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"I just wanted a normal life...I didn't know it'd be this difficult."

Real Name
High School Student

Eva's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Atk. speed
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Throw) 0% -18% -24%
Damage Received (Throw) 0% 0% +5%

Eva is a playable character in Eternal Return.


"All I really wanted was... a simple life." - Eva

If you've ever spoken with Eva or asked her a question, all she'd do is crack a gentle smile and answer in an almost cryptic way - never revealing anything about herself. There's always been something truly mystifying about her.

She has an insensitivity to pain and can't seem to recall how she develops her bruises and wounds.
Although frail and delicate, she harnesses an unbelievable power that would petrify anyone.




Icon Stats Ability Description
Eva P.png

Skill damage
30/60/90 (+35% AP)

Telekinesis: Starting at level 6, Eva can open boxes and air supplies, fish, collect, and recover downed allies from range. She can not interact with boxes from range during combat. VF Bead: When Eva lands a skill or is hit by a basic attack, Eva expels a bead of concentrated VF energy towards the enemy, dealing damage and slowing targets hit for 2 seconds. Landing a VF Bead on an enemy reduces its cooldown by 30% and grants 5 Vital Force. Eva gains 1 Vital Force every 1 seconds, 30 per kill, and 15 per assist. Vital Force is required when using VF Eruption (R).

  • VF gain for VF Bead will only happen when out of combat.

Light Triad (Q)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Eva Q.png

Skill damage
20/40/60/80/100 (+25% AP)
Secondary explosion: 50/80/110/140/170 (+45% AP)
Orb Damage Radius : 1.2m
75/70/65/60/55 SP

Eva casts an orb of light in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit. When the orb reaches maximum range or the skill is reactivated, it explodes, dealing damage. Hitting an enemy with Light Triad grants 5 Vital Force.

Phase Vortex (W)

Area Skillshot

Icon Stats Ability Description
Eva W.png

Skill damage
40/70/100/130/160 (+50% AP)
Inside V.: 10/12/14/16/18%
Collapse: 50/90/130/170/210 (+50% AP)
Cone: 7m
Effect Radius : Circular 2m
Center Radius : Circular 1m
80 SP

Eva forms a Phase Vortex in the targeted location, dealing damage. Enemies inside the vortex take extra damage from Eva's skills and are slowed. The vortex collapses after 2 seconds, dealing damage and launching enemies in the middle airborne for 1 second. Hitting an enemy with Phase Vortex grants 5 Vital Force.

Amethyst Flow (E)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Eva E.png

Movement: 3m
70/80/90/100/110 SP
9/8/7/6/5s (N.a. by cooldown reduction)

Eva becomes unstoppable and dashes in the targeted direction, granting her vision of all enemies within her vision range for 3 seconds. Her next basic attack silences her target for 0.1 seconds. Basic attacks immediately remove any extra vision granted from Amethyst Flow. If Eva lands a basic attack on a target that is affected by one of her crowd control effects, it applies Amethyst Duress, dealing a total of 40/75/110/145/180 (+50% AP) damage over 3 seconds and granting Eva vision of them. Hitting the enhanced basic attack provides 5 Vital Force. Amethyst Flow is unaffected by cooldown reduction. Travel Time : 0.3s

VF Eruption (R)

Channeled Skillshot

Icon Stats Ability Description
Eva R.png

Skill damage
40/70/100 (+30% AP) Extra Damage on 5 Stacks
Area of Effect : L 10m, W 1.6m
5s (N.a. by cooldown reduction)

Eva releases her stored VF, dealing 15/25/35 true damage and applying a stack of VF Dissonance every 0.1 seconds to enemies in range. Upon reaching 5 stacks, Eva consumes the stacks, dealing damage. A minimum of 20 Vital Force is required to use VF Eruption. VF Eruption consumes 4 Vital Force every 0.1 seconds while channeling. Using Amethyst Flow while channeling VF Eruption resets the cooldown of VF Eruption. VF Eruption is unaffected by cooldown reduction.




  • Eva was the 36th character to be added to Eternal Return.


English Korean
▶️ "I just wanted a normal life...I didn't know it'd be this difficult." ▶️ "그냥 평범한 삶을 살고 싶었어, 그게 이렇게 어려울 줄 몰랐는걸. "

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "I don't want to hurt anyone.." ▶️ "누군가를 다치게 하는 건 원하지 않아."
▶️ "Don't look for fights..." ▶️ 싸우는 모습은 보여주기 싫었는데...
▶️ "There's no escape. I'll have to face this head on." ▶️ "어쩔 수 없는 거겠지? 도망칠 수는 없으니까."

