able to handle my strength?" ▶️ "이 정도 물건이면... 내 힘을 버틸 수 있겠는데?"


English Korean
▶️ "I've never set traps." ▶️ "함정 같은 거, 깔아 본 적 없는데."
▶️ "Just like the prop department." ▶️ "소품 정리하는 거랑 뭔가 비슷하네."


English Korean
▶️ "Full power!" ▶️ "완전 날려주지!"
▶️ "Say hello to my fists!" ▶️ "주먹 쓰는 건 자신 있어!"


English Korean
▶️ "Oh no oh no. what did I do?" ▶️ "어, 어? 뭐야... 나, 무슨 짓을 한 거야...?"
▶️ "I just.. I hit as hard as I could." ▶️ "그냥, 힘껏 쳤을 뿐인데..."
▶️ "Is this just acting?" ▶️ "이건 현실인건가?"
▶️ "I can fight, but not like this.." ▶️ "싸움은, 자신 있었어. 그렇지만 이런 싸움은..."
▶️ "Humans are so fragile..." ▶️ "사람은 이렇게 쉽게 쓰러지는 거였구나..."
▶️ "My hands are starting to hurt" ▶️ "왠지 주먹이 아픈 것 같아..."
▶️ "My strength caused all this.." ▶️ "내 힘이 이렇게까지 위험했다니..."
▶️ "I..I have a reason to fight." ▶️ "내겐... 싸울 이유가 있어."
▶️ "I just want to get back to work... " ▶️ "다시 스턴트 연기를 하고 싶어... 그 때 까지는..."
▶️ "C'mon, get up! I have to live!" ▶️ "일어서. 주먹을 쥐어. 난 살아야 해!"
▶️ "I have somewhere to get back to.." ▶️ "난 돌아가야 할 곳이 있어."
▶️ "Blood.. covers my fists." ▶️ "피투성이 주먹이 되었네..."
▶️ "You started it! This is your fault! " ▶️ "네가 덤빈 거야! 알아들어? 네가 덤빈 거라고!"
▶️ "If this is what they want, I'll show them!!" ▶️ "그렇게 원하면 다 날려 줄게!"
▶️ "Is it over... Really?" ▶️ "끝난... 거야? 정말 끝난 거 맞지? 응?"
▶️ "euu.. sorry." ▶️ "어... 으... 미안."
▶️ "Why me?" ▶️ "내가 왜 이런 일을 해야 하지...?"
▶️ "Was this really necessary?" ▶️ "필요한 일이었을까? 모르겠어..."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Next scene!" ▶️ "이번 촬영은 여기까진가."
▶️ "No more shooting on location." ▶️ "로케 끝! 다음 장소로 가자고."
▶️ "Time out, let's move." ▶️ "타임 아웃이야? 알았어. 알았다니까."

English Korean
▶️ "I've seen air supplies in some movies before. " ▶️ "하늘에서 보급 받기... 그런 영화 봤던 것 같기도 하고."
▶️ "Thank you sooo much." ▶️ "딱히 고마워하는 거 아니야! 뭐... 아예 안 고맙지는 않지만."
▶️ "What're they giving us?" ▶️ "그래서, 뭐가 든 건데?"
▶️ "Leftover props?" ▶️ "소품 찾기 같은 느낌이네..."
▶️ "Phew.. what a hassle" ▶️ "휴, 번거로워."
▶️ "Don't break anything." ▶️ "힘 빼고 살살... 부서지지 않게..."
▶️ "This is the real deal.." ▶️ "분장은... 아니구나. 진짜네..."
▶️ "Please, don't look down on me." ▶️ "나쁘게 생각하지 말아 줘..."
▶️ "Inevitable... " ▶️ "어쩔 수... 없는 일이야..."
▶️ "Stones make for good weapons." ▶️ "돌도 흉기가 될 수 있을까?"
▶️ "I've seen branches cause plenty of injuries." ▶️ "의외로 사람들이 나뭇가지에 많이 다치는 거, 알아?"
▶️ "Keep your energy levels up." ▶️ "요기는 할 수 있겠네."
▶️ "Drink if you're thirsty!" ▶️ "목마를 때 마셔야지."
▶️ "Who can I ask to cook me up some fish?" ▶️ "민물고기 요리는 간을 쎄게 해야한다고 했어."
"(Sniff) I can smell the salt." ▶️ "흐음, 냄새에서 소금기가 느껴지네."


