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Hart Model.png

"Love and Peace!"

Real Name
Hart Floyd

Hart's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Bonus atk. speed
Bonus crit rate
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Guitar) 0% -7% -9%
Damage Received (Guitar) 0% 0% -3%

Hart is a playable character in Eternal Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Love and ...Peace" - Hart

Hart started playing guitar, hooked on the idea that love and music can change the world. She formed a band, who in turn, gained enough popularity that they were pursued by major labels. Hart refused the offers as she would not be able to play the music she wanted. Her other band members, in need of the monetary incentives, signed a contract with a label without her. Shocked by their betrayal, and determined to prove that she was right, she became even more obsessed with using music to change people.

Her father owns an almond farm and she has a twin brother, Clever.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

All of Hart's skills can be evolved by applying an Evolution Point. Evolved skills have additional effects.

You earn one evolution point when you craft your first guitar of different rarities. You get one point when you craft your first Uncommon guitar, another point when you craft your first Rare guitar, and a third and final point when you craft your first Epic guitar.

You can apply up to 2 evolution points per skill.

Feedback (Passive)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Hart T 1.png
Hart T 2.png

1/1.5/2% SP / Normal Attack
Casting time

If Hart deals damage to an enemy with a normal attack, she recovers some SP.

Evolved Feedback: Evolution effect: an additional sound wave is discharged with every normal attack, dealing damage. She discharges one additional sound wave per Evolution point she has. Hart earns an Evolution Point when she crafts an Uncommon, Rare, or Epic weapon for the first time.

Delay (Q)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Hart Q 1.png
Hart Q 2.png

Skill damage
(+30% - 60% AP)
Casting time
100 SP

Hart strums her guitar, charging her sound waves. When she strums the guitar again, the charged sound waves are released. She can charge for up to 4 seconds, and the sound waves stay for 4 seconds. She deals damage, the amount depending on how long she charges.

Evolved Delay: Reduces the movement speed of enemies hit per number of Evolution points.

Evolution slow 30/50%

  • Projectile speed 17m/s

Overdrive (W)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Hart W 1.png
Hart W 2.png

AP Increase
Skill duration
Casting time
85/90/95/100/105 SP

Hart plays a lick on her guitar, increasing her Attack Power for 5 seconds.

Evolved Overdrive: Reduces enemies' defense to her next sound wave per number of Evolution points.

Evolution defense shred 30/45%

Flanger (E)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Hart E 1.png
Hart E 2.png

Skill damage
20/30/40/50/60 (+40% AP)
1.8m/3.6m(third dash)
Casting time
25/30/35/40/45 SP

Hart quickly dashes in the targeted direction. She can activate this skill an additional two times. She moves 2m and strums her guitar, discharging sound waves in a 4m area around her and dealing damage to enemies hit. Her third dash is a little bit longer.

Evolved Flanger: Activating this skill grants skill damage amplification per number of Evolution points.

Evolution Skill Amplification 16/23%

  • Hart can only go over walls using her third dash

Peacemaker (R)

Aura (Ultimate)

Icon Stats Ability Description
Hart R 1.png
Hart R 2.png

(20 + 2% Max HP)/(30 + 3% Max HP)/(40 + 4% Max HP) per second
Enemy movespeed reduced to 2.5m/s
Skill duration
Casting time
200/150/100 SP

Hart puts on a show for 5 seconds, causing everyone in a certain range to dance. For every second of her performance, she recovers HP. Enemies attending the concert have their movement speed reduced to 2.5 and are unable to use any normal attacks or skills.

Evolved Peacemaker: Reduces the SP of all dancing enemies per second. SP reduction amount increases per number of Evolution Points.

Evolution SP decrease 80/180

Evolved SP reduction: 70/180 per second

Weapons[edit | edit source]


Videos[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hart was released in the 5th alpha test of BS:ER
  • Hart's birthday is March 13th.
  • Hart's name may be a reference to American rock band Heart, and British progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

Voice[edit | edit source]

English Korean
▶️ "Love And...Peace...!" ▶️ "Love And...Peace...!"

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "This time.. I will save the world with music!" ▶️ "이, 이번에야말로 음악으로 세상을 구하겠어!"
▶️ "Everyone! Listen to my music!" ▶️ "다, 다들 내 노래를 들어 줘!"
▶️ "I... I just hope for a world filled with love and peace!" ▶️ "나, 나는 사랑과 평화로 가득한 세상을 바랄 뿐이야...!"

