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"Let's take out the trash~"

Real Name
Łukasz Lewandowski

Luke's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Bonus atk. speed
Bonus crit rate
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Bat) 0% 0% 0%
Damage Received (Bat) 0% 0% 0%

Luke is a playable character in Eternal Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Double L Cleaning is on the job!" - Luke

Claiming to be a veteran janitor, Luke gained quite the reputation for his proficiency in cleaning and handling any request with a smile.

After clocking out of his day job, cleaning takes on another meaning for him. There's nothing the silent hitman won't turn down, and has yet to fail to come through on any requests.

Luke's father died before he was born, and his mother died in prison while he was just 8 years old. He spent some of his younger years in a facility before being adopted by his step-father, who then raised him to be an efficient assassin.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Neat 'n Tidy (Passive)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Luke T.png

Neat: Luke recovers 5/8/12% of lost HP upon killing a player or 10/15/20% of lost HP upon killing Wickeline.
Tidy: Luke gains a stack of Tidy upon killing players, killing wild animals, or opening air supplies.

Clean Sweep (Q)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Luke Q.png

Skill damage
30/50/70/90/110 (+AP 50%) & 50/80/110/140/170(+AP 100%)
Skill duration
9m, Width 0.6m & 10m
Casting time
0.26s & 0.16s
30/50/70/90/110 SP

Luke throws a bottle of his favorite cleaning product in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and granting him a vision of them. Reactivate this skill within the next 3 seconds to dash to the enemy hit, dealing damage and destroying their shield.
Evolution Effect: Reactivating Clean Sweep heals Luke based on damage dealt.

Elbow Grease (W)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Luke W.png

Skill damage
10/20/30/40/50 (+20% AP)
Skill duration
Casting time
20/35/50/65/80 SP

Passive: Reduces duration of CC on Luke by 12% (airborne/slow/root/stun/suppression).
Active: Luke strengthens his normal attacks for a few seconds, dealing extra skill damage to enemies hit. Hitting an enemy increases his attack speed by 8% for 2 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
Evolution effect: Every time an enemy is hit by the enhanced normal attack of Elbow Grease, the cooldown of Clean Sweep is reduced by .5 second.

Dirty Work (E)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Luke E.png

Skill damage
60/90/120/150/180(+AP 40%)
Casting time
70/85/100/115/130 SP

Passive: Luke does not cause pings on the minimap when attacking or killing an enemy.
Active: Luke teleports behind a targeted enemy and shoots them, dealing damage.
Evolution effect: Enemies damaged by Dirty Work are slowed for 1 second.

Pressure Washer (R)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Luke R.png

Skill damage
200/300/400 (+Attack Power 75%) ~ 500/600/700(+AP 160%)
Skill duration
10m, Width 1.5m
Casting time
120/140/160 SP

Luke fires a bullet from his concealed gun, dealing damage to enemies hit based on their missing HP, slowing them for a few seconds, granting him vision of them, and pushing himself back.
Evolution effect: Hitting an enemy with the bullet resets the cooldown of Clean Sweep.

Weapons[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Luke was the 22nd character to be added to Eternal Return.

Voice[edit | edit source]

English Korean
▶️ "Let's take out the trash~" ▶️ "무엇을 치워드릴까요~?"

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "Time to get cleanin'" ▶️ "청소 시간이군요!"
▶️ "Cleaning season has begun!" 대청소 시즌이 돌아왔나 보죠!
▶️ "Somebody call for a Cleaner? " ▶️ "청소부를 부르셨나요?"