English Korean
▶️ "This might make you dizzy. Not me, I'm totally fine." ▶️ "이거, 다 좋은데 어지럽더라... 난 끄떡없지만!"
▶️ "Are there any nausea meds here? Not like I need it or anything..." ▶️ "멀미약은 없나...? 아니, 뭐 필요하다는 건 아니고!"
▶️ "I'm spy Nicky." ▶️ "흐음, 스파이가 된 기분이야."
▶️ "What're they all up to?" ▶️ "다들 뭘 하는지 볼까?"


English Korean
▶️ "Phew, my legs are tired." ▶️ "후, 간만에 다리가 아프네."


English Korean
▶️ "Stop!" "그만해!"
▶️ "You mad?" "화낸다?"
▶️ "Go away!" "저리 가!"


English Korean
▶️ "Take this!" ▶️ "받아 보라고...!"
▶️ "Brace yourself." ▶️ "각오해...!"
▶️ "This'll hurt." ▶️ "아플 거야...!"


English Korean
▶️ "Too easy " ▶️ "뻔해!"
▶️ "See ya later!" ▶️ "다 보여!"
▶️ "Too slow!" ▶️ "느려!"


English Korean
▶️ "Action!" ▶️ "레디, 액션!"
▶️ "Alright, let's go!" ▶️ "그럼, 간다!"
▶️ "My turn!" ▶️ "내 차례야!"


English Korean
▶️ "Don't make me mad..." ▶️ "화나게 하지 마!"
▶️ "It just got real!" ▶️ "이건 진짜다!"
▶️ "Shut your mouth!" ▶️ "적당히 좀... 해!"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "Perfect!" ▶️ "딱 맞네!"
▶️ "I'm getting used to it now!" ▶️ "슬슬 손에 감기는 데?"
▶️ "I've seen this in movies!" ▶️ "이거 내가 좋아하는 영화에서 본 거야!"
▶️ "Who's ready for an ass kicking?" ▶️ "자, 얻어맞을 준비는 됐을려나?"
▶️ "Heh, I've seen these around!" ▶️ "흥, 예전에 다뤄본 적 있어."
▶️ "Give me everything you've got!" ▶️ "덤벼봐, 다 쳐내줄테니까!"

English Korean
▶️ "There's a show about a man who can beat anyone with one punch. I relate to that. I just wish I could remember the name of it." ▶️ "사람 날리기? 간단해. 쎄게 한 대 치면 되거든. 뼈는 좀 부러지겠지만 죽지는 않을 거야. 아마도."
▶️ "Nobody has ever /seriously/ said "slip another shrimp on the barbie"... " ▶️ "베지 마이트가 왜 맛없다는 거야? 그 짭잘함에 빠지면 헤어나오지 못할텐데!"


English Korean
▶️ "Didn't I tell you I packed a real punch?!" ▶️ "힘으로 하는 건 자신 있다고 했잖아? ...좀 힘들긴 했지만."
▶️ "See?! Don't ignore me next time!" ▶️ "내 힘 봤지? 날 함부로 무시하면 곤란하다고!"

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "I was holding back!" ▶️ "이게 내 전부라고 생각하지 마!"
▶️ "Next time, I'll go all out." ▶️ "힘이 조금 모자랐어... 분해!"


English Korean
▶️ "No, this isn't real..." ▶️ "인정 못 해! 이게 차라리 연기였다면...!"
▶️ "I don't need your pity, leave me alone." ▶️ "위로는 필요 없어! 저리가라고!"


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