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Isol Model.png

"Strategy in place"

Real Name

Isol's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Bonus atk. speed
Bonus crit rate
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Pistol) 0% -10% -18%
Damage Received (Pistol) 0% 0% 0%
Damage Dealt (Assault Rifle) 0% -8% -8%
Damage Received (Assault Rifle) 0% 0% 0%
HP Recovery 0% 0% -4%

Isol is a playable character in Eternal Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

"I can't stop here." - Isol

Isol, known as Marcelo at the time, escaped his orphanage at the age of 12 at the suggestion of his trusted friend, Francisco.

Following his escape, he joined the terrorist group known as MOK. Isol is the sole survivor among the several child soldiers who joined the group around then.

He tended to devolve to unnecessarily cruel ways of murder.

Isol is overly disinterested in learning about others as he hates unnecessarily forming close relationships.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Guerilla Warfare (Passive)


Icon Stats Ability Description

Defense Reduction
Reduction Duration
3 seconds
Trap Setup Time Reduction
.3/.4/.5 seconds

Enemies that take damage from a trap of his have their defense reduced.

Isol arms traps faster.

If an enemy sets a trap in Isol's vision range, he remembers the trap, preventing it from going invisible for him.

  • Reapplying the debuff only refreshes duration.

Semtex Bomb (Q)

Ground Target

Icon Stats Ability Description

Base Damage
50/75/100/125/150 + (40% AP)
Bonus Damage per Attack
8/12/16/20/24 + (20% AP)
Base Root Duration
0.5 seconds
Bonus Root Duration per Attack
0.1 seconds (up to 1.0 s total)
Bomb Timer
5 seconds
Bomb Downtick per Attack
0.5 seconds
Cast Range
8 m
Latch Range
SP Cost

Isol throws a bomb to the target location that sticks to an enemy or on the ground. The bomb explodes after 5 seconds and roots enemies caught in the explosion. If the bomb is stuck on an enemy, each attack reduces the timer and increases the damage and root time.

  • Applies Guerilla Warfare passive upon explosion, despite not being a trap.

Rebel Assault (W)

Ground Target, Walking Channel

Icon Stats Ability Description

Damage per Tick
18/27/36/45/54 + (65% AP)
8 m
Movement Slow
SP Cost

Isol unleashes a fury of bullets in a cone in front of him, dealing damage, and slowing enemies.

  • Damages traps and cameras, dealing 1 HP per tick
  • Can be cancelled by casting the ability again while it is active.

Camouflage (E)

Ground Target

Icon Stats Ability Description

4 m
2.5/2.75/3/3.25/3.5 seconds
SP Cost

Isol rolls forward and blends into his surroundings, going invisible. The invisiblity is lifted if Isol does anything besides basic movement.

MOK Operational Mine (R)

Ground Target

Icon Stats Ability Description

Skill Damage
100/150/200 + (30% AP)
Explosion Radius
Movement Slow
Slow Duration
1.5/1.75/2 seconds
SP Cost
30/25/20 seconds

Isol installs a MOK Operational Mine on the ground that detects enemies. The mine explodes when an enemy enters its range, dealing damage and reducing the movement speed of enemies.

  • Is not affected by Skill Amplification or Reduction but is affected by trap masteries.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Assault Rifle

Videos[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Isol was released in the closed beta test of BS:ER
  • Isol's birthday is March 20th

Voice[edit | edit source]

English Korean
▶️ "Strategy in place." ▶️ "작전 준비 완료."

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "Target locked." ▶️ "타겟 확인."
▶️ "I have things to protect." ▶️ "나는 지켜야 할 것이 있어."
▶️ "The ends justify the means." ▶️ "방법에 옳고 그름은 없어."