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Oof, I really gotta clean here." ▶️ "오, 청소할 맛이 나겠는데요?"
▶️ "I'mma pick up the litter around here. " ▶️ "쓰레기는 치우면서 갈까요?"
▶️ "This alley is kinda nasty..." ▶️ "이런, 꽤 지저분한 동네네요."
▶️ "Dang. it's my first time seeing a place like this." ▶️ "호오, 이런 데는 처음 보네요."
▶️ "Guess I should just throw away a little bit of everything." ▶️ "뭐, 적당히 전부 다 버릴까요?"
▶️ "Nobody is using these arrows so I guess they're just garbage?" ▶️ "화살도 쓸 사람이 없으니 쓰레기에 불과하네요."
▶️ "I think... I'll just skip this place. " ▶️ "여긴 조용히 지나가볼까요?"
▶️ "Cemetaries kinda make my mind race..." ▶️ "묘지라... 여러 생각이 드네요."
▶️ "These poor souls can't see their families again.." ▶️ "가족들이 더 이상 못 찾아오게 되었군요. 불쌍해라."
▶️ "Places of worship should be clean. " ▶️ "기도하는 공간이니까 깨끗하면 좋지 않을까요?"
▶️ "Get busy livin' or.." ▶️ "하루하루 먹고 살기 바빠서 말이죠~"
▶️ "Churches need a janitor, too!" ▶️ "성당도 청소부가 필요할 텐데요!"
▶️ "Any cleaning supplies around here?" ▶️ "누가 버리고 간 청소 도구는 없으려나요~"
▶️ "I guess I could clean up since I'm already here." ▶️ "지나가면서 쓰레기나 좀 주울까요?"
▶️ "Must've been a lot of people for there to be this much trash.." ▶️ "사람이 많았던 만큼 쓰레기도 잔뜩 남아있네요."
▶️ "Looks like there's a lot of.. machines here?" ▶️ "오, 기계들이 잔뜩 있었던 것... 같죠?"
▶️ "How am I supposed to take care of this rust?" ▶️ "분명 잔뜩 녹슬었을 거에요."
▶️ "I need something to clean up this oil..." ▶️ "기름때는 약품이 필요한데..."
▶️ "Forests house natural cleaners. " ▶️ "이런 숲에는 자연의 청소부가 산답니다."
▶️ "Check if it's trash or a trap..." ▶️ "쓰레기인지 트랩인지 잘 구분해야겠는걸요..."
▶️ "Is this.. a fruit tree? " ▶️ "방금 그게 나무열매인지 쓰레기인지...."
▶️ "So this is the dock, eh?" ▶️ "어라, 여긴 항구군요?"
▶️ "It ain't too bad here!" ▶️ "제법 멋진 곳인데요?"
▶️ "I'll just chill here and maybe someone will save me." ▶️ "여기서 기다리면 누군가 데리러 오지 않을까요?"
▶️ "Huh, did the doctors already all go home?" ▶️ "오, 의사 선생님은 벌써 퇴근하셨을까요?"
▶️ "Keep your eye on a lot of things in hospitals." ▶️ "병원 청소는 주의할 게 많아서 까다롭다고요."
▶️ "I can hide here if I happen to get hurt." ▶️ "다치면 이곳으로 도망오면 되겠는걸요?"
▶️ "A perfect vacation spot!" ▶️ "휴가였다면 딱 좋았겠죠~"
▶️ "Is that sign crooked? " ▶️ "간판은 제대로 달려 있는 걸까요?"
▶️ "It's been a minute since I cleaned a hotel.." ▶️ "호텔 청소는 꽤 오랜만에 해보는걸요~"
▶️ "Good place to go fishing! " ▶️ "낚시라도 하면 좋겠는걸요~"
▶️ "Protect the environment and clean the pond!" ▶️ "우선 근처의 쓰레기부터 주워 볼까요?"
▶️ "What's biting in the pond?" ▶️ "이런 곳에서도 뭐가 낚이나...?"
▶️ "Can I relax here for just a second?" ▶️ "조금 앉아있다 가도 되려나요?"
▶️ "This island is better than I thought." ▶️ "생각보다 멋진 섬인데요?"
▶️ "I kinda stick out at the beach... " ▶️ "여기 있으면 눈에 잘 띄긴 하겠지만..."
▶️ "Wait.. did I get my diploma?" ▶️ "졸업을 했던가~ 안했던가, 가물가물해서요."
▶️ "Where's the janitors closet?" ▶️ "찾아보면 청소용구는 제대로 있지 않을까요?"
▶️ "The school has some creaky floorboards.. " ▶️ "삐걱거리는 소리가 요란한걸요~"
▶️ "You'd call this place solemn, no?" ▶️ "이런 걸 엄숙한 분위기라고 하던가요?"
▶️ "Is that incense I smell?" ▶️ "향 냄새인거죠?"
▶️ "The temple is already super neat and tidy." ▶️ "청소를 안 해도 깔끔한 곳이네요."
▶️ "Must've been a good neighborhood." ▶️ "꽤 좋은 동네였던 모양인걸요."
▶️ "There's many nice houses here." ▶️ "멋진 집이 잔뜩 있는걸요~"
▶️ "I could never get used to this kinda place..." ▶️ "청소하는 재미는 없겠어요~"

