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"Is it time for hide and seek?"

Real Name
Jacquline Quilt
United Kingdom

Jackie's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Atk. speed
Attack Range
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Axe) 0% -2% -4%
Damage Received (Axe) 0% +2% -6%
Recovery Received (Axe) 0% -5% -10%
Damage Dealt (Two-handed Sword) 0% 0% 0%
Damage Received (Two-handed Sword) 0% -2% -8%
Damage Dealt (Dagger) 0% 0% +2%
Damage Received (Dagger) 0% +2% -8%
Damage Dealt (Dual Swords) 0% -5% -6%
Damage Received (Dual Swords) 0% 0% -7%

Jackie is a playable character in Eternal Return.


"More...more...more!!" - Jackie

Jackie first discovered the thrill of murder after killing the wife and daughter of the Winslair family - a prominent political family. She went on to become a serial killer with a body count of over 30 people.

Her name 'Quilt' comes from her modus operandi of slicing the victims' bodies into small indistinguishable pieces. The resulting pieces are too small to identify, unless stitched together like a quilt.

She gained infamy for her rather inhumane killing methods and meticulous clean-up.

The body of Jackie's first victim, Angela Winslair, was never found.


Bloodfest (Passive)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Jackie T.png

Survivor/Bear AP Increase
14/23/32% AP
AP Increase
4/8/12% AP

When Jackie slays an enemy, her attack power is temporarily enhanced. Killing survivors and bears increase her attack power even more.

  • The Survivor/Bear AP Increase and the normal AP Increase are given by 2 separate buffs. When Jackie slays a survivor or bear, she gains both buffs.
  • Getting another kill refreshes the buff duration.

Hack and Slash (Q)

Ground Target

Icon Stats Ability Description
Jackie Q.png

First Swing Skill Damage
25/50/75/100/125 (+35% AP)
Second Swing Skill Damage
25/50/75/100/125 (+65% AP)
Bleed Total Damage
Bleed Duration
Cast time
SP Cost
50/60/70/80/90 SP

Jackie swings her weapon twice, making her target bleed. Bleeding enemies will take damage over time.

Adrenaline Burst (W)

No Target

Icon Stats Ability Description
Jackie W.png

Initial Movement Speed Bonus
5% (Decaying)
Additional Movement Speed (moving towards bleeding enemy)
Bleeding Enemy Skill Damage
9/12/15/18/21% AP
Heal on hit
10/19/28/37/46 (+8% AP)
Cast Time
SP Cost
90/100/110/120/130 SP

Jackie's bursting adrenaline causes her to move faster for a moment. If she attacks a bleeding target during her adrenaline burst, she deals bonus damage to the target and restores her HP.

  • Jackie gains additional movement speed when moving towards bleeding enemies with this ability used.

Leaping Strike (E)

Ground Target

Icon Stats Ability Description
Jackie E.png

Skill Damage
50 (+30% AP)/
100 (+40% AP)/
150 (+50% AP)/
200 (+60% AP)/
250 (+70% AP)
Movement Speed Reduction
Bleeding Movement Speed Reduction
Slow Duration
Cast Time
Attack Radius
SP Cost
70/85/100/115/130 SP

Jackie leaps to the targeted location, dealing damage and slowing her enemies nearby upon landing. Hitting bleeding enemies with Leaping Strike slows their movement speed even more.

  • Jackie can jump over walls and terrain with this ability

Chainsaw Murderer (R)

No Target

Icon Stats Ability Description
Jackie R.png

Attack Speed Bonus
Buff Duration
Skill Damage
100/225/350 (+70% AP) to 250/375/500 (+100% AP)
Swipe Radius
Cast Time
Bleed Damage
Bleed Duration
SP Cost
120/150/180 SP

Jackie starts her deadly chainsaw. Her chainsaw boosts her attack speed and causes targets hit by her basic attacks to bleed enemies. She also takes a swipe at her target and deals considerable damage before she turns off her chainsaw.

  • Can toggle skill for deactivation after 7s
  • This ability keeps Jackie in combat.
  • Jackie won't swipe her chainsaw if she is stunned, downed, or silenced when the buff ends.
  • Jackie will cancel any channeled commands (crafting, reviving, etc) when she swipes her chainsaw.


