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"Ready to go live?"

Real Name
Xia Zixuan

Eleven's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Bonus atk. speed
Bonus crit rate
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Hammer) 0% -4% -7%
Damage Received (Hammer) 0% 0% 0%

Eleven is a playable character in Eternal Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

"The world is full of wonderful things! And food!" - Eleven
Although young, Eleven is a seasoned streaming pro with her very own show!
On The Eleventh Table, she travels to different places and reviews street food, scenery, hidden attractions, and anything in-between!
She's yet to really find something she greatly dislikes.
The first time she tried Youtiao, a popular Chinese food, she decided to focus on making more street food content.
Eleven harbored a fandom of passionate fans due to her bright, cute voice, sincere reactions, and overall optimism.
Her usual constant stream of enjoyable content came to an abrupt halt after it was leaked that she is the only daughter in an extremely wealthy family.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ground Beef (Passive)

Passive/Auto Attack Steroid

Icon Stats Ability Description
Eleven T.png

Skill damage

Eleven can prepare 2 #11 Combo Meals by combining a Hamburger and French Fries. Her normal attacks deal extra damage, but her attack speed is slower. Every 4 attacks, Eleven makes a slider. Picking up a slider recovers 50/150/250 HP instantly and 25 HP per second over 4 seconds. After picking up a slider, Eleven can use an enhanced version of one of her skills. Enemies can step on sliders to destroy them.

Burger Queen (Q)

Channeled Attack

Icon Stats Ability Description
Eleven Q.png

Skill damage
100/140/180/220/260 (+AP 50%)
Enhanced: 48%/52%/56%/60%/64%
Effect Radius: Length 2.5m,
Width 1.5m
50/55/60/65/70 SP

Eleven slams down her massive burger, dealing damage in the targeted area.
Channeling for longer than 1 second deals an additional damage and slows enemies for 2 seconds. Eleven can channel the skill for up to 3 seconds. She is slowed by 15% when channeling.

Food For Thought (W)

Channeled Taunt

Icon Stats Ability Description
Eleven W.png

Skill duration
Taunt: 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.1/1.2s
Enhanced: 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8s
Radius: 2.25m
Enhanced: 3.5m
50/60/70/80/90 SP

Eleven can move while channeling this skill. Eleven raises her fork, taunting enemies in a fixed radius for a few seconds.
The skill is enhanced when channeled for longer than 1 second and taunts enemies in a larger radius for more seconds. Eleven can channel the skill for up to 3 seconds. She is slowed when channeling.

On Air! (E)

Channeled Move

Icon Stats Ability Description
Eleven E.png

Skill damage
110/130/150/180/210(+AP 35%)
 % HP: 10/12/14/16/18%
Enhanced: 22%/24%/26%/28%/30%
Damage radius: 2.5m
Travel distance: Max 12m
60/70/80/90/100 SP

Eleven sticks her fork in the ground and flings herself through the air, becoming unstoppable, and deals damage upon landing and an additional damage based on her enemy's missing HP.
The skill is enhanced when channeled for longer than 1 second and deals additional damage and knocks back enemies at the landing zone. Eleven can channel the skill for up to 3 seconds. She can not move when channeling.

Calorie Cyclone (R)


Icon Stats Ability Description
Eleven R.png

Skill damage
Skill duration
Damage radius: 2m
70 SP

Food surrounds Eleven for a few seconds, dealing damage per second to enemies inside the food ring and her normal attacks are triggered twice. Her next normal skill is enhanced after using Calorie Cyclone.

Weapons[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eleven was the 30th character to be added to Eternal Return.
  • Eleven's birthday is November 11th.
  • Eleven was voiced by LilyPichu.

Voice[edit | edit source]

English Korean
▶️ "Ready to go live?" ▶️ "모두 안녕! 일레븐이야! 방송 시작할게?"

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "Okay, start the stream!" ▶️ "자, 이제 스트리밍 시작한다구~!"
▶️ "Stay tuned until the end~" ▶️ "내 방송, 끝까지 봐줄거지?"
▶️ "What do we have today?" ▶️ "어떤 풍경이 날 기다리고 있으려나?"