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "It's.. dark." ▶️ "꽤 좁은 길이구나."
▶️ "It won't even hurt if I fall.. " ▶️ "넘어져도 아프진 않겠지만..."
▶️ "Wait... I'm lost" ▶️ "길이 좀 헷갈리는 걸."
▶️ "I've never used a bow before" ▶️ "활을 제대로 잡은 적은 없어."
▶️ "This is where they practiced shooting bows?" ▶️ "양궁장이 이렇게 생겼던가?"
▶️ "Arrows might fly past my face..." ▶️ "화살이 날아오는 일은 없었으면 좋겠는 걸."
▶️ "Sleep peacefully." ▶️ "모두 편안히 잠들었기를."
▶️ "I'm.. not ready to die" ▶️ "아직 죽는 건 무서워."
▶️ "Careful steps." ▶️ "여기서는 소란을 피우고 싶지 않은 걸."
▶️ "I can't remember the last time I prayed. Maybe I should try again... " ▶️ "오랜만에 기도라도 해볼까..."
▶️ "Can I hear the organ play?" ▶️ "오르간 소리가 듣고 싶은걸."
▶️ "I won't give up hope..." ▶️ "희망을 버리지 않게 해주세요..."
▶️ "I used to walk on a road like this with him when I was young.." ▶️ "그 애랑 자주 걷던 길이랑 비슷해."
▶️ "Where'd they all go?" ▶️ "사람들은 다 어디간걸까."
▶️ "I miss the busy crowded streets." ▶️ "활기찬 거리를 보고 싶어."
▶️ "Jagged and sharp things everywhere.." ▶️ "날카로운 물건이 많아보여."
▶️ "What kind of factory was this..?" ▶️ "어떤 공장이었을까?"
▶️ "Oh! Did one of the machines turn on? " ▶️ "갑자기 기계가 작동되면 놀랄 것 같아."
▶️ "The smell of nature I love it. " ▶️ "풀냄새랑 나무냄새... 맡아보고 싶은데."
▶️ "There's no.. small critters?" ▶️ "작은 동물은... 없으려나?"
▶️ "I always imagined living in a forest " ▶️ "예전에는 숲 속에서 사는 상상도 했었어."
▶️ "No boats ever come.." ▶️ "배는 오지 않을거야."
▶️ "The wind is.. cold." ▶️ "바람이 차갑네."
▶️ "I'll.. never be able to leave" ▶️ "이 곳을 벗어나는 것만으로는... 안될거야."
▶️ "I could use some bandages.." ▶️ "붕대를 좀 챙기고 싶은데..."
▶️ "Already hurt... can I heal this?" ▶️ "그새 또 다쳤네... 치료할 수 있으려나."
▶️ "If you can't feel pain, you won't know if you're injured." ▶️ "통각이 무뎌지면 다치는 지도 모르게 돼."
▶️ "My bed was so soft.." ▶️ "침대의 푹신한 느낌이 그리워,"
▶️ "I used to relax with my family at spots like this.. " ▶️ "가족들이랑 놀러왔을 때가 생각나네."
▶️ "Let me close my eyes for a second. Is that too much to ask?" ▶️ "잠깐만 눈을 붙이는 건... 사치이려나?"
▶️ "My clothes are kind of dirty.. " ▶️ "세수라도 할까?"
▶️ "Crystal clear." ▶️ "맑은 물이겠지?"
▶️ "I can see my face. I look...the same." ▶️ "내 얼굴은... 여전히 그대로구나."
▶️ "Sand... between my toes..." ▶️ "모래... 어떤 느낌이었더라."
▶️ "Was it always this hard to walk on the sand?" ▶️ "걷는 게 좀 불편하네."
▶️ "I'll always remember the smell of the sea.. " ▶️ "바다만의 냄새가 있었는데..."
▶️ "School.. I miss it." ▶️ "학교... 정말 그리운데..."
▶️ "I was always so happy back then.." ▶️ "동아리 활동 했을 때 정말 행복했어."
▶️ "I.. I ruined everything." ▶️ "내가 모두를 망쳐버렸어..."
▶️ "I've seen a couple temples around." ▶️ "낯설지 않은 곳이야. 몇번 봤으니까."
▶️ "I remember the smell of incense." ▶️ "향 냄새... 기억나."
▶️ "Quiet steps." ▶️ "조용히 지나가자."
▶️ "Fancy places here too..." ▶️ "이런 곳도 있구나."
▶️ "I wish I could've lived like this with my family." ▶️ "우리 가족도 이렇게 살 수 있었을텐데..."
▶️ "I wonder what happened to the residents.." ▶️ "여기에 살던 사람들은 어떻게 되었을까."