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "It's so dark...and scary." ▶️ "어, 어둡고 무서워..."
▶️ "There wouldn't be... anyone hiding here?" ▶️ "누, 누가 숨어있는 건 아니겠지?"
▶️ "I got the chills for some reason..." ▶️ "왠지 오한이 드는걸..."
▶️ "I don't want to become a target myself.." ▶️ "내, 내가 과녘이 되는 건 아니겠지..."
▶️ "I hope no one shoots me in the back..." ▶️ "가, 갑자기 누가 날 쏘는 건 아니겠지?"
▶️ "I did play with bows when I was a child... but not real ones." ▶️ "장난감 활이라면 잡아본 적 있지만..."
▶️ "Rest... in peace." ▶️ "부, 부디 평온이 함께하기를..."
▶️ "I will go through quietly..." ▶️ "시끄럽게 하지 않을게..."
▶️ "So creepy around here..." ▶️ "으, 으스스하네..."
▶️ "I can't stop here..." ▶️ "여, 여기서 멈출 순 없어..."
▶️ "I will... overcome it by myself!" ▶️ "나, 나는 스스로의 힘으로 이겨낼 거야...!"
▶️ "I do know a few choir songs..." ▶️ "성가라면 몇 개쯤 알고 있지만..."
▶️ "Strange... I swear I could hear people's voices." ▶️ "이상하네... 사람 소리가 들린 것 같은데..."
▶️ "I can imagine myself busking in these streets." ▶️ "버스킹하기 좋아 보이는데..."
▶️ "Where did everyone go..." ▶️ "다들 어디로 가버렸을까..."
▶️ "I should be careful not to get hurt..." ▶️ "다, 다치지 않게 조심해야지..."
▶️ "Is there any material that can fix guitars in here?" ▶️ "기타를 고칠 부품같은 건 없으려나..."
▶️ "What if the factory runs again all of a sudden?" ▶️ "갑자기 공장이 작동되면 어쩌지..."
▶️ "Will something come out of the forest if I sing a song?" ▶️ "노, 노래부르면 뭔가 나오려나..?"
▶️ "I'll lose my way at night..." ▶️ "밤이 되면 길을 잃겠어..."
▶️ "My guitar always gets caught in the branches..." ▶️ "나뭇가지에 자꾸 기타가 걸리네..."
▶️ "I doubt there will be any boats to anchor here..." ▶️ "이런 곳에 정박할 배는 없겠지..."
▶️ "Maybe someone will see me if I send a distress signal..." ▶️ "구, 구조 신호를 보내면 누군가 봐주지 않으려나..."
▶️ "Singing songs while looking at the sea is so romantic..." ▶️ "바다를 보면서 노래하는 건 또 다른 낭만이지.."
▶️ "Oh, there's hospitals in this place?" ▶️ "이런 곳에도 병원이 있구나..."
▶️ "Maybe I can find a doctor..." ▶️ "의, 의사 선생님이 있을지도 몰라..."
▶️ "At least no one would want to fight here... right?" ▶️ "이, 이런 곳에서 싸우자고 하지는 않겠지..."
▶️ "I hope there's a decent bed around here" ▶️ "멀쩡한 침대가 있으면 좋겠다..."
▶️ "Is there anyone here?" ▶️ "시, 실례하겠습니다..."
▶️ "Is this really a hotel?" ▶️ "호, 호텔이 맞겠지...?"
▶️ "It's nice to play songs near this quiet pond too..." ▶️ "이런 잔잔한 연못 옆에서 노래부르는 것도 좋아..."
▶️ "Let's try not to fall in..." ▶️ "빠, 빠지지 않게 조심하자..."
▶️ "Can I drink this water...?" ▶️ "마실 수 있는 물인가...?"
▶️ "The sound of waves is refreshing..." ▶️ "파도 소리가 시원해..."
▶️ "I love the sound of steps in the sand." ▶️ "모래 밟는 소리...좋아..."
▶️ "There's one song that comes to mind..." ▶️ "생각나는 노래가 있는데.."
▶️ "There surely will be at least one piano somewhere..." ▶️ "교실에 피아노는 없나..."
▶️ "My favorite time in school was the music class." ▶️ "음악시간이 제일 즐거웠어."
▶️ "I...I barely went to school but..." ▶️ "하, 학교를 자주 빠졌는데..."
▶️ "I feel much more relaxed, somehow..." ▶️ "어쩐지 차분해지는 느낌이야..."
▶️ "What do they do in this place?" ▶️ "뭐 하는 곳일까...?"
▶️ "I... I dont' think I'm allowed to sing in here." ▶️ "여, 여기서 노래부르면 안될 것 같아."
▶️ "Such nice houses..." ▶️ "꽤 멋진 집들 뿐이네..."
▶️ "Oh, everyone left their house and ran away I see..." ▶️ "다들 자기 집을 두고 떠났구나..."
▶️ "I'm not really for going into houses when the owner is not there..." ▶️ "주인없는 집에 들어가고 싶진 않아..."


