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Aya Model.png

"Criminals? Where?!"

Real Name
Suzuki Aya
Police Officer

Aya's stats
Level 1
Level 20
Attack power
Health regen
Stamina regen
Bonus atk. speed
Bonus crit rate
Move speed
Sight range

Game Mode Adjustment Solo Duo Squad
Damage Dealt (Pistol) 0% -12% -11%
Damage Received (Pistol) 0% 0% -5%
Damage Dealt (Assault Rifle) 0% -13% -11%
Damage Received (Assault Rifle) 0% 0% -3%
Damage Dealt (Sniper) 0% -15% -18%
Damage Received (Sniper) 0% 0% -3%

Aya is a playable character in Eternal Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

"For my light, for my justice." - Aya

Aya was born with an innate longing for justice, and employed this longing to become a police officer. However, her world and confidence in her job was shaken after her family were victims of a murder case. She became obsessed with her vision of justice - beginning to think that only she was able to bring justice to the world.

Aya grew repulsed at the sight of corpses. When her job requires the occasional inspection of an animal corpse, it takes a toll on her psyche.

She has a brother named Suzuki Hikaru, who lost both of his legs.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Aya's Justice (Passive)


Icon Stats Ability Description

100/150/200(+30% AP)
Skill duration
Casting time

If Aya is attacked, a protective film envelopes her for a moment and blocks damage. Using her basic attack on an enemy reduces the cooldown of Aya's Justice a bit.

  • The cooldown is reduced by 1.5s when hitting an enemy.

Double Shot (Q)


Icon Stats Ability Description

Skill damage
100% AP + 35/90/145/200/255 (+20% AP)
Attack Range
Casting time
80/90/100/110/120 SP

Aya rapidly shoots her target twice.

Steady Shot (W)


Icon Stats Ability Description

Skill damage
20/40/60/80/100 (+35/40/45/50/55% AP)
Skill duration
Casting time
100/110/120/130/140 SP

Aya shoots ten times in the targeted direction for a moment. Hitting the same enemy reduces damage dealt by 5% per shot.

Moving Turn (E)


Icon Stats Ability Description

Casting time
85/90/95/100/105 SP

Aya swiftly leaps to the targeted location.

Blank Cartridge (R)

Attack (Ultimate)

Icon Stats Ability Description

Skill damage
175/250/325 (+50% AP) ~ 350/500/650 (+100% AP)
Skill duration
Casting time
150 SP

Aya fires a blank into the air. dealing damage and rooting enemies in the area for a moment. Enemies in the targeted area take damage and are rooted for an amount of time depending on channel time.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Assault Rifle

Skins[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Aya was released in the very first alpha test of BS:ER, along with HyunWoo and Jackie
  • Aya's birthday is August 5th.

Voice[edit | edit source]

English Korean
▶️ "Criminals? Where?!" ▶️ "나쁜 사람이요? 어디 있나요!"

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "I'm set, let's give them a taste of justice!" ▶️ "준비는 다 됐어요, 정의를 맛보여드리죠!"
▶️ "We're starting? Get ready!" ▶️ "시작하면 되는 건가요? 각오하세요!"
▶️ "I'll achieve justice!" ▶️ "정의를 위해, 최선을 다하겠어요!"