Two-Handed Sword
Dual Swords




  • Jackie was released in the very first alpha test of BS:ER, along with Hyunwoo and Aya
  • Jackie's birthday is August 4th.
  • In the original Black Survival, Jackie hums an American song called Turkey in the Straw.
  • In the original Black Survival, Jackie was the titular character being featured in the intro graphic, trailer and icon.


English Korean
▶️ "Is it time for hide-and-seek?" ▶️ "흐흐, 숨바꼭질 시작이구나?"

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "Everyone's hiding? Let's begin~" ▶️ "다 숨었지? 시작한다~"
▶️ "Ready or not, here I come!" ▶️ "이제부터 찾기 시작할 거다~?"
▶️ "If I catch you, I get to do whatever I want with you!" ▶️ "잡히면, 내 마음대로 할 거다?"

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Is anyone there?" ▶️ "아무나 안 마주치려나~?"
▶️ "Is somebody following me??" ▶️ "골목이 정말 좁네~ 따라 걸으면 금방 마주치겠어."
▶️ "Oh-oh, what a very narrow street~" ▶️ "흐흥~ 좁은 길이네~?"
▶️ "Aren't bows kinda silly?" ▶️ "활은 좀 비효율적이지 않아?"
▶️ "Might be a fun place to play hide and seek" ▶️ "숨바꼭질하기는 좋아 보기는 곳이네~"
▶️ "Is someone hiding behind the targets?!" ▶️ "흐흥, 과녘 뒤에 아무것도 없나?"
▶️ "Quiet people are boring." ▶️ "조용한 사람들은 관심 없어~"
▶️ "Everyone is so quiet! No fun!" ▶️ "다들 이렇게 조용하니, 얼마나 좋아?"
▶️ "Should I take a peek inside?" ▶️ "어때, 신경 쓰이면 한 번 들어가 보는 게?"
▶️ "This definitely isn't the place for me." ▶️ "확실히 나한테 어울리는 곳은 아니네~"
▶️ "Let's not do anything daft, ok?" ▶️ "우리, 부질없는 짓은 하지 말자, 응?"
▶️ "I don't mind a clean building but this place is kinda rubbish" ▶️ "깨끗한 건물을 싫어하지는 않아~ 그렇다고 좋아하는 것도 아니지만."
▶️ "Did people live here? Are they hiding?" ▶️ "여기도 사람이 많았을까? 다 어디로 갔대?"
▶️ "Where could have they all gone to? Getting Tea?" ▶️ "다들 어디로 가버렸을까?"
▶️ "It would have been nice to have lotsa people here~" ▶️ "사람만 많이 있었어도 좋았을 텐데~"
▶️ "Lotsa rust here~" ▶️ "녹슨 소리가 잔뜩이네~"
▶️ "They musta made the best weapons here!" ▶️ "뭘 만드는 곳일까? 이왕이면 아주 강한 무기가 좋겠어~"
▶️ "If something goes wrong here, you go to the other world.." ▶️ "이거 잘못 스쳤다간 저쪽 세상이겠다, 그치?"
▶️ "Don't trip on any roots while you run!!" ▶️ "숲을 헤매는 건 인간 뿐이래, 우습지 않아?"
▶️ "What animals hide in a forest? Are there any bears?" ▶️ "이 숲엔 무슨 동물이 살까~? 역시 곰인가?"