English Korean
▶️ "Make it... like this?" ▶️ "이렇게... 만드는 걸까?"
▶️ "I don't really know about this.." ▶️ "음... 잘 모르겠는 걸."
▶️ "Seems.. useable at least." ▶️ "일단, 쓸 수는 있는 것 같아."
▶️ "More familiar." ▶️ "조금 익숙해졌어."
▶️ "I've got some quick hands after all. " ▶️ "손은 빠른 편이거든."
▶️ "This isn't too bad right?" ▶️ "이 정도면 나쁘지 않겠지?"
▶️ "It's.. working!" ▶️ "이제 꽤 잘 만드는 것 같아."
▶️ "Think I could sell this?" ▶️ "팔아도 되지 않을까...?"
▶️ "Pretty well made. " ▶️ "손재주를 이렇게 써보네."
▶️ "Hang on... /I/ made this?!" ▶️ "어? 내가 이런 걸 만들었다고?"
▶️ "More untapped power?" ▶️ "설마 또 다른 힘은 아니겠지?"
▶️ "This game is finished." ▶️ "이제 이 게임을 끝낼 수 있겠구나."


English Korean
▶️ "I hope nobody steps on it..." ▶️ "아무도 안 걸렸으면 좋겠지만..."
▶️ "Cruel and unusual." ▶️ "어쩔때는 이런 게 더 잔인한 것 같아."


English Korean
▶️ "I don't want to hurt you." ▶️ "아프게 하고 싶지는 않았어."
▶️ "It'll be over quickly." ▶️ "금방 끝날거야."


English Korean
▶️ "I'm sorry." ▶️ "미안해..."
▶️ "My powers... aren't easy to control." ▶️ "힘조절이 쉽지 않은 걸..."
▶️ "I didn't want to kill you." ▶️ "죽이고 싶지는 않았어."
▶️ "It must've hurt a lot.." ▶️ "많이 아팠겠지..."
▶️ "I should be used to this by now.." ▶️ "익숙해져야 할텐데."
▶️ "Because.. I can't fall apart.." ▶️ "무너질 수는 없으니까."
▶️ "I won't ask for forgiveness." ▶️ "용서는 바라지 않아."
▶️ "I can't stop now." ▶️ "이제와서 그만 둘 수는 없겠지."
▶️ "I'll.. be free soon." ▶️ "난 꼭 자유를 얻을거야."
▶️ "I can't stop. There's simply no going back." ▶️ "멈추지 않아. 한번 흔들리면 돌이킬 수 없으니까."
▶️ "Hate me. Resent me. I understand." ▶️ "차라리 욕하고 원망해줘."
▶️ "Was I cursed to not have a normal life?" ▶️ "평범한 삶을 살 수 있을까?"
▶️ "Survival is... lonely." ▶️ "살아남는 건, 꽤 외로운 일이야."
▶️ "Am I... a monster?" ▶️ "내가... 괴물같아?"
▶️ "I've really become a monster." ▶️ "그래, 난 정말 괴물이 되었어."
▶️ "I'm sorry. I must." ▶️ "미안해, 어쩔 수 없어."
▶️ "To have come to this.." ▶️ "이렇게 까지 해야할까..."
▶️ "Your death won't be in vain." ▶️ "헛된 죽음으로 만들지 않을게."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Alright, let's get out of here." ▶️ "일단, 여길 벗어나자."
▶️ "Time to go." ▶️ "떠날 시간이야."
"I can't stay any longer. " ▶️ "더는 머무를 수 없어."