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Streets this narrow really exist?" ▶️ "우와, 이렇게 좁은 길도 있네?"
▶️ "I wonder if there's a taco truck somewhere around here... " ▶️ "구석구석에 멋진 게 숨어 있을 지도 몰라!"
▶️ "Is someone hiding in like.. a garbage can?" ▶️ "갑자기 뭔가 튀어나오진 않겠지?"
▶️ "Look at all those targets!" ▶️ "우와, 과녁이 많네!"
▶️ "Using a bow is harder than it looks.." ▶️ "양궁은 몇번 해봤는데 생각보다 힘들더라구."
▶️ " a shish kabob.. with arrows?" ▶️ "양궁장 리뷰는 처음이야!"
▶️ "Why do I feel cold here?" ▶️ "으음, 왜 이렇게 추운 것 같지..."
▶️ "Ghosts. Aren't. Real." ▶️ "귀신은 믿지 않아, 정말로!"
▶️ "I should get going.." ▶️ "빨리 둘러보고 나갈래..."
▶️ "Bigger than expected.. " ▶️ "생각보다 넓네."
▶️ "We have to fight here, too?" ▶️ "여기서도 다들 싸우려나...?"
▶️ "Sometimes... I want to pray.." ▶️ "가끔은 나도 기도하고 싶을 때가 있다구."
▶️ "I never get to go shopping these days..." ▶️ "이런 곳에서 친구들이랑 쇼핑하러 다닌 적도 있었지."
▶️ "This doesn't even look like downtown anymore." ▶️ "번화가 같지가 않은 걸."
▶️ "Glad there's no traffic!" ▶️ "소박한 거리네. 이런 것도 좋지!"
▶️ "I went on a field trip to a place like this before.." ▶️ "견학갔던 공장에 비하면 너무 작은데?"
▶️ "What'd they make here?" ▶️ "뭘 만드는 곳이었을까?"
▶️ "All this rusty old stuff looks kinda cool" ▶️ "녹슬고 낡은 풍경도 멋지지 않아?"
▶️ "The lighting is pretty good! " ▶️ "숲에는 뭐가 숨어 있을까나?"
▶️ "Reminds me of my home garden~" ▶️ "집에 있던 정원이 생각나네."
▶️ "Can I... catch a bird? " ▶️ "새라도 잡아볼까?"
▶️ "I don't need a yacht. Just wifi" ▶️ "배는 필요 없으니깐 인터넷만 되면 좋겠다."
▶️ "You can catch fish from the dock, right?" ▶️ "항구니까 물고기도 살겠지?"
▶️ "Why aren't they any boats here? Weird" ▶️ "배가 오지 않는 항구라니, 정말 이상하네."
▶️ "I was never a fan of going to the doctors..." ▶️ "그 애는 아직 병원에 있을까?"
▶️ "Why can't they make medicine taste.. better?" ▶️ "약 먹는 건 싫다구."
▶️ "Hospitals high key creep me out so much" ▶️ "왜 아직도 병원이 무서운걸까나..."
▶️ "I could get comfy here..." ▶️ "오늘 방송은 소박한 호텔 리뷰로 해볼까?"
▶️ "I should rest my eyes.. " ▶️ "푹신한 침대에서 한 시간만 누울 수 있으면 좋겠다..."
▶️ "Hotel review stream soon?" ▶️ "호텔은 좀 작긴 하지만, 놀러온 느낌이 들어서 좋았어."
▶️ "I'm so thirsty. Can I get some water? " ▶️ "여기 물, 마셔도 되는 거지?"
▶️ "Let's see if I can see any fish~" ▶️ "물고기도 있으면 좋겠다!"
▶️ "The water is clearer than I thought.." ▶️ "생각보다 맑은 물이네."
▶️ "Beach stream! Let's goooo!" ▶️ "바다야, 바다! 바~다~"
▶️ "I stepped on a jellyfish once...." ▶️ "가끔 귀여운 해파리도 보이더라구~"
▶️ "Any surfers?" ▶️ "바다는 좋아. 풍경이 멋지니까!"
▶️ "Y'know, school lunches weren't so bad." ▶️ "학교 다닐 때가 그립다고 하면, 나이먹은 것 같이 보이려나?"
▶️ "I hope my friends haven't forgotten about me..." ▶️ "친구들은 다 잘 지내겠지? 날 잊었으려나..."
▶️ "Any good books left in the school?" ▶️ "다같이 모여서 떠드는 게 제일 좋았어."
▶️ "I should keep quiet here.." ▶️ "왠지 목소리를 크게 내면 안 될 것 같아..."
▶️ "Maybe I can talk to a monk..!" ▶️ "여기서 방송해도 되려나"
▶️ "Is that..incense?" ▶️ "이건 향 냄새려나?"
▶️ "I'm homesick all of a sudden..." ▶️ "집 생각이 갑자기 나네..."
▶️ "My parents must be worried about me..." ▶️ "엄마랑 아빠는 날 찾고 있으려나..."
▶️ "I wouldn't mind a simple life." ▶️ "평범하게 살고 싶기도 했어."