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "The alley is a nice place for a trap..." ▶️ "트랩을 설치하기 좋은 곳이군..."
▶️ "Watch your back." ▶️ "뒤를 조심하자."
▶️ "It smells like where I used to live.." ▶️ "내가 살던 곳과 비슷한 냄새가 나..."
▶️ "Targets are all similar, no matter the weapon." ▶️ "과녘은 어느 무기든 비슷한 모양이지."
▶️ "Soldiers should use guns, not arrows." ▶️ "병사는 총으로 충분해,"
▶️ "Maybe I can use these arrowheads for something." ▶️ "화살촉같은 건 써먹을 수 있겠는데."
▶️ "All of my friends were also buried..." ▶️ "내 친구들도 모두 땅으로 돌아갔어."
▶️ "They probably had friends and families too." ▶️ "이들도 가족과 친구가 있었겠지."
▶️ "... my friends don't even have tombstones." ▶️ "...내 친구들의 죽음에는 제대로 된 묘비조차 없었어."
▶️ "Do I even have the right to pray anymore?" ▶️ "나에게 기도할 자격같은 게 있을까?"
▶️ "My prayers are ignored." ▶️ "내 기도는 더 이상 닿지 않아."
▶️ "... let's leave." ▶️ "...지나가자."
▶️ "I can almost hear the sound of people downtown.." ▶️ "사람 소리가 들릴법도 한데.."
▶️ "Even if you look around, this area is nothing special." ▶️ "주위를 둘러봐도 별다른 특이한 점은 없네."
▶️ "I'm sure it used to be very noisy here." ▶️ "틀림없이 시끄러운 장소였을 거야."
▶️ "I should search each and every corner." ▶️ "구석구석 뒤져보자."
▶️ "It would be smart to set a trap here." ▶️ "부품을 조달할 수 있으면 좋겠는데..."
▶️ "The familiar smell of iron..." ▶️ "익숙한 쇠 냄새..."
▶️ "A forest is a nice place to hide a body." ▶️ "몸을 숨기기 좋은 곳이군."
▶️ "Should I set an ambush here?" ▶️ "이곳에 매복할까?"
▶️ "Setting a trap around here..." ▶️ "여기쯤 트랩을 설치하는 게..."
▶️ "They'll probably be watching the sea closely anyway." ▶️ "어차피 바다는 막혀있겠지. "
▶️ "I can't leave here yet." ▶️ "아직 이곳에서 나갈 수는 없어."
▶️ "I'm not ready to escape yet." ▶️ "아직 탈출할 마음은 없어."
▶️ "I should grab some emergency meds." ▶️ "구급약이라도 챙겨둘까."
▶️ "There wouldn't be any doctors or patients left here, right?" ▶️ "남아있는 의사나 환자는 없겠지."
▶️ "Any medicine I can use?" ▶️ "쓸만한 약이 있으려나."
▶️ "There isn't someone stupid enough to nap here, right?" ▶️ "이런 곳에서 쉬는 멍청이는 없겠지."
▶️ "I've already rested enough." ▶️ "휴식은 길바닥에서도 충분히 했어."
▶️ "Should I set a trap while I'm here?" ▶️ "온 김에 트랩이나 설치해둘까..."
▶️ "There's usually a lot of bugs around still water..." ▶️ "고여있는 물 주변에는 벌레가 많던데..."
▶️ "Are there fish in the pond?" ▶️ "안에 물고기가 사는 건가...?"
▶️ "Nice, I might be able to fill up my water here." ▶️ "식수는 여기서 확보하면 되겠군."
▶️ "Oh, I could set a trap or two here." ▶️ "뭔가 설치하기에 좋은 곳이군."
▶️ "It sucks trying to move around in the sand..." ▶️ "모래 때문에 이동하는 게 불편하군."
▶️ "This place isn't great for hiding.." ▶️ "숨어있기에는 부적절한 곳이야."
▶️ "Ah, school... I wish I would've been able to go at least once." ▶️ "학교라... 한번쯤은 다녀보고 싶었을지도."
▶️ "Would things be different if I'd gone to school?" ▶️ "평범하게 학교를 다녔다면 뭔가 달라졌을까."
▶️ "I could get some chalk from here." ▶️ "분필 같은 걸 구할 수 있겠군"
▶️ "This place has a distinct smell." ▶️ "독특한 냄새가 나는데..."
▶️ "The silence of the temple puts me at ease for some reason." ▶️ "왠지 마음이 편해지는 적막감이야."
▶️ "It's real quiet here.." ▶️ "조용하군."
▶️ "Those houses look pricey." ▶️ "꽤 비싸보이는 집들이군. "
▶️ "Did they all leave their houses and run away?" ▶️ "다들 집을 버리고 떠난건가?"
▶️ "The people living here... they would've been happy, right?" ▶️ "행복한 가족이... 살았겠지?"


English Korean
▶️ "Maybe I should set up a trap right here.." ▶️ "이곳에 트랩을 설치할 수 있다면 좋겠군"
▶️ "Better not drop my stuff.." ▶️ "가방을 잘 잡고 타야겠어..."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Let's get out of here." ▶️ "여기서 나가자."
▶️ "I have a bad feeling about this." ▶️ "안 좋은 느낌이 들어."
▶️ "This isn't a good place for traps anymore." ▶️ "트랩 설치는 다른 곳에 하자."