▶️ "It's a Forest! I should chop some firewood! Hehe" ▶️ "숲이네? 장작이라도 팰까? 농담이야~"
▶️ "Maybe I'll stick around here for a while." ▶️ "흐응~ 난 아직 여기서 떠나고 싶지 않은걸?"
▶️ "I'll sit here and stop anyone from trying to leave!" ▶️ "차라리 여기 지키고 앉아서 아무도 못 나가게 할까?"
▶️ "Boats are bizarre.. why don't they sink?" ▶️ "배라는 거 말야~ 금방 가라앉아 버릴 것 같지 않아?"
▶️ "Doctor~ There's lotsa patients here!" ▶️ "의사 선생님~ 여기 환자가 잔뜩 있어요! 곧 내가 다 죽일 거지만~ (웃음소리)"
▶️"It'd be convenient to get hurt in the hospital! You can go directly to the ER!" ▶️ "병원에서 다치면, 바로 응급실로 갈 수 있으니까 좋지 않을까?"
▶️ "Nice! It's big, clean, and bloody useless~" ▶️ "허울 좋은 건물이네~ 넓고, 깨끗하고, 쓸모 없어보여~"
▶️ "Knock, knock. Is anybody home?" ▶️ "똑똑~ 아무도 안 계세요? 그럴 리가 없는데~"
▶️ "Closed, eh? Doesn't matter, I'm going in anyway!" ▶️ "영업중은 아닌 것 같으니까~ 마음대로 들어갈게?"
▶️ "Are there any rooms left? It'd be even better if I had a neighbor!" ▶️ "방 남은 거 있나요~ 이왕이면 손님이 있는 쪽으로~"
▶️ "Hmm, humans can't breathe under water, right?" ▶️ "하긴, 아무리 사람이라도 물 속에서 숨은 못 쉬지?"
▶️ "There's something still at the bottom of the pond..." ▶️ "연못 바닥에 뭐가 있을 지 궁금하지 않아?"
▶️ "If it rains, it's gonna flood!" ▶️ "비가 오면 이 근처는 금방 잠기겠는걸~?"
▶️ "Now's not the time to get a suntan.." ▶️ "한가롭게 일광욕할 때가 아닐걸?"
▶️ "There's lotsa sand here. How annoying." ▶️ "모래가 잔뜩 있네, 귀찮게~"
▶️ "My feet just sink in!" ▶️ "발이 푹푹 빠지네~ 돌아다니기 힘든걸~"
▶️ "When am I ever gonna use algebra?" ▶️ "뭔가를 배워도, 못 써먹으면 소용 없지 않아~?"
▶️ "If there's only one survivor, who are we supposed to learn from?" ▶️ "한 명만 살아남으면, 공부는 누구한테 배워?"
▶️ "School can be boring and amusing at the same time~" ▶️ "뭔가를 배운다는 거, 지루하면서도 신기한 일이지~"
▶️ "I'm not in the mood to reveal my inner desires " ▶️ "글쎄, 난 딱히 내 욕망을 비우고 싶은 게 아니니까 말이야~"
▶️ "Mercy? Like killing people in just one blow?" ▶️ "내 자비는~ 글쎄, 단숨에 죽여주는 걸까나?"
▶️ "Is there a rule that says you have to walk around quietly?" ▶️ "이 안은 조용히 돌아다녀야 하는 규칙이라도 있는 거야?"
▶️ "Nice houses. Were there lotsa big happy families too?" ▶️ "흐흥~ 그럴듯한 집들이네. 멋진 가족이 잔뜩 살았으려나?"
▶️ "These houses are pretty, but just... deserted." ▶️ "예쁜 집들이지만, 사람이 없으니 결국 폐가일 뿐이네~"
▶️ "hmm~ reminds me of long ago" ▶️ "흐응, 옛날 생각이 나는걸~"