English Korean
▶️ "Oh.. I'm not that good at this.." ▶️ "끄응, 손재주는 없는 편이라구."
▶️ "I can probably use this.." ▶️ "쓸 수는 있을거야, 그렇지?"
▶️ "Hmm.. what can I do with this?" ▶️ "어떻게 써야 할까나..."
▶️ "Now /this/ should work" ▶️ "오, 이 정도면 쓸만 하지 않을까나?"
▶️ "I think I'm getting better!" ▶️ "좀 익숙해진 것 같아!"
▶️ "Heh, not a problem" ▶️ "나도 혼자서 해낼 수 있다구."
▶️ "This is content!" ▶️ "우와, 이 정도면 스트리밍해도 되겠어!"
▶️ "And I doubted myself!" ▶️ "어쩌면 나도 만드는 거에 재능이 있을지도 몰라! "
▶️ "I better not break this..." ▶️ "망가지지 않게 조심해야겠어."
▶️ "Check it out, made it myself!" ▶️ "모두 보고있지? 내가 만든거야!"
▶️ "Oh, I should've recorded this!" ▶️ "이럴수가, 만드는 과정 녹화해둘 걸! "
▶️ "I seriously can't even believe this.." ▶️ "진짜 믿기지 않아, 내가 이런 걸 만들었다구?"


English Korean
▶️ "Honestly, I don't want someone to step on it..." ▶️ "직접 공격하는 건 무섭다구..."
▶️ "What if someone gets stuck?" ▶️ "누가 걸리면 어떡하지...?"


English Korean
▶️ "Ack, I'm sorry!" ▶️ "으아아, 미안해! "
▶️ "Please, dodge!" ▶️ "제발 피해줘!"


English Korean
▶️ "They're.. really dead?" ▶️ "어...? 진짜 죽은 거야?"
▶️ "No... no.. this isn't happening" ▶️ "아, 아니야... 그럴리가 없는데..."
▶️ "Did /I/ kill them?" ▶️ "내가 사람을 죽이다니..."
▶️ "I.. had no choice" ▶️ "너무 무서워서 어쩔 수 없었어..."
▶️ "Another one? I can't..." ▶️ "또 죽여버렸어, 어떡하지?"
▶️ "I.. hate this!" ▶️ "이런 건 정말 싫어..."
▶️ "I just.. wanted to stream.." ▶️ "난 그저 방송이 하고 싶었을 뿐이야."
▶️ "I don't want to fight...really" ▶️ "난 싸우고 싶지 않아, 정말이야."
▶️ "Don't attack, please!" ▶️ "제발 공격하지 말아줘..."
▶️ "9 people.. I've killed 9 people.." ▶️ "아홉명...? 내가 이렇게 잔인..하다구...?"
▶️ "I'm a murderer.." ▶️ "살인자라고 욕해도 할 말이 없어..."
▶️ "The more I do this, the less guilt I feel..." ▶️ "이상해, 점점 죄책감이 무뎌져..."
▶️ "Was I being recorded?" ▶️ "이거... 녹화되고 있었으려나..."
▶️ "I miss my mom!!!" ▶️ "엄마가 보고싶어..."
▶️ "I can't do it anymore, send me home!" ▶️ "더는 못하겠어, 집에 보내줘..."
▶️ "You poor animal.." ▶️ "동물은 정말 죽이기 싫은데..."
▶️ "I'm really sorry..." ▶️ "미안해, 정말 미안해..."
▶️ "I hope you didn't suffer..." ▶️ "많이 아팠으려나..."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "I gotta get outta here!" ▶️ "빠, 빨리 나가자! "
▶️ "My battery is at like 7%!" ▶️ "여기엔 멋진 게 없는 거 같아!"
▶️ "Let's head some place else!" ▶️ "이제 다른 곳으로 가볼래!"

