Eternal Return Wiki

Damage is any means by which a unit's current health is reduced by another entity.

Damage Classifications[]

There are 4 main damage types: Basic Attack, Skill, True, and Cellular damage. Each type has different formulas depending on the attacker's and defender's stats.

Basic Attack Damage[]

Basic Attack Damage (also known as Basic Attack Damage) is damage that comes from a character's basic attacks. Basic Attack Damage is increased by the attacker's Extra Basic Attack Damage and Basic Attack Amplification, and decreased by the target's by modified by Defense and Defense from Basic Attacks. Some characters have abilities that deal damage in form of basic attack damage.

Basic Attack Damage = (Attack Power * (100 / (100 + Defense))
         * (1 + Critical Strike Hit Check, (1 + Crit Damage Rate)))
         * (1 + Extra Basic Attack Damage% - Defense from Basic Attacks%))
         + Extra Basic Attack Damage - Defense from Basic Attacks

Skill Damage[]

Skill Damage is damage that comes from most character skills. Skill damage is increased by the caster's Skill Amplification and Extra Skill Damage, and decreased by the target's Skill Damage Reduction and Defense.

Skill Damage = (Base skill Damage * (100 / (100 + Defense)))
         * (1 + Skill Amp% - Skill Damage Reduction%) 

True Damage[]

True Damage is damage that is unaffected by any offensive or defensive stats.

True Damage = Base skill Damage

Cellular Damage[]

Cellular Damage is damage that can only be reduced by Defense.

Cellular Damage = (Base skill Damage * (100 / (100 + Enemy Defense)))

Trap Damage[]

Trap Damage is damage that can be increased by trap mastery. Trap Damage does not benefit from Omnisyphon.

Damage = (Base skill Damage * (1 + Trap Mastery%))

Team Mode Adjustments[]

Most characters have an adjustment depending on whether they play a Solo, Duo, or Squads game, and which weapon type they have equipped. The two different adjustment types are a Damage Dealt Adjustment, and a Damage Received Adjustment. Those are calculated after the calculations above.

Lifesteal and Omnisyphon[]

Lifesteal and Omnisyphon are passives that heal their user by a percentage of the damage dealt either by Basic Attacks or all non-trap damage dealt, respectively. Omnisyphon is 50% effective on AOE (area of effect) damage.