English Korean
▶️ "I...really don't do well with these things..." ▶️ "나, 난 멀미에 약한데..."
▶️ "I better grab my guitar tightly.." ▶️ "기타를 꼭 붙잡아야 겠어..."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "I have a bad feeling..." ▶️ "부, 불길한 예감이 들어..."
▶️ "I don't think I can stay too long here.." ▶️ "여긴 오래 머물면 안 되나봐..."
▶️ "Let's pack up everything and get out..." ▶️ "얼른 짐 챙겨서 나가자..."

English Korean
▶️ "Did I...make it right?" ▶️ "마, 만들어진 건가?"
▶️ "It looks nice for a first time!" ▶️ "처음치고는 나쁘지 않은 것 같은데..."
▶️ "This should do the trick!" ▶️ "그, 그럴듯한 거 같은데..."
▶️ "Nice... It worked!" ▶️ "좋아...성공했다!"
▶️ "I need to use this a lot in order to handle it well!" ▶️ "제대로 다루려면 익숙해져야겠어..."
▶️ "Ah, I think I got the hang of it now." ▶️ "나도 꽤 익숙해졌구나..."
▶️ "Am I... allowed to use this kind of thing?" ▶️ "이, 이런 걸 내가 들고다녀도 될까?"
▶️ "Let's.. go, with confidence!" ▶️ "자, 자신있게 가보자..!"
▶️ "For love, and peace!" ▶️ "사, 사랑과 평화를 위해!"
▶️ "What am I.. making now?" ▶️ "내가 뭐, 뭘... 만든거지?"
▶️ "Now to the main stage...!" ▶️ "내 무대는 지금부터 시작이야...!"
▶️ "Is it too much?" ▶️ "너, 너무 본격적인가?"


English Korean
▶️ "Let's go..." ▶️ "가자.."
▶️ "Ready...!" ▶️ "준비...!"


English Korean
▶️ "But, I only hit lightly..?" ▶️ "사, 살살 때렸는데...?"
▶️ "No way! Are they...dead?" ▶️ "서, 설마...주, 죽은 거야...?"
▶️ "I have no choice, it's all for love and peace..." ▶️ "사랑과 평화를 위해선 어쩔 수 없었어..."
▶️ "My concert will never end..." ▶️ "여... 연주는 멈추지 않을거야..."
▶️ "So...sorry... but I have to keep playing..." ▶️ "미, 미안해... 하지만 난 노래 해야해..."
▶️ "How did it get to this?" ▶️ "어, 어쩌다 이렇게 되어버렸지..."
▶️ "It's ok... there's still a few people in the audience." ▶️ "괘, 괜찮아... 아직 관객은 남아있을 거야..."
▶️ "I cannot go back after this..." ▶️ "돌이킬 수 없게 되었어..."
▶️ "I won't sing depressing songs.." ▶️ "어두운 노래는 부르지 않을 거야..."
▶️ "I cannot and I won't sing songs of despair..." ▶️ "나, 나는 절대로 절망을 노래하지 않을 거야..."
▶️ "Is there still people who listen to my songs?" ▶️ "내 노래를 들어줄 사람이 남아 있을까...?"
▶️ "I'll find someone to listen to my songs..." ▶️ "누군가는 내 노래를 들었겠지..."
▶️ "Please... listen to my song." ▶️ "제발 내 노래를 들어줘..."
▶️ "I get tired of this now..." ▶️ "점점 지치는 것 같아..."
▶️ "Is there no more audience now?" ▶️ "이제 관객은 아무도 없나..?"
▶️ "Oh, it scared me.." ▶️ "노, 놀라서 그만..."
▶️ "I'll sing a song for you..." ▶️ "너를 위해 노래할게..."
▶️ "To think that I'm harming animals now..." ▶️ "내가 동물을 해치다니..."


English Korean
▶️ "I don't...think... that this is a good idea." ▶️ "이, 이건... 좀 아닌 것 같...은데..."
▶️ "Is it a coward move?" ▶️ "조, 조금 비겁한가..."


English Korean
▶️ "Ahhh... it's nice to rest a bit..." ▶️ "휴우... 쉬는 게 좋겠어..."

