Eternal Return Wiki

Containers are found all throughout Lumia Island and contain a variety of items.

Standard Containers[]

Standard containers are containers that are littered all over the island. Things like garbage cans, vending machines, boxes, barrels, and cars, etc are all standard containers.


Inside standard containers, you can find:

Glass Bottle Short Rod Bandage Turtle Shell Snare Battery Full Body Swimsuit Lighter
Coffee Ramen Box Surveillance Camera Hammer Rubber Scrap Metal Rusty Sword
Long Rifle Pickaxe Hat Oriental Herb Ribbon Flower Mouse Trap Gemstone
Bracelet Hatchet Bamboo Whiskey Stallion Medal Carbonated Water Bike Helmet Can
Binoculars Piano Wire Walther PPK Steel Chain Fedorova Ice Watch Fountain Pen
Lemon Running Shoes Chocolate Curry Powder Windbreaker Oil Laser Pointer Needle
Broken Laptop Garlic Milk Scissors Kitchen Knife Honey Bread Glue
Cloth Cotton Glove Iron Ore Short Spear Nail Slippers Hairband Tights
Playing Cards Fan Arm Warmers Adhesive Bandage Alcohol Doctor's Gown Anatomy Model Feather
Razor Gunpowder Buddhist Scripture Paper Monk's Robe Fabric Armor Egg Bow
Handle of Millstone Iron Ball Brass Knuckles Short Crossbow Chalk Whip Cross Holy Grail

Air Supplies[]

Air supplies are dropped in random locations through the game in various stages. They come in 4 colors, corresponding to the rarity of the item inside.

Air supply drop rate :

  Day 1 - night: 8 / Uncommon 50%, Rare 50%
  Day 2 – day: 7 / Uncommon 26%, Rare 60%, Epic 14%
  Day 2 – night: 6 / Rare 67%, Epic 33%
  Day 3 – day: 5 / Rare 40%, Epic 50%, Legendary 10%
  Day 3 – night: 4 / Epic 85%, Legendary 15%
  Day 4 – day: 3 / Epic 80%, Legendary 20%
  Day 4 – night: 2 / Epic 70%, Legendary 30%
  Day 5 – day: 1 / Epic 40%, Legendary 60%

Green Air Supply Box[]

Green Air Supply Boxes have the following Uncommon rarity items inside:

Mask Circlet Beret Chain Coif Safety Helmet Leather Armor Leather Jacket Turtle Dobok Military Suit Patched Robe Dress
Dress Shirt Bikini Diving Suit Leather Shield Squad Leader Armband Bracer Knee Pads Chain Leggings High Heels Heelys White Crane Fan
Saint's Relic Flower of Fate Glass Pieces Doll Sniping Scope Buddha Sarira Quiver Boiling Water Lemonade Water Bottle Sorghum Wine
Soju Ice Coffee Coffee Liqueur Cola Latte Honey Milk Highball Chocolate Milk Honey Water Ice Water On The Rocks
Cowboy Honey Cod Steak Canned Cod Liver Garlic Bread Butter Herb Medicine Carp Bread Holy Water Disinfectant Choco Pie Acupuncture
Orchid Tandoori Chicken Bacon and Garlic Sticks Bun Hamburger Potato Bread Potato Soup Fish Fillet with Egg Citrus Cake Lemon Custard Honey Garlic Pickle
Egg Bun Easter Egg Whiskey Bonbon Choco Ice Cream Curry Bun Steel Oilcloth Heated Oil Ruby Dead Battery White Powder
Clang Clatter Telephoto Camera Ash Electronic Parts Blueprint Iron Sheet Gold Spiked Plank Enhanced Mouse Trap Dynamite Bamboo Trap
Booby Trap Hiking Boots

Blue Air Supply Box[]

Purple Air Supply Box[]

Crown Close Helm Mithril Helm Crystal Tiara Motorcycle Helmet Tactical OPS Helmet Helm of Banneret Laurel Wreath Imperial Crown Imperial Burgonet
Bulletproof Vest Sunset Armor Covert Agent Uniform Optical Camouflage Suit Rocker's Jacket Mithril Armor Crusader Armor Dazzling Armor Amazoness Armor Taproot
Dragon Dobok Commander's Armor Butler's Suit Chang Pao Battle Suit Blazing Dress EOD Suit Steel Shield Sword Stopper Draupnir
Mithril Shield Vital Sign Sensor Creed of the Knight Sword of Shah Jahan Cube Watch Steel Knee Pads Feather Boots Maverick Runner Combat Boots Killer Heels
Straitjacket Sneakers Mithril Boots Bucephalus EOD Boots Glacial Shoes Moonlight Pendant Glacial Ice True Samadhi Fire
Force Core Mithril String Stingburst Fire Trap C-4 Double Guillotine Claymore Hidden Maiden Diadem Holy Water Tear of Selene

Yellow Air Supply Box[]

Elysian Halo Kabana Queen of Hearts Bracelet of Skadi Fallen Pegasus
Radar Auto-arms Boots of Hermes Red Shoes Taproot
EOD Boots Emerald Tablet Remote Mine Smart Bomb Chinese Opera Mask

Natural Containers[]

There are containers that you can find in nature that will give you Materials.

Pile of Stones[]

Collecting a Pile of Stones will give you:


Collecting a Woodpile will give you:

Water Source[]

Collecting from a Water Source will give you:

Potato Vine[]

Collecting from the Potato Vine will give you:

Sea fishing[]

Sea fishing will give you:

Fresh Water Fishing[]

Fresh Water fishing will give you:

Player Corpse[]

Players turn into player corpses when they are killed after being downed and contain all of the items a player had equipped in addition to the items the player had equipped. If in a team game, a teammate will also have a set of Regeneration Cuffs.