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Check the corners! The Alley is dangerous!" ▶️ "구석구석 꼼꼼히 보는 거에요! 골목길은 위험하니까요!"
▶️ "Watch your back walking in the alley!" ▶️ "경찰은 골목길을 걸을 때도 긴장을 늦추면 안 된답니다!"
▶️ "Expect a criminal to turn up at every corner." ▶️ "늘 골목을 돌면 범죄자가 나타날 거라고 생각하고 걷는 거에요!"
▶️ "Police officers use guns, not bows!" ▶️ "경찰이라면 역시 활보다는 총이죠!"
▶️ "It reminds me of target practice at the academy." ▶️ "과녘이라니, 사격 연습을 하던 게 생각나네요!"
▶️ "Archer uniforms actually look really cool!" ▶️ "궁도복은 참 멋있는 것 같지 않나요?"
▶️ "Some of these people might be the lucky ones.." ▶️ "글쎄요, 죽음이란 건... 어쩌면 살아남는 쪽이 더 힘든 법이죠."
▶️ "I don't really like it here, I think I'll head somewhere else." ▶️ "기분이 별로 좋지 않네요, 다른 곳으로 갈까요?"
▶️ "This place is giving me bad vibes" ▶️ "...별로 좋아하는 장소는 아니네요~"
▶️ "If I pray, will it be answered?" ▶️ "기도하면, 정말로 이루어질까요?"
▶️ "Ironic. There's wicked souls in churches too." ▶️ "이런 곳에도... 악인은 있겠죠? 아이러니한 일이에요."
▶️ "Sometimes I pray for everything to go back to how it was.." ▶️ "가끔은 과거로 돌아가고 싶다고 빌곤 해요."
▶️ "It wouldn't feel so lonely if people were here..." ▶️ "사람이 북적거렸더라면 외롭지 않았을 텐데요..."
▶️ "The streets are empty and so quiet." ▶️ "사람이 없는 거리는 이렇게 조용하군요..."
▶️ "I'm used to patrolling places like this." ▶️ "저만 믿으세요, 이런 곳을 순찰한 적은 많아요!"
▶️ "I've never explored a factory before.." ▶️ "좀 낯선 풍경이네요! 공장 안에 들어오다니..."
▶️ "What kind of things were they making here?" ▶️ "여기선 어떤 물건이 만들어지고 있던 걸까요?"
▶️ "These machines look dangerous... I'd better be careful." ▶️ "저는 기계에는 영 서툴러서...조심하는 게 좋겠어요."
▶️ "Aren't you supposed to play dead if you see a bear?" ▶️ "곰을 만나면 죽은 척을 하라던데... 위험하지 않을까요?"
▶️ "It's been a while since I last strolled in a forest." ▶️ "숲길을 걸어보는 건 오랜만이네요..."
▶️ "I hope I don't get lost!" ▶️ "으음, 길을 잃어버리면 안 되는데 말이에요~"
▶️ "Could I possibly call a police boat from here?" ▶️ "이대로 배를 타고 여길 나갈 수 있다면 얼마나 좋을까요?"
▶️ "Maybe I'll grill some fish! It's been a while since I've had it" ▶️ "모처럼 근처에 왔으니 생선 구이를 먹을 수 있을까요?"
▶️ "If I light up a fire here, will they be able see it from outside?" ▶️ "여기서 불이라도 피워 올리면, 바깥에서 보일까요?"
▶️ "I should remember how to get here in case I get hurt." ▶️ "위치를 잘 기억해 두는 게 좋겠어요. 다치면 이곳으로 오게요."
▶️ "Is there any medicine around here?" ▶️ "혹시 모르니 치료할 수 있는 약품을 찾아볼까요?"
▶️ "Empty hospitals are creeeeepy" ▶️ "텅 빈 병원은 어쩐지 무섭네요..."
▶️ "I'll duck into the presidental suite and hide." ▶️ "멀쩡한 방이 있으면 좋겠어요. 이왕이면 숨어있을 수도 있는 곳으로..."
▶️ "Can I take a quick rest?" ▶️ "조금 쉬어갈 수 있지 않을까요?"
▶️ "If it wasn't for this test, I would've liked to stay here for a while." ▶️ "이런 상황이 아니었다면, 묵어가고 싶었을 거에요."
▶️ "A pond! Are there frogs living in it?" ▶️ "연못이군요! 개구리 같은 게 사는 걸까요?"
▶️ "If a fire breaks out, I can just come here...!" ▶️ "근처에서 불이 나면, 이 곳으로 먼저 달려오면 되겠어요...!"
▶️ "There wouldn't be anyone hiding at the pond, right?" ▶️ "설마... 연못에 누가 숨어있진 않겠죠?"
▶️ "Careful...! It's easy to get tripped up in the sand." ▶️ "아코코! 이런 곳은 넘어지기 쉬우니 조심해야 한다니까요~"
▶️ "I miss vacations at the beach with my family..." ▶️ "어렸을 땐 가족과 함께 해변가에 여름 휴가를 가곤 했어요..."
▶️ "I'm glad I get to see some nice scenery." ▶️ "와아, 이런 광경을 기대했어요!"
▶️ "I only really remember failing PE..." ▶️ "체육 시간엔 늘 넘어졌던 기억 뿐이네요..."
▶️ "I feel like I should go in and listen to classes again." ▶️ "어쩐지 들어가서 수업을 들어야 할 것 같은 기분이 드네요."
▶️ "Nobody better jump out from the hall..." ▶️ "설마 복도를 뛰어다니는 사람은 없겠죠?"
▶️ "It's nice here. I feel... calmer" ▶️ "마음이 차분해지는 것 같아서 좋아요."
▶️ "Can I just go in without permission? Seems a bit rude.." ▶️ "함부로 들어가도 되는 걸까요? 실례는 아니려나.."
▶️ "We shouldn't disrespect this place." ▶️ "경건해 보이는 장소네요, 싸우면 안 될 것 같아요."
▶️ "Wahh, there's lots of nice houses here!" ▶️ "와아, 멋진 집이 잔뜩 있네요!"
▶️ "Is a happy home more about the house or the people inside?" ▶️ "행복한 가정이란 건, 집이 먼저일까요, 아니면 사람이 먼저일까요?"
▶️ "It's awkward to barge in people's houses like this..." ▶️ "다른 사람들의 집엔 멋대로 들어가면 곤란해요."