English Korean
▶️ "Huh, I made something!" ▶️ "오, 뭔가 만들어졌어요!"
▶️ "No tools, no problem." ▶️ "최소한의 도구는 필요한 법이죠."
▶️ "Just a bit more!" ▶️ "조금만 더 해볼까요?"
▶️ "This ain't so bad!" ▶️ "제법 괜찮은데요!"
▶️ "This could be of use to me. " ▶️ "와우, 도움이 되겠네요."
▶️ "Next time, it'll be perfect." ▶️ "다음에는 더 완벽하게 만들 수 있을 것 같은데요?"
▶️ "Lookin clean'" ▶️ "오, 방금 좀 빛났죠?"
▶️ "Heh, this'll work." ▶️ "이거면 충분하죠."
▶️ "Who woulda thought I could make something like this.." ▶️ "이렇게 그럴듯한 게 나올 줄은..."
▶️ "Luke, the legendary cleaner!" ▶️ "업그레이드된 청소부랍니다"
▶️ "Nobody cleans better than me." ▶️ "누구보다 깨끗하게 치울 수 있겠어요."
▶️ "Now it's really time to get to work." ▶️ "진짜 청소를 시작해볼까요?"


English Korean
▶️ "This'll work like a charm." ▶️ "이 정도면 감쪽같을걸요?"
▶️ "I can hide as well as I clean." ▶️ "치우는 것 만큼, 숨기는 것도 자신있답니다!"


English Korean
▶️ "Somebody called for a cleaner!" ▶️ "청소부를 부르셨나요~?"
▶️ "You're looking a little dirty!" ▶️ "지저분해 보이는걸요?"


English Korean
▶️ "Oof, this stains don't wash out" ▶️ "이런, 핏자국은 잘 안 지워지는데 말이에요."
▶️ "All clean." ▶️ "깨끗해졌죠?"
▶️ "I'm still just a cleaner." ▶️ "이래보여도 청소부랍니다~"
▶️ "I'll leave it at the curb." ▶️ "뒷처리까지 맡겨주세요."
▶️ "Nothing but a simple cleaning!" ▶️ "이쯤이야, 간단하죠."
▶️ "Just part of the process." ▶️ "모든 건 결국 과정일 뿐이니까요."
▶️ "You didn't have anyone under you, right?" ▶️ "혹시 고용주는 아니었겠죠~?"
▶️ "I gotta wash my hands.." ▶️ "손을 좀 씻는 게 좋겠어요."
▶️ "Wait, wasn't I supposed to be cleaning?" ▶️ "청소부 아니었냐고요? 글쎄요. 어떨까요?"
▶️ "There's no janitor like me." ▶️ "저처럼 유능한 청소부도 없죠?"
▶️ "Alright, almost finished the job." ▶️ "자아, 거의 다 치웠어요."
▶️ "At the end of the day, anything in the bag is trash." ▶️ "봉투에 담기면 전부 쓰레기일 뿐이에요."
▶️ "You think I'm trying to hide my true colors?" ▶️ "이런, 정체를 들켜버리겠네요~"
▶️ "I feel kinda bad, you guys tried your best!" ▶️ "다들 노력했는데, 조금 미안해지려고 하네요~"
▶️ "Be sure to call Double L for all your cleaning needs!" ▶️ "다음 청소도 물론 더블 엘에게 맡겨주시는 거겠죠?"
▶️ "You don't wanna end up like this." ▶️ "걸리적거리면 결국 이렇게 될 뿐이야."
▶️ "My bad, this is just what I do~" ▶️ "미안, 미안. 일이라서 말이야~"
▶️ "How should I do this so you don't get angry?" ▶️ "이건 어떻게 치워야 안 혼나려나?"

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "I gotta get outta here." ▶️ "조금 서두르는 게 좋겠죠?"
▶️ "I'm not done cleaning yet.." ▶️ "아직 덜 치웠는데..."
▶️ "I'll finish up another day." ▶️ "다음 기회에 마저 치울까요?"

English Korean
▶️ "Cleaning supplies inside?" ▶️ "청소도구일까요?"
▶️ "I'm running out of mop heads!" ▶️ "마침 물걸레가 다 떨어졌는데!"
▶️ "They got some kinda robot vaccum?" ▶️ "로봇청소기같은 건 없으려나..."
▶️ "Some trash inside.." ▶️ "이런 건 대부분 쓰레기던데..."
▶️ "Any surprises?" ▶️ "깜짝 상자는 아니겠죠?"
▶️ "I can just open it!" ▶️ "마음대로 열어도 되는 걸까요?"
▶️ "Someone else was cleaning here!" ▶️ "어라라, 누가 청소하고 간 모양이네요."
▶️ "I'll just tidy this up a bit" ▶️ "잠깐 청소 좀 할게요."
▶️ "Hmm.. let's see... " ▶️ "흐음, 어디보자~"
▶️ "Lemme just grab some stones" ▶️ "이것도 일단은 수거해 둘까요?"
▶️ "These branches could use a quick trim" ▶️ "좀 더 다듬으면 쓸만하지 않을까요?"
▶️ "This would be good just boiled." ▶️ "오, 그냥 쪄 먹어도 맛있겠어요."
▶️ "I should grab a lot of water." ▶️ "잔뜩 담아 둘까요?"
▶️ "Can I be this relaxed?" ▶️ "이렇게 느긋해도 되는 걸까요?"
▶️ "Woah, nice view!" ▶️ "호오, 제법 멋진 풍경인걸요."