English Korean
▶️ "I can use something like this." ▶️ "이 정도면 쓸만하겠어."
▶️ "Let's make some more!" ▶️ "좀 더 만들어보자."
▶️ "Looks like it can be somewhat useful." ▶️ "그럭저럭 쓸만해 보이는군."
▶️ "Okay! This looks great!" ▶️ "이건 꽤 괜찮은데."
▶️ "This thing turned out pretty good." ▶️ "좋은 물건이 됐네."
▶️ "I gotta pack this up properly." ▶️ "잘 챙겨두자."
▶️ "... nice. Now this is something I can win with." ▶️ "...좋아. 이길 수 있어."
▶️ "I could even use this in a real war." ▶️ "전면전도 괜찮겠군."
▶️ "Did I make something too nice?" ▶️ "너무 제대로 된 걸 만들어버렸나?"
▶️ "I will win this war!" ▶️ "이 전쟁은 내가 이긴다."
▶️ "The winner of this war has already been decided." ▶️ "이번 전투의 승리자는 정해졌어."
▶️ "Was it really me who made this?!" ▶️ "정말 내가 만든 게 맞나...?"


English Korean
▶️ "Target locked." ▶️ "타겟 확인"
▶️ "Target acquired." ▶️ "목표몰 확인"


English Korean
▶️ "Did I kill them?" ▶️ "해치웠나."
▶️ "Caught 'em!" ▶️ "걸려들었군."
▶️ "Their breathing stopped." ▶️ "숨이 멎었군."
▶️ "It's still far from being over." ▶️ "아직 멀었어."
▶️ "It's a shame that I'm so used to fighting..." ▶️ "유감스럽게도 전투는 익숙해서 말이야..."
▶️ "Better shoot again just to make sure they're dead." ▶️ "확인사살이 필요하겠어."
▶️ "The smell of gunpowder..." ▶️ "화약 냄새..."
▶️ "That was a harder kill than I thought." ▶️ "생각보다 힘들게 죽였군..."
▶️ "... Don't forget... shoot them again." ▶️ "...확인 사살을... 잊으면 안 되는데."
▶️ "It feels like I'm losing control of all my senses..." ▶️ "감각이 무뎌지는 느낌이야..."
▶️ "Alright. Who's my next target?" ▶️ "자, 다음 타겟은 누구지?"
▶️ "Elimination complete." ▶️ "제거 완료."
▶️ "I regret nothing." ▶️ "후회따위, 하지 않아."
▶️ "I can't look back now." ▶️ "뒤돌아 볼 자격도 없어."
▶️ "It's finally...over." ▶️ "이제... 정말 끝이군."
▶️ "Don't interrupt me!" ▶️ "방해하지 마라."
▶️ "I had no choice.. you kept bothering me." ▶️ "방해한다면... 어쩔수 없지."
▶️ "... I'm sorry." ▶️ "...미안하게 됐어."


English Korean
▶️ "Getting caught only takes an instant." ▶️ "잡히는 건 순식간이지."
▶️ "It's a survival strategy." ▶️ "생존전략일 뿐이야."


English Korean
▶️ "Better always watch my back, even when resting." ▶️ "쉬는 동안에도 긴장은 유지해야 해."

English Korean
▶️ "There better at least be something in here." ▶️ "뭐라도 들었겠지."
▶️ "Is this full of trash?" ▶️ "잡동사니 투성이인가..."
▶️ "It seems like it'll only be garbage." ▶️ "쓰레기만 든 것 같은데..."
▶️ "What's inside?" ▶️ "뭐가 들었으려나."
▶️ "It's packed nicely." ▶️ "그럴듯하게 포장해뒀군."
▶️ "I hope there's a useable weapon inside." ▶️ "쓸만한 무기가 들었으면 좋겠는데..."
▶️ "I'll pick up just what I need." ▶️ "적당한 걸 골라보자."
▶️ "Fishing is fundamental." ▶️ "낚시는 기본 중의 기본이지"
▶️ "I like the sound of waves..." ▶️ "파도 소리가 좋군..."
▶️ "Potatoes? Here?" ▶️ "이런 데 감자가..."
▶️ "These stones are everywhere.." ▶️ "널린 게 돌멩이군..."
▶️ "Always having water: basic survival." ▶️ "식수 확보는 기초 중의 기초다"
▶️ "Ah, this corpse should be buried after this." ▶️ "제대로 처리하지 못 한 시체군."
▶️ "... they have decent stuff." ▶️ "...훌륭한 자원이군."
▶️ "... I'll use it well." ▶️ "...잘 쓸게. "
▶️ "Where's my next target?" ▶️ "다음 타겟은 어디쯤 있지..."
/ ▶️ "트랩을 설치할 만한 곳이..."