English Korean
▶️ "My head is spinning. Maybe I should lie down.." ▶️ "머리가 뱅뱅 도는 기분이에요. 조금 쉬었다 가야겠어요."
▶️ "It feels like my stomach is upside down.." ▶️ "어쩐지 도깨비가 되어버린 기분이네요..."

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "This area seems dangerous!" ▶️ "이 구역은 위험한 것 같아요!"
▶️ "Let's get out of here quickly!" ▶️ "얼른 빠져나가도록 하죠!"
▶️ "I need to escape from here, quick!" ▶️ "어서 벗어나야 해요!"|}

English Korean
▶️ "Let's hurry and make something else. ▶️ "얼른 다른 것도 더 만들어볼까요?"
▶️ "I'm a little better at this than I thought" ▶️ "저, 생각보다 솜씨가 좋은 걸지도 몰라요!"
▶️ "It feels sturdy!" ▶️ "굉장해요! 안 부서졌어요!"
▶️ "Not too bad!" ▶️ "그럴듯한 모습이네요!"
▶️ "I kind of want to show this off!" ▶️ "조금 자랑하고 싶어졌어요!"
▶️ "I even LOOK stronger now!" ▶️ "저, 좀 더 강해진 것 같지 않나요?"
▶️ "Awesome! Now THIS is good!" ▶️ "와아! 이렇게나 만들 수 있는 거군요?"
▶️ "Phew, I even surprise myself sometimes!" ▶️ "이 정도면 다들 놀랄 거에요."
▶️ "To think I had this kind of talent!" ▶️ "제게 이런 재능이 있었다니!"
▶️ "Incredible... the others don't stand a chance!" ▶️ "이렇게 굉장한 물건이라면... 분명히 이길 수 있어요!"
▶️ "This turned out.. amazing!" ▶️ "정말 엄청난 물건이 되었네요!"
▶️ "Now justice will prevail!" ▶️ "정의가 이기는 순간은 바로 지금부터에요!"


English Korean
▶️ "Aim, take a deep breath... fire." ▶️ "조준, 심호흡, 발사."
▶️ "I can't let crime go free." ▶️ "발견한 이상, 놓아드릴 수는 없죠."