English Korean
▶️ "Very clever machine." ▶️ "영리한 장치가 있네요."
▶️ "I can cut down on travel costs with this." ▶️ "편하게 청소할 수 있겠어요."
▶️ "Oh, I missed a spot!" ▶️ "오오, 저쪽이 더러운 것 같아요!"
▶️ "I can see pretty much everything" ▶️ "제법 어디든 잘 보이는걸요?"


English Korean
▶️ "Quick rest and keep movin!" ▶️ "조금 쉬었다 마저 할게요!"


English Korean
▶️ "How exciting!" ▶️ "즐거운 청소시간이랍니다!"
▶️ "I'll clean it up!" ▶️ "깨끗해져볼까요!"
▶️ "Job well done!" ▶️ 만족스러운 청소군요!


English Korean
▶️ "Whatever it is, I'll clean it up for you!" ▶️ "뭐든지 치워드립니다!"
▶️ Sweeping noise ▶️ "쓱싹쓱싹~!"
▶️ "Double L is here!" ▶️ "더블L 입니다!"


English Korean
▶️ "It's dirty here.." ▶️ "여기가 더러운데?"
▶️ "I'll handle it" ▶️ "자, 저만 믿으세요."
▶️ "Still dirty..." ▶️ "아직 더러운데.."


English Korean
/ ▶️ "쉿!"
▶️ "Caught." ▶️ "들켜버렸군요."
▶️ "It'll be over soon!" ▶️ "금방 끝납니다."


English Korean
▶️ "You can't help that you were caught!" ▶️ "들켰다면 어쩔 수 없죠!"
▶️ "Time to clean!" ▶️ "청소할 시간이에요!"
▶️ "Cleaning is my specialty!" ▶️ "청소는 제 전문이니까요!"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "There's gotta be something cleaner than this!" ▶️ "깔끔한 처리가 취향인데 말이죠.."
▶️ "One quick motion will make it clean." ▶️ "한방에 끝내야 깔끔하겠죠~?"

English Korean
▶️ "I've gotten remarkably good at cleaning up blood over the years..." ▶️ "가끔 핏자국을 치우다 보면, 지나치게 많이 흘려둔 집도 있더란 말이죠. 설마...아니겠죠~?"
▶️ "Whatever you designate as trash, I'll take care of it (like youre winking) " ▶️ "집에 있는 쓰레기라면 뭐든 버려 드려요. '쓰레기'라고 지정해주신 거라면 뭐든지요."

English Korean
▶️ "Oh? Why is this trash moving??" ▶️ "오, 쓰레기인 줄 알았는데 움직이네요?"
▶️ "I don't think I can recycle you..." ▶️ "아무래도 당신은 분리수거는 못 하겠네요."


English Korean
▶️ "Thank you for using Double L cleaning, your best choice for all your cleaning needs!" ▶️ "다음 의뢰도 기다리겠습니다! 어떤 청소든 더블 엘에게 맡겨주세요~"
▶️ "Don't forget to send money for today's cleaning to the right account!" ▶️ "오늘의 수고비는 먼저 알려드린 계좌로 부탁드립니다, 고용주님!"

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "I was almost dissapointing is that..." ▶️ "이제 마무리만 남았었는데... 아쉽게 됐네요."
▶️ "I didn't get to add my finishing touches..." ▶️ "청소의 마무리를 양보하라니, 조금 속상한걸요?"


English Korean
▶️ "What?! I didn't even finish stretching!" ▶️ "아아, 아직 제대로 몸풀기도 못했는데 말이에요..."
▶️ "Embarassing. A janitor taken out like trash." ▶️ "청소부가 청소당하다니, 부끄러운걸요?"


English Korean
▶️ "C'mon, I'm just a janitor" ▶️ "그냥 평범한 청소부라니까요~"


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️ Laugh 1