English Korean
▶️ "This'll hurt more than just a bit." ▶️ "따끔한 정도로는 끝나지 않을 거야."
▶️ "Stronger, but even more secretly!" ▶️ "더 강하게, 더 은밀하게."
▶️ "Could these be more obvious?" ▶️ "뻔하게들 설치해놨군."


English Korean
▶️ "Pray that I miss!" ▶️ "빗맞길 기도하라고!"
▶️ "Take this!" ▶️ "투척."
▶️ "Wonder when it'll explode?" ▶️ "언제 터질지 궁금해?"
▶️ "Target hit." ▶️ "적 피격 확인."


English Korean
▶️ "Try to come in if you dare!" ▶️ "들어올 수 있으면, 들어와 봐."
▶️ "Careful! It's hot!" ▶️ "좀 뜨겁겠네. "
▶️ "Forward, fire all at once!" ▶️ "전방, 일제 사격 실시."


English Korean
▶️ "Secretly." ▶️ "은밀하게."
▶️ "Concealing." ▶️ "기척을 숨긴다."
▶️ "Know how to blend in." ▶️ "엄폐는 기본 중 기본이지."


English Korean
▶️ "You better cover your ears." ▶️ "귀를 막는 게 좋을 거야."
▶️ "This is my battlefield!" ▶️ "여기가 나의 전장이다. "
▶️ "Goodbye." ▶️ "잘 가라."

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "My firepower is unmatched." ▶️ "화력에선 지지 않는다"
▶️ "The last winning move is to resort to firepower." ▶️ "마지막 승부수는 늘 강력한 화력이다"
▶️ "This is a good way to corner enemies." ▶️ "적을 몰아 넣기에 좋은 수단이군."
▶️ "It'd be even better to back them into a trap." ▶️ "함정 위로 몰아 넣으면 효율적이겠군. "
▶️ "Let's speed it up." ▶️ "좀 더 빠르게 움직여볼까"
▶️ "It's like time has slowed." ▶️ "시간이 느려진 기분이야"

English Korean
▶️ "While kids my age were playing soccer, I was playing hopscotch with mines." ▶️ "좋아하는 음식은 초콜릿이야. 음식이라기보다 간식이지만... 딱히 처음 먹어봐서 좋아진 건 아니야."
▶️ "I always shoot my enemies again to make sure they're dead. I'm afraid of zombies." ▶️ "내가 확인사살을 하는 이유는, 죽었다고 생각한 놈이 살아 돌아오는 경우가 꽤 많기 때문이야. ...진짜로."
▶️ "The soldier that taught me how to install traps didn't have a left hand. But he says he's all right now." /

English Korean
▶️ "What? Are you afraid of a little trap?" ▶️ "함정이 있을까봐 겁나는 건가?"
▶️ "You look like an idiot." ▶️ "멍청한 표정이군."


English Korean
▶️ "Finally, there's nobody left?" ▶️ "드디어, 아무도 남지 않은 건가."
▶️ "Strategy complete. Over." ▶️ "작전 종료. 이상 없음."

Highly Placed

English Korean
/ ▶️ "어떻게 여기까지 왔는데..."
▶️ "I should've bit my tongue and tried to bear it a bit longer." ▶️ "이악물고 버틸 걸 그랬어..."


English Korean
▶️ "I didn't want to become cannon fodder." ▶️ "이렇게 패잔병이 되고 싶지는 않았는데..."
▶️ "Am I still just a lowly child soldier?" ▶️ "나는 아직도 소년병일 뿐인 건가..."


English Korean
▶️ "I cannot go on." ▶️ "더 이상은 무리다."
▶️ "...I surrender. I'll disarm everything." ▶️ "...항복이야. 무장해제다."
▶️ "I give up. I will remember this... for next time." ▶️ "나는 포기. 다음을... 기약하겠어."
▶️ "My strategy failed.." ▶️ "작전 실패..."


English Korean
/ ▶️ Attack sound 1
/ ▶️ Attack sound 2
/ ▶️ Attack sound 3
/ ▶️ Attack sound 4
/ ▶️ Attack sound 5


English Korean
▶️ Dying sound 1 ▶️ Dying sound 1
/ ▶️ Dying sound 2
/ ▶️ Dying sound 3
/ ▶️ Dying sound 4
/ ▶️ Dying sound 5


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️ Laugh 1
▶️ Laugh 2 /