English Korean
▶️ "... criminals will be punished!" ▶️ "...나쁜 사람은, 처단해야만 해요...!"
▶️ "I wasn't planning on going this far... but it needed to be done!" ▶️ "이렇게까지 할 생각은 아니었지만... 필요한 일이었어요...!"
▶️ "Justice.. justice always prevails!" ▶️ "정의는... 정의는 승리해야만 해요!"
▶️ "Is this how you become indifferent to killing?" ▶️ "이렇게 점점, 무뎌지는 걸까요?."
▶️ "Justice does not break down that easily!" ▶️ "제 정의는 이 정도로 무너지지 않아요, 무너질 수 없어요!"
▶️ "I can still protect myself. I can still fight!" ▶️ "아직 더 지킬 수 있어요. 더 싸울 수 있어요!"
▶️ "Do I look like I want to give up now?" ▶️ "이제 와서, 그만둘 수 있을 것 같나요?"
▶️ "You all have to sacrifice yourselves for justice...!" ▶️ "다들 정의를 위해, 희생해 주셔야겠어요...!"
▶️ "The 8th person to receive my judgement!" ▶️ "여덟 명 분의 정의, 확실히 받았습니다...!"
▶️ "Already my 9th kill... soon I won't have any doubts in myself." ▶️ "벌써 아홉 번, 제 망설임도 이제는 사라졌을지도 모르겠어요."
▶️ "Now make it ten!" ▶️ "이것으로 열 번째!"
▶️ "Justice can indeed be cruel..." ▶️ "정의는 잔혹한 것이었군요..."
▶️ "I may have regrets, but I cannot afford to make any mistakes now." ▶️ "지금 후회하는 것만큼 어리석은 행동도 없죠."
▶️ "The gunpowder won't wash off my hands now.." ▶️ "손에서 화약 냄새가 사라지질 않아요."
▶️ "The smell of blood is so terrible now.. I can't look back..." ▶️ "제 등 뒤로 피 냄새가 지독해서 돌아볼 수가 없어요..."
▶️ "I pity these poor animals." ▶️ "동물은... 어쩐지 죄책감이 드네요."
▶️ "Sorry, but I have no other choice." ▶️ "미안하지만 어쩔 수 없어요."
▶️ "Can animals sense the difference between good and evil?" ▶️ "동물에게 선악이 존재할까요?"


English Korean
▶️ "Traps are a coward move... but I have no other choice." ▶️ "비겁하다고 생각하지만... 어쩔 수 없어요!"
▶️ "I guess I'll just wait and see.." ▶️ "근처에서 지켜봐야 하는 걸까요?"


English Korean
▶️ "Phew... I'll just rest for a second." ▶️ "휴... 조금 쉬었다 갈까요?"

English Korean
▶️ "Let's open this." ▶️ "열어볼까요!"
▶️ "What could be inside?" ▶️ "뭐가 들었을까요?"
▶️ "Will there be anything to eat inside?" ▶️ "먹을 게 있을까요?"
▶️ "If my intuition is right, there's going to be something great in it!" ▶️ "뭔가 굉장한 물건이 들어있을 것 같지 않나요?"
▶️ "It's like getting a delivery~" ▶️ "왠지 택배 받는 기분이에요~"
▶️ "It's not even a gift to me, why am I getting excited?" ▶️ "크리스마스 선물도 아닌데, 두근거리네요~"
▶️ "Phew, this is a little tiring." ▶️ "어휴, 이것도 보통 일이 아니네요."
▶️ "I've never been fishing, but I think it'll turn out fine." ▶️ "낚시는 처음이지만, 어쩐지 잘 될 것 같은 기분이네요."
▶️ "I hope nobody sneaks up behind me.." ▶️ "누가 뒤에서 나타나면 꽤 많이 놀랄 것 같아요."
▶️ "Uhuh... I'm a cop, not a farmer." ▶️ "아구구, 힘드네요."
▶️ "Hm. What can I use stones for?" ▶️ "어디다 쓰면 좋을까요?"
▶️ "Ah! I spilled a little." ▶️ "앗... 조금 흘려버렸어요..."
▶️ "Rest in peace..." ▶️ "명복을 빌어요..."
▶️ "This feels...wrong. But..." ▶️ "읏... 정말 꺼림칙하지만..."
▶️ "For justice... I'll use this well." ▶️ "정의를 위해서... 잘 쓸게요."
▶️ "I gotta admit, I have some pretty sharp eyes." ▶️ "제 입으로 말하기는 좀 그렇지만... 눈썰미는 좋은 편이랍니다."
▶️ "The people over there look suspicious. I better check it out." ▶️ "저기 보이는 저 사람들... 나쁜 사람들 같은데요. 출동해야겠어요."


English Korean
▶️ "I won't lose!" ▶️ "지지 않아요!"
▶️ "In the name of justice!" ▶️ "정의를 위하여!"
▶️ "Now it's my way!" ▶️ "이게 제 방식이에요!"