English Korean
▶️ "I hope this has what I need" ▶️ "필요한 물건이 있었으면 좋겠어."
▶️ "Should I open this?" ▶️ "일단, 열어볼까?"
▶️ "What's the reason for dropping this?" ▶️ "이걸 주는 이유는 뭘까..."
▶️ "Better than nothing." ▶️ "뭐라도 들어있으면 좋겠는 걸."
▶️ "I hope it's not empty." ▶️ "비어있지만 않기를..."
▶️ "Let's see.." ▶️ "어디보자..."
▶️ "I can't get used to seeing this.." ▶️ "이런 광경은 좀처럼 익숙해지지 않네."
▶️ "Let me borrow this..." ▶️ "잠시 빌릴게."
▶️ "I hate doing this.. but it must be done. " ▶️ "이런 내가 싫지만 어쩔 수 없는 걸."
▶️ "I feel the weight" ▶️ "무게는 느껴져."
▶️ "These may be useful." ▶️ "어디든 쓸 곳이 있을거야."
▶️ "I used to like potato soup..." ▶️ "감자빵 참 좋아했는데."
▶️ "Careful not to spill." ▶️ "흘리지 않게 조심해서..."
▶️ "Fishing.. might be fun." ▶️ "낚시는 해본 적이 없는데..."
▶️ "It might be scary to touch a live fish.." ▶️ "막상 살아있는 물고기를 보면 무서울 것 같아."


English Korean
▶️ "Ugh.. dizzy." ▶️ "앗, 어지러워..."
▶️ "Interesting..." ▶️ "신기한 걸..."
▶️ "Feels.. weird peeking like this," ▶️ "엿보는 기분이지만 어쩔 수 없네."
▶️ "Glad my eyesight hasn't deteriorated" ▶️ "시력은 나빠지지 않아서 다행이야."


English Korean
▶️ "I should take a short rest." ▶️ "휴, 잠시 쉬어야겠어."


English Korean
▶️ "I... have to use my powers.." ▶️ "힘을... 써야겠지."
▶️ "This might hurt" ▶️ "아플지도 몰라."
▶️ "I'll end it quickly." ▶️ "빨리 끝내야 겠어."


English Korean
▶️ "No mercy." ▶️ "이젠 멈출 수 없어. "
▶️ "Time to end this." ▶️ "모든 걸 끝낼 시간이야. "
▶️ "It's over." ▶️ "끝낼 시간이야."
▶️ "Is this what you wanted?" ▶️ "너희가 원한 게 이런 거라면."
▶️ "You asked for this" ▶️ "이런 걸 원한거야?"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "This feels right!" ▶️ "이제야 제대로 던지는 느낌이야."
▶️ "I won't miss." ▶️ "빗나가지 않을거야."
▶️ "I can control this." ▶️ "이 정도는 조절할 수 있어."
▶️ "No more being pushed around." ▶️ "더는 힘에 끌려다니지 않을거야."

English Korean
▶️ "Sometimes.. if nobody is around.. and I don't have a flashlight.. I use my eyes to light my way." ▶️ "진짜 아주 가끔이지만... 손전등이 없을 때 눈에서 나는 빛으로 길을 밝히기도 해..."
▶️ "How old am I? I'm... 17. Probably?" ▶️ "내 나이가 궁금하다고? 아... 열일곱살이야, 아마도."
▶️ "It's been a long time since I've traveled. I think the last time was when I went to see the brown statue of liberty." ▶️ "남산에 자물쇠를 거는 문화가 있다는 거, 꽤 최근에 알았어. 내가 처음 남산에 갔을 때는 그런 거 없었는데..."
▶️ "Why do I have so many secrets? C'mon, that's a secret!" ▶️ "왜 그렇게 비밀이 많냐고? 음... 그것도 비밀이야."

English Korean
▶️ "Oh, you want me to use my powers?" ▶️ "힘을 쓰게 만드는 구나."
▶️ "It's not my fault if you get hurt.." ▶️ "많이 다쳐도 원망하지 말아줘."
▶️ "Don't make me a demon.." ▶️ "날 괴물로 만들지 마."
▶️ "There's no other way." ▶️ "이러면 어쩔 수 없는 걸."


English Korean
▶️ "Finally.. I won. I'm... exhausted." ▶️ "드디어 이겼네, 힘을 좀 많이 쓰긴 했지만."
▶️ "I've overcome again!" ▶️ "이번에도 이겨냈어."

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "I tried my best.. what a shame.." ▶️ "아쉽지만, 그래도 최선은 다했어."
▶️ "I was just a bit too weak..." ▶️ "힘이 조금 모자랐나봐."


English Korean
▶️ "I can't crumble like this.." ▶️ "이렇게 쓰러질 수는 없는데..."
▶️ "I... can't move." ▶️ "몸이 움직이지 않아..."


English Korean
▶️ "I don't want to fight!" ▶️ "싸우고 싶지 않아."


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️ Laugh 1