English Korean
▶️ "There wouldn't be a person inside right?" ▶️ "누가 들어가 있는 건 아니겠지?"
▶️ "What will come out this time...?" ▶️ "이번엔 뭐가 나올까..."
▶️ "What's this?" ▶️ "이게 뭐지...."
▶️ "Can I... open it?" ▶️ "여, 열어봐도 되는 걸까?"
▶️ "I hope it's a new guitar!" ▶️ "새 기타면 좋겠다..."
▶️ "Will there be at least a new amp?" ▶️ "앰프라도 들었으려나..?"
▶️ "It's just like when I went camping..." ▶️ "캠핑온 것 같네..."
▶️ "I hope I can get some fish..." ▶️ "물고기... 낚을 수 있으면 좋겠다..."
▶️ "You can't fish sharks, right?" ▶️ "상어가 낚이는 건 아니겠지...?"
▶️ "Can I just pick them up?" ▶️ "이렇게 막 가져가도 되려나...?"
▶️ "It looks like it will hurt if you get hit with it..." ▶️ "맞으면 아프겠다..."
▶️ "Ah, good! I was a bit thirsty." ▶️ "마침 목이 말랐는데..."
▶️ "They do not look at peace" ▶️ "전혀 평화롭지 않잖아..."
▶️ "Sorry, I didn't mean to steal but I'll take this from you..." ▶️ "도둑처럼 훔쳐서 미안해..."
▶️ "... Sorry." ▶️ "...실례하겠습니다."
▶️ "Let's see.." ▶️ "어디 보자..."
▶️ "Is there any places where I can set up my instruments?" ▶️ "노래부를만한 곳이 있을까?"


English Korean
▶️ "I'm not alone!" ▶️ "혼자가 아니야!"


English Korean
▶️ "This is the power of music!" ▶️ "이게 음악의 힘이다!"
▶️ "I only need a few seconds..!" ▶️ "몇 초면 충분해...!"


English Korean
▶️ "I can feel... the power of music!" ▶️ "음악의 힘이... 느껴져!"
▶️ "Ok let's play!" ▶️ "자, 달려보자고"
▶️ "Now this is getting real!" ▶️ "여기서부터가 진짜야."


English Korean
▶️ "Peek...aboo?" ▶️ "까... 까꿍?"
▶️ "You thought I would only take one step, right?" ▶️ "한 발만 나갈 줄 알았지?"
▶️ "One time, two times, three times...!" ▶️ "한 번, 두 번, 세 번...!"


English Korean
▶️ "Love and... Peace-!" ▶️ "러브 앤... 피쓰-!"
▶️ "Let's enjoy it now!" ▶️ "지금부터 즐겨주세요!"
▶️ "With peace and love!" ▶️ "사랑과 평화를 담아!"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "Leave your body to the music!" ▶️ "으. 음악에 몸을 맡겨봐!"
▶️ "Because music pulls people in!" ▶️ "음악은 사람을 끌어당기니까!"

English Korean
▶️ "If I didn't play songs... would I be an almond farmer?" ▶️ "노래를 부르지 않았더라면... 아몬드를 키웠겠지...?"
▶️ "Clever is the youngest for sure, but everyone tells me I look like I am..." ▶️ "솔직히 작사 실력은 우리 멤버들 중 내가 제일이었어. 그래서 다들 질투한 거 아닐까?"

English Korean
▶️ "Are you afraid of my songs?" ▶️ "내 노래에 겁먹은 거야?"
▶️ "I'll... hit you lightly." ▶️ "사, 살살 때려줄게."


English Korean
▶️ "I guess you have to make sacrifices for Peace and Love..." ▶️ "사랑과 평화를 위해서는... 희생이 필요한 걸까...?"
▶️ "Everything I do is for Peace and Love..." ▶️ "모, 모든 건 사랑과 평화를 위해서야..."

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "Wa..wait! Let me sing just one more song!" ▶️ "자, 잠깐만... 한곡만 더 부르게 해 줘...!"
▶️ "I guess they couldn't feel my sincerity..." ▶️ "내 진심이 전해지지 않았나 봐..."


English Korean
▶️ "I better practice my guitar skills more..." ▶️ "기타 연주를 좀 더 연습해두는 게 좋겠어..."
▶️ "Ah... my guitar is ruined!" ▶️ "아...기타가 망가졌어..."


English Korean
▶️ "Didn't we say that we would not fight each other...?" ▶️ "서로 공격하지 않는 거... 그거로는 부족한가요?"


English Korean
▶️ Attack sound 1 /
▶️ Attack sound 2 /
▶️ Attack sound 3 /
▶️ Attack sound 4 /
▶️ Attack sound 5 /


English Korean
▶️ Dying sound 1 /
▶️ Dying sound 2 /


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️ Laugh 1