English Korean
▶️ "Blam blam~" ▶️ "빵빵~"
▶️ "Bang bang~" ▶️ "빵야빵야~"
▶️ "Pew, pew~" ▶️ "탕탕~"


English Korean
▶️ "Try running away now!" ▶️ "도망쳐보시죠!"
▶️ "You won't have time to dodge!" ▶️ "피할 틈은 주지 않겠어요!"
▶️ "This'll hurt a bit!" ▶️ "좀 아플 거에요!"


English Korean
▶️ "Wait!" ▶️ "잠시만요!"
▶️ "Time out!" ▶️ "타임!"
▶️ "No!" ▶️ "싫어요!"


English Korean
▶️ "Freeze!" ▶️ "모두 멈추세요!"
▶️ "Hands in the air!" ▶️ "손 들어!"
▶️ "It's the police!" ▶️ "경찰입니다!"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "I wonder if this can compete with my Double Shot.." ▶️ "겨우 2연발과 비교하시려는 건 아니죠?"
▶️ "I'll need a loooot of bullets!" ▶️ "총알이 아주 많이 필요하겠어요!"
▶️ "Let's speed it up!" ▶️ "좀 더 빠르게 가볼까요?"
▶️ "You won't even be able to follow me with your eyes." ▶️ "눈으로 쫓으실 수도 없을 거에요."
▶️ "Where should I set up?" ▶️ "어디쯤 자리를 잡으면 좋을까요?"
▶️ "My next shot will be right on target!" ▶️ "다음 저격은 정말 잘 맞을 것 같은데요!"

English Korean
▶️ "Yeah, okay, I might get lost on my patrols often, but at least I can fire my flare gun with precision." ▶️순찰 구역에서 길을 잃는 사람은 저 뿐이었을 거에요. 그래도 총은 잘 쏜답니다?
▶️ "Can everyone please stop moving when I shoot? The targets at the shooting range don't move!" ▶️초보 순경일 때는 수갑도 자주 잊어버리고 다녔어요~ 하하, 난감했답니다!
▶️ "When I got to the island, I thought I just took a wrong turn somewhere at first.." /
▶️ "No! That's not what my handcuffs are for!!" /

English Korean
▶️ "I've seen tons of people like you. Scum!" ▶️당신 같은 사람들을 많이 봤어요. 길거리에 널린 잡배들 말이에요!
▶️ "Surrender calmly and I might consider letting you go!" ▶️순순히 항복하시면 봐드릴 생각도 있어요!
▶️ "Are you running for your life?" /


English Korean
▶️ "All the bad guys have been taken care of!" ▶️ "좋아요, 악인은 모두 처리된 것 같군요!"
▶️ "I knew from the start that I would achieve victory. There was no chance justice wouldn't prevail!" ▶️ "처음부터 이렇게 될 줄 알았어요. 정의가 지는 엔딩은 어디에도 없으니까요!"

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "Justice almost prevailed...!" ▶️ "곧 정의가 실현될 뻔했는데!"
▶️ "Aww, I could have done really well..." ▶️ "정말 잘 할 수 있었는데 말이에요..."


English Korean
▶️ "It doesn't make sense.. could my sense of justice be misguided?" ▶️ "말도 안 돼요, 제가, 정의가 틀렸다구요?"
▶️ "What? It can't be..." ▶️ "어라라? 이럴 리가 없는데..."


English Korean
▶️ "I'll... put my gun down. Just move along please." ▶️총... 내려놓을게요. 그냥 지나가줘요.
▶️ "I'm out of ammo... This is as far as I go." /
▶️ "My ammo is totally spent. I surrender." /
▶️ "I won't chase you anymore..." /


English Korean
▶️ Attack sound 1 ▶️ Attack sound 1
▶️ Attack sound 2 ▶️ Attack sound 2
▶️ Attack sound 3 ▶️ Attack sound 3
▶️ Attack sound 4 ▶️ Attack sound 4
▶️ Attack sound 5 ▶️ Attack sound 5


English Korean
▶️ Dying sound 1 ▶️ Dying sound 1
▶️ Dying sound 2 ▶️ Dying sound 2


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️Laugh 1
▶️ Laugh 2 /
▶️ Laugh 3 /
▶️ Laugh 4 /
▶️ Laugh 5 /