English Korean
▶️ "Is this for playing tag?" ▶️ "술래를 위한 건가~?"
▶️ "Brilliant! I can zip around!" ▶️ "좋아~ 열심히 찢으러 가볼까~?"

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Cornering your prey into a little space... Wonderful" ▶️ "작은 공간에 사냥감을 몰아넣는 기분... 아주 좋아."
▶️ "Where'd everyone go? (laughing sound)" ▶️ "다들 어디로 흩어졌을까~ (웃음소리)"
▶️ "This is fun! Come out wherever you are!" ▶️ "재밌어, 재밌어! 꼭꼭 숨어라~ 머리카락 보인다!"

English Korean
▶️ "I guess this is better than nothing?" ▶️ "없는 것 보단 괜찮지 않나~?"
▶️ "Might be something worth using.." ▶️ "쓸 만한 물건인걸?"
▶️ "I'll get used to this, I suppose." ▶️ "쓰다 보면 손에 익겠지~"
▶️ "Look at that! Isn't it just something!" ▶️ " 이거 봐, 제법 괜찮지 않아?"
▶️ "This is something special!" ▶️ "이건 좀 드문 물건이네!"
▶️ "Oooh I can't wait to use this!" ▶️ "얼른 써보고 싶은데?"
▶️ "Eh-he, everyone better be worried!" ▶️ "헤에, 이제 모두 긴장하는 게 좋을 것 같은데?"
▶️ "Hehe, can I just bounce around now?" ▶️ "흐흥, 마음껏 날뛰어볼까?"
▶️ "Nice! Let's make some more!" ▶️ "좋은데? 더, 더 만들자!"
▶️ "Ok now THIS is serious." ▶️ "나 이제 진심으로 한다?"
▶️ "I might lose control a bit with this!" ▶️ "진심으로 해도 돼? 흐흐흥, 좀 정신없을지도 몰라~"
▶️ "I like this! It fits me perfectly." ▶️ "이거 좋아, 나한테 꼭 맞는데!"


English Korean
▶️ "Found you!" ▶️ "흐흥~ 찾았다!"
▶️ "Here love, I'll chop you up nicely!" ▶️ "자아~ 잘게 잘게 찢어줄게!"


English Korean
▶️ "Calm and orderly, one at a time~" ▶️ "차근차근, 한 명씩~"
▶️ "You're lucky enough to be the first one!~" ▶️ "네가 첫 번째로 당첨이야~"
▶️ "No matter what, it's always easier the second time." ▶️ "처음 한 번보다 두 번째가 더 쉽지~ 무슨 일이든 말이야."
▶️ "It's far from over yet." ▶️ "응, 좀 더 해치울 수 있다니까? 아직 멀었어~"
▶️ "Hahaha! How many is that now? I've lost count!" ▶️ "아하하하, 몇 명째지? 잊어버렸어, 잊어버릴래!"
▶️ "If I was a student, I'd receive lotsa praise, right?!" ▶️ "내가 학생이었다면~ 분명 잔뜩 칭찬받았을 거야. 그렇지?"
▶️ "Hehehe, aren't they all so weak?" ▶️ "후후후, 다들 너무 약한 거 아냐? 좀 더 덤벼 봐!"
▶️ "You weren't so lucky number 7!" ▶️ "행운의 일곱 번째네~ 아, 죽어버렸으니 행운도 아닌가? 아하하하!"
▶️ "Hilarious, isn't it? If you were going to die this easily, why did you struggle so much?" ▶️ "우습지 않아? 이렇게 쉽게 죽을 텐데. 왜 그렇게 발버둥칠까?"
▶️ "I should hurry up a bit if I want to get rid of the remaining pests." ▶️ "조금 서둘러야 하지 않을까? 남은 애들도 해치우려면."
▶️ "I can kill more. Let's go. Let's get rid of some more people." ▶️ "더 할 수 있어. 그러니까 가자. 몇 명이고 더 해치우자. 응?"
▶️ "Ahahah! Everyone is so weak!" ▶️ "아하하, 아하하하! 다들 정말 약하네!"
▶️ "Didn't they say there's like... a prize for someone who kills 12 people?" ▶️ "뭐라더라, 열 두명을 채우면 주는 선물같은 거... 없어?"
▶️ "They say 13 is unlucky... not for me!" ▶️ "13이 그렇게 불행한 숫자라는데... 난 행복한걸? 열 세명이나 해치웠으니 말야!"
▶️ "Oh, it's over? What a bore~ How about having some more people next time?" ▶️ "뭐야, 끝났어? 시시하네~ 다음부턴 숫자를 좀 더 늘리는 게 어때?"
▶️ "Don't bother me, you'll dull my knives." ▶️ "걸리적거리지 마, 연습도 안 되는 게."
▶️ "Boring~ where are the people?" ▶️ "재미없어~ 사람들은 다 어디 간 거야?"
▶️ "Wild animals really don't listen well.." ▶️ "야생동물은, 좀체 말을 듣지 않는단 말이지~"


English Korean
▶️ "I hope it makes a brilliant explosion." ▶️ "철컹, 철컹~ 화려하게 터지면 좋겠네~"
▶️ "Who's going to get caught? Which idiot will I find?" ▶️ "누가 걸릴까? 어떤 멍청이가 걸려줄까?"