English Korean
▶️ "What's inside?!" ▶️ "뭐가 들었을까나?"
▶️ "I could go for a snack" ▶️ "선물을 여는 기분이야."
▶️ "What do we have here..." ▶️ "맛있는 게 있었으면 좋겠어."
▶️ "Don't be empy!" ▶️ "비어있는 건 아니겠지?"
▶️ "Something goooood?" ▶️ "도움이 되는 게 있으면 좋겠어."
▶️ "Ooh, let's see.." ▶️ "흐응, 어디보자..."
▶️ "Oh...are they really..dead?" ▶️ "저, 정말 죽은걸까..."
▶️ "I'm sorry.. I'll just borrow this." ▶️ "미안해, 잠깐만 빌릴게..."
▶️ "I'm really doing this..? " ▶️ "이런 일까지 해야하는 걸까나..."
▶️ "Could I cook with this?" ▶️ "이 돌멩이, 수석으로 장식할 수 있을까나?"
▶️ "What's a good use for this branch?" ▶️ "젓가락으로 쓸 수 있으려나?"
▶️ "/This/ potato's my favorite!" ▶️ "감자야! 이것도 리뷰해 볼까나?"
▶️ "Don't... spill..." ▶️ "후, 절대 흘리면 안돼..."
▶️ "I'm actually a pretty big fan of fish..." ▶️ "민물고기는 강한 양념으로 찜을 해먹으면 맛있어."
▶️ "What'd we catch?" ▶️ "뭐가 잡힐까나~"


English Korean
▶️ "Like a rollercoaster!" ▶️ "우와, 놀이기구 타는 기분이야!"
▶️ "It'd be good to have one of these at the house..." ▶️ "우리집에도 있었으면 좋겠어~"
▶️ "CCTV Stream?" ▶️ "아, 이거 꼭 내 카메라같아!"
▶️ "Oh! That looks good!" ▶️ "사람보다는 멋진 풍경을 찍고 싶은데..."


English Korean
▶️ "Ad break!" ▶️ "휴, 브레이크 타임이랄까나."


English Korean
▶️ "Found it!" ▶️ "앗, 나왔다!"
▶️ "Burger time" ▶️ "햄버거 좋아!"
▶️ "Wait for me, food!" ▶️ "자, 음식들아. 기다려!"


English Korean
▶️ "Enjoying the show?" ▶️ "해 보자는 거야?"
▶️ "Start!" ▶️ "맛 좀 봐라!"
▶️ "You look good on camera" ▶️ "너도 출연할래?"


English Korean
▶️ "Don't be mad!" ▶️ "약오르지?"
▶️ "HA! HA!" ▶️ "메롱~"
▶️ "Here it is!" ▶️ "여기라고!"


English Korean
▶️ "Later!" ▶️ "내가 갈게~"
▶️ "Smile for the camera~" ▶️ "같이 찍어보자~"
▶️ "Let's gooo!" ▶️ "야호~"


English Korean
▶️ "Clip this!" ▶️ "하이라이트 시작!"
▶️ "Going live!" ▶️ "온 에어!"
▶️ "Good stuff!" ▶️ "좋아! 좋아!"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "I'm not used to this.." ▶️ "이런 건 익숙하지 않은데..."
▶️ "Hey, I'm getting better!" ▶️ "조금은 쓰는 방법을 알겠어!"
▶️ "Just.. swing this?" ▶️ "어... 막 휘둘러도 될까나?"
▶️ BONK ▶️ "붕, 붕!"


English Korean
▶️ "Can I go home now??" ▶️ "이제 집에 갈 수 있는거야...?"
▶️ "Thanks so much for watching!" ▶️ "오늘 방송은 여기까지야."

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "Wait, I was almost finished!" ▶️ "안돼, 아직 방송할 게 남았는데..."
▶️ "I thought I was safe.." ▶️ "이제 안전해진 줄 알았는데..."


English Korean
▶️ "I couldn't do it.. I lost.." ▶️ "못 하겠어, 무섭고 아파..."
▶️ "I didn't know it'd be this hard.." ▶️ "이렇게 힘들 줄은 몰랐어..."