English Korean
▶️ "It's not that I'm tired, I'm just giving them a head start~" ▶️ "도망칠 시간을 주는 거야~ 내가 지친 게 아니라구~"

English Korean
▶️ "Open up!" ▶️ "열려라!"
▶️ "Let's see what's in here?" ▶️ "자, 뭐가 들었나?"
▶️ "It opened!" ▶️ "열었다!"
▶️ "Better be something sharp!" ▶️ "이왕이면 아주 날카로운 게 좋겠는데~"
▶️ "Oooh I love surprises." ▶️ "상자를 여는 건 늘 즐거운 일이지, 안 그래?"
▶️ "If it's useless, I suppose I can just throw it out!" ▶️ "쓸모없는 게 들어있기만 해 봐, 전부 엎어버릴 테니까~"
▶️ "I have to pick these up one at a time??" ▶️ "일일히 이래야 하나?"
▶️ "Fish bones are different.." ▶️ "물고기는 찣으면 무슨 소리가 날까아~?"
▶️ "Hmm, I feel like the texture is better eaten raw." ▶️ "흐흥, 식감은 날로 먹는 게 더 좋을 것 같은데~"
▶️ "Oh! Maybe I can make some chips!" ▶️ "이거, 고향에서 많이 먹던 거 잖아?"
▶️ "Ugh this takes too long." ▶️ "귀찮아서 어느 세월에 다 해?"
▶️ "Refreshing~" ▶️ "이왕이면 시원한 물이면 좋겠네~"
▶️ "Uh? They're already dead? Disappointing" ▶️ "이런~ 이미 망가졌잖아? 재미없는 걸..."
▶️ "I should pray for them... that they had something useful hehe" ▶️ "부디 쓸만한 걸 남겨뒀길 바라~"
▶️ "It's like opening a gift on Christmas morning!" ▶️ "선물상자를 여는 느낌이야~"
▶️ "Ah-ah! I see you!" ▶️ "아하! 너네 거기 있었구나. "
▶️ "Come out, come out, wherever you are~" ▶️ "꼭꼭 숨어라~ 머리카락 보일라"


English Korean
▶️ "Haha, ahahahah! Time to soak in blood!" ▶️ "아하, 아하하하! 피로 물들일 시간이야!"
▶️ "Everyone will turn red!" ▶️ "다들 새빨갛게 물들면 좋겠다. 그렇지?"
▶️ "More people need to join the party!" ▶️ "있지, 내 축제에는 좀 더 많은 사람이 필요해~"


English Korean
▶️ "I'll tear you up!" ▶️ "찢어볼까!"
▶️ "Quickly!" ▶️빠르게!
▶️ "RIP" ▶️ "찢기!"


English Korean
▶️ "Let's gooo!" ▶️ "시작할까?"
▶️ "Faster!" ▶️ "더 빨리 간다!"
▶️ "It's so much fun!" ▶️ "재미있을 거야!"


English Korean
▶️ "Sorry to scare you!" ▶️ "놀랐지!"
▶️ "Found you!" ▶️ "찾았다!"
▶️ "Oh, who's there?!" ▶️ "찾았네?"


English Korean
▶️ "It'll only hurt a bit!" ▶️ "좀 많이 아플지도 몰라!"
▶️ "Scared? Does it look like it'll hurt? Because it will." ▶️ "무서워? 아플 것 같지? 엄청 아플 거야~"
▶️ "Don't run, it'll be easier for the both of us!" ▶️ "도망가면 안 돼, 무심코 죽여버릴지도 몰라~"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "Did you just hit me? You're gonna regret that!~" ▶️ "나 때렸어? 후회하게 될 텐데~"
▶️ "Hahahah, I'll pay you back real good~" ▶️ "아하하, 제대로 갚아줄 수 있겠네!"
▶️ "Let's dance together! Here, I'll take your hand. Literally!" ▶️ "같이 춤추자! 손은 잡아주지 않을 거지만~"
▶️ "Will this be our last dance?" ▶️ "이 춤이 끝나고도 살아남을 수 있을까?"
▶️ "I know I can really scare 'em~" ▶️ "놀래키는 일에는 자신 있어~"
▶️ "You have to be fast and clever in hide and seek~" ▶️ "원래 술래는 아주 빠르고, 영리한 거야~"
▶️ "Haha, I'm ready to return the favor." ▶️ "히히, 받아칠 준비 됐어~"
▶️ "Pay attention, or it'll be your end." ▶️ "그런 공격 정도는, 흘려버리면 그만이지!"

English Korean
▶️ "Why doesn't anyone want me to be it when we play hide and seek?" ▶️나도 한 때는 얌전한 아가씨였지~ 아주 먼 옛날 일이지만!
▶️ "My parents... they were killed by a really scary person... Hahaha!" ▶️가끔은 술래를 바꿔볼까? 나보다 더 잘 하는 사람이 있을 것 같지는 않지만~
▶️ "Anybody know where I can get a chainsaw fixed around here?" ▶️사실 전기톱 손질하는 거, 귀찮은데 말이야~ 전담 수리기사라도 있으면 좋겠어.
▶️ "I used to be a gentle lady at one point in my life.. or maybe it was in another life.." ▶️우리 부모님은 말이야... 아주 무서운 사람한테 살해당했어. ...어라, 농담인 거 알아챘어? 아하하하!

English Korean
▶️How does it feel to run away? ▶️ "있지, 도망치는 기분은 어떤 기분이야?"
▶️You're so weak, are you sure you can fight me? ▶️ "그렇게 비리비리해서, 나랑 싸울 수 있겠어?"
▶️You're nervous? Then how can you catch me? ▶️ "벌써 겁먹었어? 그럼 이번엔 내가 술래야~?"
▶️Who knows if dying even hurts? Guess you'll find out.. ▶️ "사실 하나도 안 아플지도 모르잖아? 죽는 거 말이야~"


English Korean
▶️ "What?! That was fun for a while..." ▶️ "뭐야, 한참 재미있었던 참인데... 있지, 한 번 더 하자?"
▶️ "It's already finished? Can't we keep having fun?" ▶️ "벌써 끝났어? 좀 더 놀게 해주면 안 되나?"

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "That's too bad.. I guess we'll just have to wait for our next game" ▶️ "이런~ 조금 아쉽지만 다음 술래잡기를 기다려야 겠네?"
▶️ "I'll remember your face, and rip it off next time!" ▶️ "얼굴 다 기억해놨으니까 다음번엔 제대로 찢어발겨줄게!"


English Korean
▶️ "Uh? Did I let my guard down?" ▶️ "어라? 너무 방심해버렸나?"
▶️ "Let me go! If you don't, I'll slice you!" ▶️ " 놔! 다시 안 들여보내주면 모조리 썰어버릴 테니까!"


English Korean
▶️ "It's getting too bloody even for me..." ▶️항복! 항복! 너는 안 괴롭힐게. 약속!
▶️ "I surrender! I surrender! I won't bother you. Promise!" ▶️그래, 그래~ 술래인 내가 졌어.
▶️ "Right, right. I was tagged, I lost." ▶️이제 그만할래~ 재미없는 술래잡기는 더 하고 싶지 않은 걸?
▶️ "I'm not in the mood to play hide and seek today." ▶️흐음~ 너무 살벌하다. 난 여기까지만 할래.


English Korean
▶️ Attack sound 1 ▶️ Attack sound 1
▶️ Attack sound 2 /
▶️ Attack sound 3 /
▶️ Attack sound 4 /
▶️ Attack sound 5 /


English Korean
▶️ Dying sound 1 ▶️ Dying sound 1
▶️ Dying sound 2 /
▶️ Dying sound 3 /
▶️ Dying sound 4 /
▶️ Dying sound 5 /


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️Laugh 1
▶️ Laugh 2 /
▶️ Laugh 3 /
▶️ Laugh 4 /
▶️ Laugh 5 /